How Often Do Married Couples Have Sex?

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Updated On: March 27, 2024
Sex after 30 in married couples

Sex is happiness. Sex is the joy that connects you both on a surreal level. In this age of sexual revolution, sex life after marriage is also gaining its awakening among couples of all age groups. Things were not the same two decades back where sex was a hush-hush affair.

But now, times are changing and so are the sexual dynamics in a couple. In particular, the sex-escapades of the urban folks have become more vocal and intimate like never before.

They are more experimental than ever before and are redefining sexual intimacy to connect with their spouse on a surreal level. But as they cross a certain age, do they reduce the frequency or abandon sex in their life? Do busy lifestyles and family responsibilities hinder the sexual harmony in couples of different age groups? How do couples find time to have sex in a joint family system? Does lack of it affect their chemistry and cause rifts between the long-term partners? How often is too often when it comes to a couple’s sex life? Let us clear the haze around the sexual chemistry of different age groups.

How does age correlate with the frequency of having sex?

Yes, according to a new study, age and frequency are directly correlated when it comes to how often married couples have sex. As we age, new variables affect our married life and play with the sexual dynamics within married pairs. It has been observed that the average number of times couples make love per week also reduces considerably. The land of the Kamasutra, India also presents an irony while placing age with sex. The sex-graph goes into a descent mode as a couple matures together. Different age groups have different sexual behaviours, which we will explore in greater detail below. How often married couples make love in India? This is a question many people ask.

How often do newly married couples make love?

Ah! The great beginnings of a marriage begin with their honeymoon period as a couple. With all parameters like age, energy and time in their favour, newly-weds enjoy intimacy in the maximum way possible. With their brightest chemistry and touchy-feely ways, it is a bit natural that the excitement and fascination for sex are at an all-time high. Even if they are involved sexually prior to marriage, still the charm of sex after marriage is somewhat on a different tangent altogether. Regarding the frequency of physical intimacy, there is no limit.

Needless to say, the frequency of physical intimacy is at an all-time high in this phase of a life, with daily sex as a part of their regular routine. Also, this bright spark in a couple’s life keeps the relationship alive and healthy for the years to come.

So, enjoy the fulfilling times of sex and great intimacy. How often married couples make love in India? It is entirely up to the couple but a few times a day is common just after marriage which goes on to become a number of times a week.

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How often do couples in their 30s make love?

couple in their 30s making love. Sex declines according to age in Indian society.
Sex life after 30years

Financial responsibilities also take a toll on their life. Planning future savings together or investing in a fixed asset like a house also challenges their intimacy on the whole. Also, most couples plan their families in this life period. Being with a baby also shrinks their sex life. All these challenging factors directly affect a couple’s physical intimacy and leave them with very less time for sex. And day-time sex, well, it just does not work in the Indian context.

According to a leading Indian publication’s sex survey, many people confessed they have no time for lovemaking. Thirty-eight per cent of men say their lives are too rushed for great sex; women seem to be even busier, with 45% saying the same.

But being busy can’t be an excuse to avoid intimacy. If both are open to it, go for quickies. Men can help their spouse in handling the house responsibilities. This will ease her burdens and strengthen your bond as well. Also, these ordinary moments can be made extraordinary with the right hint of spice, that is romance. Share a kiss while you are working in a kitchen together or handling a baby. These sweet exchanges help spouses connect over love and affection, which is the next level of intimacy. Again, it is a couple’s lifestyle and interest in their 30s that can define their sex frequency. On an average, twice a week is a good number to go as far as the age group of 30s is concerned.

How often do couples in their 40s make love?

The 40s is the new 30s as far as sexual intimacy is concerned. Many Indian duos are waking up to a sexual awakening where they know physical intimacy is important for a healthy marriage. But yes, the sexual dynamics change a little in this age group, even though having sex comes with a host of health benefits. A pair in its 40s usually prefers quality over quantity. A couple is more stable financially and shares a meaningful relationship with each other. That understanding and care reflects in their lovemaking as well. So, nowadays, it is quite common to see a pair in its 40s share sweet nothings like a tight hug, a kiss or holding hands during a walk. They are less inhibited about displaying their affection in social gatherings. That’s the great thing about romance. It ages like old wine and is tasteful enough to keep the spark alive between both the partners, irrespective of time or age.

Twice a month is the average lovemaking frequency in a couple in its 40s.

How often should a couple have sex to stay happy?

How frequent you should have sex after 30 years
How frequent you should have sex after 30 years

Each married couple has a different sexual chemistry and their daily routines are also different. Ideally, it is on both the spouses to fix on the frequency of sex in their life. So, there is no ‘normal’ number as far as sex is concerned. It is their own consensual prerogative to decide what works for them and how they define the ‘normal’ sexual behaviour.

If you both are on the same page, then it is great to indulge in an intimate act. But one of you is not so happy with ‘once or twice a week/month frequency’, then it is the right time to decide and negotiate the new normal. Like any other couple, they will have different sexual temperaments. One might ask for more, whereas the other partner will be contented with limited sex. How you handle these temperaments and synchronise your sexual life makes the difference.

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Average number of times couples make love per week

Here is a roundup of the average number of times couples of different age groups indulge in lovemaking.

  1. Newly married couple: The most experimental among all the age groups and definitely with the most crackling chemistry, newly-weds in their honeymoon phase can indulge in copulation daily. Obviously, with safe and responsible sex measures
  2. A couple in their 30s: With worldly responsibilities on their shoulders, these partners need time to balance out sexual intimacy. Twice a week is an ideal number with which such couples can deepen their relationships in a healthy way
  3. A couple in their 40s: Blessed with maturity and wisdom accumulated over the years of marriage, such spouses enjoy the marital connect in the best way. Their relationship is on a platonic level where the wrinkles on her face and pounds on his tummy won’t matter at all. If you graduate as a married duo while witnessing the ups and downs in life, you will surely be blessed with the pure feeling of romance. Quality over quantity matters for them, which is again a great expression of conjugal bonding

Adhering to these numbers will give you a right perspective to keep your relationship fresh and healthy for years to come. Also, you can refer to them and revive your conjugal bond at any phase of life.

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