18 Tips To Ace Dating In College

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Dating in college
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So, you’re fresh out of high school on your way to college. It’s a time to find yourself, to learn something new, to explore what you’re capable of, and of course, to date! Dating in college has been the subject of hundreds of movies you’ve seen since forever. So you already know how exciting that can really be.

Maybe you’ve already dated a bit in high school but you and your high school sweetheart have now decided to part ways as this next chapter of your life dawns upon you two. Don’t be glum though, because college dating can be a whole different ball game and an experience you deserve! As worthwhile as it can be, it will also teach you a lot of important lessons. You’d be lying if you said the idea of dating in college hasn’t got you all excited, and maybe a little scared too.

Know that you’re not alone. For some people, flirting and dating don’t come all that naturally. Insecurities from high school still linger, and talking to someone new is daunting. Especially dating in freshman year of college, when you’re dealing with a million new things anyway – navigating the dating life on campus might just be harder than your Econ class.

Is dating in college really as dreamy as the movies make it out to be? Will you meet someone you fall in love with or just have some no-strings-attached fun with? Well, when it comes to college students and relationships, all sorts of things can happen. We’re here to make sure nothing gets in the way of your dating life in college with these 18 tips.

Dating In College – 18 Tips To Ace It

Dating someone in college is a mixed bag. You might hit the jackpot, but you’re more likely to realize after a few weeks that this person may not be *the one* for you. We hope you weren’t setting out to find “the one” while dating in your freshman year of college anyway.

College kids’ idea of romance can range from Arby’s takeout to beer any chance you get. The thin wallets result in some truly ingenious ways to get your cheap thrills. If ever there’s a discount on a restaurant nearby, you’re there before the discount boards are up. Let’s get right into things to know about dating in college, so you won’t end up completely clueless:

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Use these tips to date in college, so you can be that annoying PDA couple on campus

1. First impressions are important but don’t be too eager to impress

You’ve obviously heard how little time it takes for someone to judge you. And naturally, you’re keen to judge people yourself. After that first day in class, half the kids will already have formed a solid opinion of you.

It’s important to not seem overly friendly, lest you come off as creepy or a pushover. Similarly, don’t try to be uber-cool by wearing sunglasses indoors to your first lecture. Otherwise, all your hopes of dating freshman year of college might just go down the drain.

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2. Stay true to yourself when dating while in college

What is dating in college like? Well, to put it straight, it can be quite brutal. You’ll immediately get labeled as the rude one in class if you talk too loudly or belittle someone. This is why it is important to be kind and stay true to who you are. Or else all your dating prospects in that class might start to have a less-than-favorable opinion of you.

If you’re naturally funny, making a girl laugh will do the trick when trying to ace dating while in college. If you’re charming, you’ll eventually make good connections. If you’re tall, well then you really don’t get to complain about anything.

3. Don’t get into a relationship immediately

The thing with college students and relationships is that some might feel the need to jump into something serious with the first person that they lock eyes with. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way.

Dating in freshman year of college is usually a gamble since you barely know the people around you yet. Take your time, this isn’t a reality TV show where you have to pick your partner before someone else swoops him/her up. Don’t rush it or you might end up seriously regretting your decision.

4. The college cafeteria is not a date place

Any place, if it’s on campus, is not really an ideal setting for a date. For those of you who aren’t hopeless romantics, your idea of romance could use a few tweaks. We know that money is tight for you right now, but the college cafe doesn’t qualify as a date. Neither does the Dunkin’ Donuts on campus.

Nobody’s saying you need to splash out the cash to have some fun, but if your partner asks for a date and you think the cafeteria will qualify, think again and drag them to the Chipotle down the street from you.

5. Good fashion is one of the important dating tips for college students

This is especially important for dating in college for guys since their fashion journey goes like this: first year, meticulous planning is involved in the outfit; the second year, maybe people will see the same jeans thrice a week; by the third year, you’re barely making it out of your PJs as you rush to you first class of the day.

What you wear conveys a lot about your personality. Early in your college life or preferably even before it, pick a style you like and stick to it. Nothing over the top, we hope (don’t wear baggy low-waist jeans, we’re not in 2002). Keep it simple, stylish and clean. 

6. Don’t be afraid of flirting

Don’t spend too much time trying to figure out how to flirt when you want to start dating a senior in college, just send that flirty text across. The whole process is exhilarating, including the anxiety you get when you see them typing a response. Flirting is a fun way of letting someone know you like them, so don’t shy away, life’s too short. Plus, you have nothing to lose. You won’t remember these people after 6-7 years, we promise.

7. Be respectful

Consider this one of the biggest dating tips for college students. Just as you should with anyone you meet for the first time, you have to treat your potential ‘date’ with respect. Never disrespect your classmates or try to look cool by putting someone down. It’ll just make you seem rude and desperate to appear cool.

Some say it’s easy to date in college for guys, but don’t assume that just because he’s friendly means he’s trying to get in your pants. Treat everyone nicely, you never know when you’ll need to take their notes or beg for the smart kid to help you with your presentation (or just make the whole thing for you).

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8. Attend social gatherings

If you’re dating someone in high school while in college, then this is definitely not for you. But if you are keen on starting a fresh college relationship, read this one closely. When you want to date in college, socializing is always a good idea.

If you’re introverted/shy and tired of the constant “just come, it’ll be fun!”, you should still go but only if you’re feeling up to it. College parties are something you’ll never truly experience again. Pulling an all-nighter after the age of 25 is torture, so enjoy it while it lasts. Even if you are dating as an introvert, tell yourself that these are days you won’t get in your life again.

9. You’re not a villain if you want to enter college single

If you’re coming to college already committed, it’s perfectly fine to have second thoughts about that relationship. We’re pretty sure anyone over the age of 25 will tell you high school sweethearts don’t always work. Which is statistically true, at least. Not everyone is cut out for dating someone in high school while in college or starting a long-distance relationship with an old girlfriend who now studies at NYU.

So, if you want to enter into your college life single, it’s okay. Even if it means breaking up with your bae “for life and beyond”. In the grand scheme of things, it won’t matter and you’ll realize it soon enough.

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10.  Some people don’t want anything serious

You’ve found yourself head over heels for someone only to realize they’re not even looking for a relationship. It’s common for students in college to not want anything serious and just have a bit of fun. That’s the thing about many college students and relationships.

So don’t pin your hopes on finding the person you’ll grow old with, while in college. The idea of finding your soulmate in college seems alluring but don’t let it blind you. Casual relationships, when done right, are pretty exciting too. It can always be fun to try new things.

11.  Don’t let it take over your life

If you do find yourself dating someone in college, make sure you still have a life outside of it. It’s claimed that when you fall in love, you lose two close friends. Don’t let that number turn to 20, and please remember that you’re still in college where assignments and grades matter a lot.

It’s okay to skip a few college parties when you’d rather be with your partner but doing that every time someone invites you to one will soon result in no more invites to anything, anywhere. College is an experience you’re never going to get again, don’t let your relationship tie you down. 

12.  Don’t let your emotions get the better of you

For many people, this might be their first dating experience/relationship. As you’ll soon find out, emotions can sometimes take a toll on you. The fights will get ugly, the problems will get overwhelming and your patience will be tested. Try to control your anger in a relationship and not knock over everything that comes in your way after you two fight. Be understanding, willing to compromise and a good listener. You’ll learn more about yourself than anyone else.

13.  People will talk about you two, don’t let it bother you

What is dating in college like? Newsflash: College kids are sometimes immature. One of the biggest things to know about dating in college is that it comes with a lot of rumors immature kids will spread. We’re pretty sure there isn’t a single college on earth where that never happens. Don’t let it bother you, they’re just hating because they don’t have anyone to split the cafeteria bill with.

14.  Long-distance is a long shot

Long-distance dating in college is extremely hard to sustain. Temptations will come in abundance (if you know what I mean). You’ll probably make many of the long-distance relationship mistakes couples make. Since you two are just growing up and getting to know yourselves as well, in a couple of years, your relationship will change drastically.

You might even change for the better, but the fact remains that long-distance dating in college is one of the hardest things you’ll do, especially if you’re not completely committed to each other.

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15. Try not to do something stupid…but you’ll end up doing it anyway

We guarantee that there’s a 100% chance you WILL drunk text that person you “can’t get over”. And that’s okay, it’s a necessary part of life to go through things that will make you cringe every time you remember them. Another stupid thing you shouldn’t do: cheat (yes, this is actually one of the dating tips for college students). Just because you’re in college doesn’t give you a hall pass to do whatever you want.

16.  Take it slow when dating while in college

We get it, hormones and all that. Especially when you’re dating a senior in college who is far more experienced than you, the excitement just goes to another level! But for most of you, this might be your first relationship or a bunch of other firsts.

If you’re dating in your freshman year of college, you don’t need to rush into anything. Just because you’re in college doesn’t mean you’ve got to lose your virginity on the first day. It’s not a race, plus college kids don’t really know what they’re doing in bed anyway.

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17.  You don’t absolutely have to do date

Even if it seems like everyone around you is in a relationship, it’s totally fine if you don’t want to be in one. Not dating in college doesn’t mean you won’t have fun. Whoever judges you for not wanting to date in college is actually doing you a favor. They’ll be showing you that you need to stay away from their judgmental personality too.

18.  Your life is not over just because your relationship is

This is probably the most important dating in college advice we can give you. Your first heartbreak can make it seem like your world is crumbling down around you. You’ve self-diagnosed yourself as depressed and hope is nowhere to be found. If you can successfully keep in mind that this relationship did not define you and things will eventually get better, you’ll be just fine.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself after your breakup and go to that frat party you’re invited to. In fact, going through breakups will teach you what to avoid with future partners, or just how to be in a relationship.

No matter who you ask, they’ll tell you with a look of nostalgia that dating in college is a wonderful experience. It’s filled with lessons and fun, but most importantly you come out of it knowing yourself better. As long as you practice safe sex and don’t do anything too naughty on campus, you won’t get into too much trouble.


1. What percentage of college students date?

In a survey spanning 24,000 colleges, 61% of students reported to have gone on dates. That means more than half of your friend group is probably out trying to impress their date. College is filled with students who’ve just been given a lot more freedom and this statistic proves that they’re just trying to make the best of it.

2. Is it weird to not date in college?

No, not dating in college isn’t weird! If you want to focus on your studies, that’s absolutely okay. Or for whatever reason you don’t want to date right now, that’s your choice. You do you! 

3. Do relationships last in college?

We hate to break it to you, but dating in college statistics say that your relationship has more chances of failing than ending up in marriage. College students usually change drastically in the years to come. The change might spell doom for the relationship but if you really think you’ve found your person, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try.

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