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She thinks she is being helpful but her boyfriend finds it annoying

She is more efficient and resourceful than her boyfriend and tries to help him in everything he does. He finds her help irritating
lady fighting with husband

They were perfect for each other and started living-in

Mimi started living in straight out of college. She was one of my first friends in university. She had been in love with Somnath forever, or so it seemed. So when they started living together, it wasn’t much of a surprise. Meeting Somnath, I could see they were perfect for each other. Mimi was bubbly and witty. Somnath was quiet but sarcastic. Mimi was competent but controlling; Somnath was easy-going but responsible. They are yin to each other’s yang.

So this Sunday morning Mimi sits down in her favourite spot by the window with a cup of coffee. She was looking out of the window and I sipped my coffee expectantly.

She turned towards me and starts, “Do you know what Somnath did this time?”

I helped him with his schedule

It was a rhetorical question. So I remained silent and smiled, as I knew this is how it starts. This may just turn out to be an hour-long rant.

“He had his ticket to Mumbai for Friday night. But he was supposed to have postponed it to Monday for Bishwa’s wedding. But he forgot. When I did it for him, he got furious. Started saying I meddle with everything. Can you imagine? Me?”

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When her mother’s interference became too much for me

Boyfriend sees my help as interference. Please advise.

How to save a marriage when only one is trying?

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