15 Signs He Is Ready To Settle Down With You

There are signs that he is ready to settle down in a relationship.

Are you in a relationship and clueless as to whether it is heading in any concrete direction? You wish to settle down but are totally unaware what the guy thinks? Well then, it is normal to feel anxious, because love in a relationship is not enough to make your man settle down with you. While you are in a relationship it is very important to use your rationality and not let your emotions overwhelm you completely. It is not wise to waste your love, energy and time on a relationship which is not going to bear any fruit in the future.

If you truly love your guy and want to take the relationship further, then you must always watch out for signs he wants to settle down with you. This will give you a fair idea of whether you both are ready to become seriously committed to each other or not. There will be signs that you are ready to make your relationship official.

What makes a man settle down?

How can you tell if a guy is ready to settle down? It is seen that commitment issues are extremely common among men in comparison to women. The fear of choosing the wrong woman to settle down with or being lost in the illusion that there are better women out there are some of the reasons that might make settling down concern for men. However, this is not true for all men. There are some men who are willing to make commitments and be with the person they love forever. They will be ready to settle down with you.

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Some of the reasons that make a man settle down are:

  • When a man reaches a stage in his life where he realises that being lonely without a committed partner to lean on does not lead to a satisfying life
  • He is no longer interested in casual dating and gets tired of meeting too many women to whom he is not really attracted
  • He starts disliking meaningless physical intimacy with different women
  • He craves for true love which is enriching, giving, caring and fulfilling
  • When he probably meets the ideal woman in his life
  • He becomes financially independent and personally competent, which makes him want to settle down with one woman once and for all
  • He might get settled down due to the requests of the family members and friends

15 Signs he wants to settle down with you

So maybe you are curious to know what he thinks about you and the future. Or perhaps, you wish to settle down soon and are wondering if he is worth holding onto. Or you just want to gauge what is running in his mind. Ladies, if your man is serious about you and wants to move ahead in the relationship, he will surely keep dropping hints. So you all have to be smart enough to notice these hints and be ready to start a new phase of your relationship. He will show the absolute signs he is ready to settle down with you.

He wants to settle down in a relationship or not you will know that if you follow these signs.

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Here are the 15 signs that clearly indicate that he wants to settle down with you:

1. He exhibits the traits of responsibility

Whenever he does anything wrong which makes you upset, he readily owns up and takes responsibility for it. He avoids confrontations with you and tries to sort out issues with you like a mature person. He starts showing signs of responsibility not only in his personal life but also his professional life. He develops himself into a person who is worthy of your love and affection. He becomes your supporting pillar and helps you deal with your things logically. This is a sign he is ready to settle down with you.

2. He respects your opinions, beliefs and decisions

When a man is ready for serious commitment, he will be more accommodating. He will not refute you but respect your opinions, beliefs and decisions. He will make room for your needs and desires, realising that his life now is not just about himself but also about you. For example, he will make life decisions after consulting with you; he will make plans after checking with you and so on. A man will only do this when he is ready to settle down with you.

3. He gets along with your family and friends

This for sure is one of the main signs, because it shows that he is not only ready to settle down with you but ready to commit to your family and friends.

These people are the closest to you and if he is taking the initiative to get along with them, then it means you are special to him. He also tries to get you acquainted with his family and friends.

4. His spending habits start changing drastically

When you both started dating, did your man spend money recklessly? Does he do that even now? If not, then probably he is thinking about settling down with you. He will start saving up more and take your advice on how to spend money. In addition, he will be ready to spend money for your needs and keep letting you know that his money belongs to you as well. He would save so that he can settle down with you.

5. He keeps discussing the future with you

You both do not talk about his future or your future, but start discussing about the future you both will share together.

He will discuss the future with you in a very practical and real way. He wants to make sure that you both are on the same page and takes a straightforward approach when it comes to dealing with the issues of the future together.

If he keeps discussing the future with you then he wants to settle down in a relationship

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6. His true self is manifested around you

If the awkwardness of the early stage of the relationship has disappeared and your guy exhibits his true self around you, then it means he is comfortable with you. He knows that you will not censure him or judge him. Thus, he will be the most vulnerable when he is around you, without being reluctant or embarrassed.

7. He does not mind if you leave things behind at his home

He will not pester you to take your things away from his home. He will not mind if you leave your toothbrush, clothing and other such personal possessions behind at his place. This means he is happy to share his home space with you and eventually wants to share his life with you. He is ready to settle down with you.

8. He encourages you to become a better person

Whether it is professionally or personally, he tries to bring out the best in you. Instead of being superficially interested in you and your life goals, he will take deeper interest in your life and try to understand you better.

He will help you grow as a person and will want you to realise all your dreams in life.

9. Physical intimacy will not be his priority

He is read to settle down in a relationship

He will give you time to open up.

Those men who do not want to settle down generally are in a relationship for physical intimacy. But if a man is not desperate to be physically intimate with you and gives you enough time to open up in this area, then it means he is serious about you. So do not let go of such a guy. He wants to settle down with you.

10. He will be protective but in a reasonable way

Obviously, if you are an important person in his life, he will make sure that you are safe and sound at all times. But that does not mean he will go overboard. He might get jealous but just because he loves you. He will genuinely care for and protect you.

11. He expresses his love for you openly

Remember, if a guy loves you then he will express it openly and honestly. He will not beat around the bush. He would not say it just like that for time pass or to make you happy. But he will express it to send across the message to you that he wants you in his life.

12. As time goes by, he prefers spending time with you

Sitting at home and watching a movie with you; having dinner with you after a tiring working day; going out with you during his free time – these are the things he will like doing with you if he wants to settle down with you. Instead of partying with friends or spending time alone, he will prefer spending time with you.

13. He keeps in touch with you all through the day

If he keeps in touch with you all through the day then he wants to settle down in a relationship

Trust in a relationship is a must

By either calling or texting you, he keeps in touch with you all through the day. This means he misses you and loves you truly. However, he will also give you your personal space and time. He will not irritate you with irrelevant calls or messages.

14. He blindly trusts you

Your guy will probably share each and every moment of his life with you, whether good or bad. He will trust you with all his deepest and darkest secrets. He believes that you are the best confidante in his life.

15. Relationship milestones do not scare him

Relationship milestones like your first date, your anniversary, and your first kiss and so on – he does not feel awkward about them and celebrates such milestones with the same enthusiasm as you.

Why so? Just because he is not scared of commitment any more.

So girls do not miss these signs and embrace the man who genuinely wants to spend the rest of his life with you wholeheartedly.

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