20 Super Cute Ways To Express Your Feelings To Someone You Love

how to express your feelings to your girlfriend
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How to express your feelings to someone you love? After all, it requires guts and life doesn’t play out like a movie scene. Ever said “I love you” a million times in your head but found yourself sweating nervously when it actually came to saying it out loud? Let’s say you beat that performance pressure and end up saying those three magical words. And they become the kickstart to the engine of your relationship. 

Before you know, saying “I love you” in a long-term relationship becomes an unconscious and boring but necessary habit (like brushing your teeth). So, then how to express your feelings to someone you love, without making it sound cliché and overrated?

Falling in love with someone is only half the battle won. Even if you start dating the person that you love, you need to know how to express your feelings in words/ actions at regular intervals, even if it’s too cheesy or awkward for you. And how to be creative and novel in your ways? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Here are 20 super cute ways to express your love to your partner.

How To Express Your Feelings To Someone You Love- 20 Super Cute Ways

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“There is no need to say: Love, I love you. Let your whole being say it. If you love, it will say it, words are not needed at all. The way that you say it will express it; the way that you move will express it; the way that you look will express it. Your whole being will express it.

Love is such a vital phenomenon that you cannot hide it. Has anybody ever been capable of hiding his love? Nobody can hide it..” Osho has written in the book When the Shoe Fits: Stories of the Taoist Mystic Chuang Tzu.

You cannot hide all that love in the deepest corners of your heart. You have to find ways to express it and let it pour out of you. Here are some ways to tell someone you love them without saying it.

1. “I am there for you”

It may happen that your partner had a rough day at work. Or a huge fight with parents. Or worse, he or she lost a pet. Such situations are pretty much beyond your control and you can hardly do anything to ease their pain. You don’t know how it feels and even if you do, you are not the one going through it at that very moment. 

What you can do in such situations is tell your partner that you are there for him/ her, through thick and thin. Knowing that someone’s got you is sometimes all that one needs in tough times. How do I express my feelings to him in words? I just say, “I am there for you. I got you. You can talk to me whenever you feel comfortable. Or we can sit in silence. Just know that I am not going anywhere”.

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2. Long hugs

How can I express my feelings to someone I love? By giving them a long and tight hug. Bear hugs, or “love blankets” as they are called, can make your partner forget about their worries. When it feels difficult to express your feelings to someone you love in words, you can just resort to a prolonged hug, with a tight squeeze. What’s the secret behind hugs? Hugging makes us feel like children in our mothers’ wombs, so warm and secure that no one can hurt us.

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You can also hug your partner from behind and act as the “bigger spoon”. Or, you can give them a one-sided hug. Or, your go-to can be a heart-to-heart hug where both of you can feel each other’s beating hearts. These hugs lead to lower reactivity to stressful life events and better cardiovascular health, according to research. In fact, Virginia Satir, a family therapist, once said, “We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.”

3. “I respect you”

How to express your feelings to someone you love? Show respect. Respect is a feeling that is much greater than love because even when that heady rush of love settles down, mutual respect is what keeps a relationship going. So, when you see your partner toiling for 12 hours a day, tell them that you respect their hard work and dedication. Or, when you see them breaking old patterns like staying calm in situations that would normally get them all worked up, appreciate them by showing respect.

Look for qualities in your partner that you deeply admire. It could even be traits that you lack and can learn from. For example, their small habits like getting up early in the morning or working out every day. Or reading books. Or calling up their parents every day to check on them. If you’ve wondered, “How can I express my feelings to someone I love?”, saying “I respect the person that you are. This is the reason I love you, inside-out” might just do the trick. 

infographic on how to express your feelings to someone you love
How to express your feelings to someone you love

4. Write a love letter

I know it can be such a task. How to write a love letter? After all, the last poem you wrote was in 7th grade and it can still take you hours to find rhyming words for ‘cat’. Come on…Bat, Rat, Mat. Use a rhyming dictionary, for god’s sake!

Jokes apart, writing has always been my savior, when it comes to expressing my feelings to him (my boyfriend). The movie Letters to Juliet still gets me all mushy! So, go write a love letter. Expressing your feelings to someone you love is not that easy, after all!

5. Surprise them with ‘breakfast in bed’

And here we don’t mean that you get them instant noodles. We mean you put in a little more effort than boiling water. The ultimate love language is doing something that is totally out of your comfort zone, like serving them breakfast in bed. How to explain your feelings to someone you love? The fragrance of the food could do all the explaining! Everybody loves waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and a cheese omelette.

You don’t even have to do too much. You can just cut some fruits and dress them in an aesthetic manner. Or pour some orange juice. Don’t forget to wake up a little early, sleepyhead. You could also look for simple and fun recipes to cook together this weekend.

How to express your feelings to someone you love? Google an easy recipe, watch a YouTube video and surprise them with a chef’s special (don’t forget to clean the kitchen after or you are dead). Put on some fairy lights, play some soft music and pour them some fine wine. You have yourself a perfect date.

6. How to express your feelings to someone you love? Create a mixtape

A famous dialogue from the movie Begin Again goes: “You can tell a lot about a person from what’s on their playlist.” Sharing music is like hitting the eighth base in a relationship. Dedicating music is extremely romantic and intimate (could even make your girlfriend cry out of happiness) because that particular song will always remind your partner of you. How to express your feelings to your girlfriend? Compile a playlist of songs that belong to the two of you.

It could be a song that both jam on when you’re on a drive. Or the first song that you ever dedicated to her. Or a song that you think she might love. Or even the songs that you both made out on (who are we kidding? The Weeknd makes the best sex songs. Period.) 

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7. Hold your partner’s hand

When someone intertwines the fingers of their hand with yours, that feeling is so heart-warming, right? Expressing your feelings to your boyfriend can be as simple as a gentle squeeze of his hand. Likewise, if you’re wondering how to express your feelings to your girlfriend in novel ways, know that a little PDA is actually cute. Don’t overdo it but who doesn’t like showing their partner off, just a little bit? 

8. “I can’t get enough of you”

Do you love your boyfriend so much that you want to spend every waking minute with him? Or, do you start missing your girlfriend as soon as she leaves your sight? Yes, that’s how love feels and you have fallen hard, my friend. And, you are literally in the best part.

If you really feel like it, express it through texts that will make him want you more. My ex and I were really into each other. I would express my feelings to him through texts like “I miss you”, “I can’t get enough of you”, “I can’t wait to be around you” or “I love every moment that I spend with you”. I would send these texts at random hours of the day, whenever he would cross my mind. Cheesy, but romantic enough to make his day.

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9. How to express your feelings to someone you love? Forehead kisses

How to express your feelings to your girlfriend? Kiss her on the forehead. It’s like you are kissing her brains, thoughts and ideas. Forehead kisses are just the right amount of emotional intimacy, comfort and compassion. After all, every person wants to be touched in a non-sexual way too. Non-sexual touches will make you feel more intimate and closer to your partner.

10. “You’re great, just the way you are”

Every single person has their share of insecurities. And living in a world where people put their masked selves on social media, the pressure can sometimes get to us and make us feel inadequate. When I scroll through my Instagram feed, it sometimes crushes my self-esteem. I go into loops like “I am not thin enough” or “I don’t have a lit life as compared to my friends”.

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And my partner goes into these loops too. So I keep reminding him. “How do I express my feelings to him through text?”, you ask. By a message that says, “I embrace and find all your imperfections perfect.” Or, you can just tell your partner she is beautiful. There is beauty in all of it – her stretch marks or his receding hairline or her offbeat dressing sense. All of it. 

11. “You bring out the best in me”

You are really lucky if you’re in love with someone who makes you feel more like yourself, with every passing day. Relationships can sometimes bring out the worst in us and if you are with someone who brings out your best possible version, you must let him/ her know. How to express your feelings to someone you love, through unique ways? Tell that special someone that he/she brings out the best in you. 

Sarah recently asked me, “How do I express my feelings to him through text? The thought of expressing my feelings to him gives me a lot of anxiety. I plan but chicken out at the very moment!” I told her, “You don’t have to say the three golden words.” Just tell him, “You make me feel really good about myself and I don’t have to pretend when I am with you. I feel safe and comfortable when I talk to you. Thank you for not being judgmental.”

12. “I love the sound of your voice”

Sounds like a cheesy dialogue straight out of a movie, but this feeling is supreme, isn’t it? Don’t you remember the night your partner called you at 3 AM and all they needed to say was ‘Hi’ to give you goosebumps all over? Erotic conversations are all about wordplay.

How to express feelings to someone you love? Say “I love the sound of your voice.” And it will get them blushing really hard. Your partner might say something cutely. When it catches your attention, you can go like, “You sound too cute when you say that. Can you say it again?”

how to express your feelings in words
Use flirty pick-up lines or send memes

13. Flirt using pick-up lines

Pick-up lines can never go wrong. They can get lame and corny but the smile on your partner’s face will be worth all that. Just because you two are dating now doesn’t mean the flirting has to stop. How to express your feelings to your girlfriend? You can say something like, “Kiss me if I’m wrong but, dinosaurs still exist, right?” Expressing love doesn’t always have to be intense, you can keep it light and breezy sometimes. 

Expressing your feelings to your boyfriend is not some Morse code you can’t crack. Just say something witty like, “On a scale of 1 to America, how free are you tonight?” or something cheesy like, “Do you have a map? I just got lost in your eyes.”

14. Memes > Nudes

How to express your feelings to someone you love? Use a dry sense of humor. My mom always says, “Marry the guy who can make you laugh”. Yes, deep intellectual conversations are important but you need to balance it out with a pinch of humor. You can be that couple who discusses feminism at lunch and watches standup comedy at dinner.

How can I express my feelings to someone I love? I can express my feelings to him through text, by sending memes. It could be videos of cute pets, a satire on something that recently happened or relationship memes that I and my partner can relate to. The point is to make him smile.

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15. “You’re my partner in crime”

How to express your feelings to your boyfriend? Let him know you can be your goofy self around him. “You’re my partner in crime” often translates as “We both are a little mischievous and this is why we are perfect for each other”. Similarly, how to express your feelings to your girlfriend? Tell her “I love that you are as weird as me. I am so glad that we can be weird together”. 

16. Send them their favorite dessert

Sending flowers to their workplace could be a cute way of expressing your feelings to someone you like. Imagine them being sad over their healthy lunch. Imagine the smile on their face when they see the delivery boy holding a Tiramisu cake. Attach personalized notes and cute jokes. Make them crack up with just the right words.

17. Grocery shopping

How to explain your feelings to someone you love? You can also say ‘I love you’ through grocery lists, bills and milk cans. Buy yogurt and detergent together. If you want to get to know your partner, go grocery shopping with them. Do they prefer kiwis over apples? Are they more interested in cornflakes or oats? Go find out.

18. Buy them a pet

If your love interest is a pet person, you’re sorted! You could gift them a dog, cat, fish or turtle. Expressing your feelings to someone you love is all about recognizing what they love and value the most. Make an attempt to really ‘see’ them. Name the pet together and playing with him/her everyday would be the cutest Friday date idea. If they already have a pet, bond with it.

19. “I feel so lucky and grateful to have you”

Make them feel special, when expressing your feelings to someone you like. You can say something like, “I am sorry if I take you for granted sometimes. It is a privilege to have you in my life. Thankyou for always being there for me, my soulmate. I appreciate every little quirk of yours. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

20. Set up a spa day

Expressing your feelings to someone you like is all about pampering them. When my boyfriend gets sad, I express my feelings to him in words. But sometimes, all he needs is self-care. So, I gift him a spa day or give him a nice head massage.

Key Pointers

  • Showing up and treating them with respect could be some of the ways for expressing your feelings to someone you love
  • To say ‘I love you’, find just the right moment to give them a forehead kiss /long hug
  • Express your feelings to someone you love by cooking for them or buying them a pet
  • Not taking them for granted, making them laugh and not trying to change them are some of the cute ways to say ‘I love you’

So, you don’t have to move mountains when it comes to expressing your feelings to someone you love. The secret lies in the little things. Take him out for a coffee. Get her chocolates. Cuddle him when he is sad. Throw her a surprise party. Get nice treats for his pet. Take him on a long walk. You don’t have to spend too much money. You just have to be thoughtful enough. And through such super cute ways, you can say “I love you” without actually saying “I love you”.

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