First night jitters: Here’s how to prepare yourself

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Nuptial night or the first night is one of the most important nights of one’s life. If you had a love marriage, then probably it is not uncomfortable for you to share a bed and room with someone other than your family. But if it’s an arranged marriage, it is going to be quite awkward. Congratulations to you if you could break the ice with your spouse prior to this night. And if you haven’t then we are here to help you. Here is how you prepare yourself for the first night jitters:

1.  Calm down first

Marriage and first nights are something unavoidable for now in India. So calm your nerves and enjoy your first night with the man of your life. Also remember, the calmer you are, the better you ‘perform’.

Couple in their first night
Calm down first

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2. Be confident

The more confident you are, the more you can put your points forward. And a confident person is also an attractive person, but do not come across as cocky, this may be a huge turn-off for a few people.

3. Talk

Pick up any topic that you want to discuss with him or her, it can be anything from love to sex. It all depends on how comfortable you are to bare your thoughts in front of a person with whom you are going to spend your entire lifetime. In this process, you also get to know their thought process, which will be pretty useful for you later on.

4. Doze off

Yes, this sounds rude but after a helluva lot of hellos and namastes, you both would want to sleep. Ask them if they are comfortable sharing the same bed, if they ain’t then try to move elsewhere in the same room. Do not intrude into the comfort zone of a person, take it easy.

Couple having cozy time on bed
Dozz off

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5. Tell them

Let them know that you are trying to figure out how to initiate the conversation. Tell them that you are shy or just clueless. This will act as a huge ice-breaker, trust me. There are high chances that they are feeling the same way.

Later, when you look back at this moment, you guys will have a good laugh. Everyone who is married has been through these fluttering butterflies in their stomach. You can also ask your elders for some advice; that is, if you are brave enough!

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