10 Ways to Build Your Relation After Getting Engaged and Before Marriage

relation after engagement and before marriage

Got engaged and there is still time left for your marriage? Wondering on how to grow closer to your would-be spouse till the time you get married? If yes, then you should be reading this. The time period between engagement and marriage can be used by you effectively to get to know your future partner and develop a comfort zone with him/ her before marriage. No matter how long you may have known your fiancé, marriage is a different ballgame altogether and the time afterm= engagement and before marriage can give you a better perspective of your future life. It will give the necessary foundation and strength to your relationship with your fiancé.

Things To Do After Engagement and Before Marriage

After getting engaged, there are several things that go on in your mind about your future with your partner. Obviously, you will look for chances to bond and build a lasting relationship with him/her. In this context, you must make use of the following 10 clever and practical ways to build your relationship after the engagement.

1. Discuss things apart from your marriage day

It is natural that you would love to talk to your partner about the big day: how it should be planned, what all arrangements should be done and so on and so forth. But try to use this time between engagement and marriage in a more apt way. Figure out more information about your partner, his/her personality etc. as there might be a chance that you might not have known him/ her from before. So, it is better to use this time fruitfully.

Besides, discussing things apart from the big day might help reduce the stress and allow both of you to spend more precious time with each other.

Discussing the things
Talk about other things as well

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2. Talk about your future plans: short term and long term

Everyone has some dreams and goals which they want to achieve long before their future partner enters their life. It is always advised to share your goals with your partner in order to align your future long-term and short-term plans. This will ensure that none of you has to give up on your dreams but works together to achieve them by respecting each other’s wishes and desires. You do not want all this to become a cause of hindrance during your married life. Thus, making it clear from the start will help both of you in the long run.

3. Get to know each other well

After getting engaged you should genuinely make efforts to know your partner because without this a strong bond will not be forged between the two of you. Try to know about what your fiancé’s or fiancées likes or dislikes as this will help you to better understand him/her. You should give your partner some priority in your life so that he/she knows the value he/she has in your life. Apart from that, after marriage, you have to keep all this in mind so it is better to practice it from the start.

Get to know each other well
Get to know each other well

4. Be honest with each other

Remember marriages are built on the foundation of honesty and trust for one another. If you are not honest with one another or even with your own self, your marriage will be doomed. Share your feelings after getting engaged, with an open heart and mind with your fiancé. Communicate things which are uncomfortable to you and which do not seem feasible to you so that the understanding between the two of you can improve.

Apart from this, you should be honest with yourself as well. Make sure you want the marriage to happen and are not into it because of any other reason.

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5. Try to talk about finances

It is important to find out about financial matters, like whether your partner wants to take up financial responsibility on his/her own or wants you to get involved and share the financial burden on equal terms. Talk about this from beforehand so that an acceptable arrangement can be made. Financial matters can create hurdles in the path to successful marriages and therefore discussing these matters is of utmost importance.

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6. Be committed to your relationship

Be committed to your relationship
Be committed to each other

Commitment is what will make your marriage work. Show your partner that you are loyal and committed to the relationship. Even look for signs to know whether your partner is loyal to you or not. This is essential because marriage is a big decision and you do not want to regret it later. After the engagement, before marriage, you should make up your mind to remain committed with all your heart and soul.

7. Get to know their family members

You are not only going to be living with your fiancé but also their family. So, you need to know a lot more about them so that after marriage you can easily gel with them and live comfortably around them. Try to know what type of bond or relationship he/she has with his/her family members so that it becomes easier for you to win their hearts after getting engaged.

8. You can even use this time to discuss family planning

It is obvious that you cannot know what your future holds after marriage, but then you can make efforts to know what your would-be spouse is thinking in terms of family planning. Share your thoughts as well regarding the plan of having children so that both of you are on the same page and can avoid conflict later on.

9. Talk about your past, if you have any

Talk about your past
Share your past

This is the best time to discuss your past with each other so that after marriage you both can have a fresh start. It is an important part of your life to be discussed as there are cases where it is seen that marriages are destroyed just because of past relationships and misunderstandings.

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10. Above all spend time together

All your efforts to build your relationship after getting engaged will go to waste if you both do not take out time for each other. Ensure that both of you spend more and more quality time together even if it is just watching a movie together. All this will help you get used to the idea of having someone in your life and make your life after marriage smooth and comfortable.

This period between engagement and marriage is vital. You should put this time to good use to not only know each other and each other’s family better but you should make future plans in terms of financial, career and family. Just don’t talk about the clothes you will wear on D’Day, slip in the important topics, discuss and feel more confident when you ultimately take your vows.

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