Married Romance

There’s nothing more beautiful than romance in a marriage. Some couples can keep exchanging flowers and say sweet nothings even years after they have tied the knot. How do they do that? You might wonder.

It is said that romance often wanes in marriage although love becomes stronger. But how to keep the romance alive? From tricks and tips on staying romantic in marriage to real-life confession stories of couples on their married romance, this section of Bonobology> is an absolute treat.

Our tips include ways and mean to make a partner feel wanted, loved and happy. How to arrange surprise dates and surprise travel plans. Couples talk about how they got romantic all over again after the children flew the nest and another couple talk about how they leave love notes for each other. A couple said their romance started 23 years after they got married. That’s truly a romantic tale we would say.

romance in marriage

Is Romance In Marriage Really Important?

Today, we believe that romantic love should be the foundation on which two people lay down the blueprints of a lifetime of togetherness. If there’s romance in marriage, all else will or should fall in place. But things were not so simple for our ancestors. For thousands of years, marriage had done well not because of love but despite it. Love has always been considered too insufficient and weak a reason to marry.