5 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Partner

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Updated On: July 17, 2024
why you should travel with your partner
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Traveling is so good for the soul that one should not even be looking for reasons why you should travel with your partner and just do it! Going on an exotic vacation, running off to the hills, or even finding a cabin for the weekend – there is no downside to taking some time off with your partner.

Relationships are a complex affair. From a surging rush of romantic love to abysses of stagnation, from moments of laughter and heady romance to bickering, fights and arguments, from a commitment of together forever to murky waters of doubt, a relationship goes through more than its fair share of trials and tribulations.

It takes perseverance, patience, mutual trust and respect to navigate these ups and downs all the way to the other side of the finish line. That brings to question we’re here to address today – why you should travel with your partner? In a nutshell, because travel offers the perfect escape from the same run-of-the-mill routine and gives a couple a chance to rekindle the romance, strengthen their bond and make new memories.

Why You Should Travel With Your Partner

To better understand the connection between travel and relationships, consider these statistics from a survey done by the US Travel Association:

  • Among the respondents who traveled as a couple, 86% said that romance was alive in their relationship. In comparison, 73% of couples who did not travel together felt the same way
  • 94% of the couples who traveled together maintained that they felt close to each other, whereas, among the couples who didn’t, 86% had the same response
  • Seven out of every 10 couples who travel together view it as an experience that made them reconnect with each other
  • 84% of travel-loving couples reported better communication in the relationship
  • Two-third of the respondents said travel had helped them stay together

These numbers are proof that travel and relationships go hand-in-hand because one strengthens the other. Let’s now take a closer look at how do vacations help couples in relationships:

travel and relationships
Get out of your dull routine and do something new

1. Rediscover one another

In any relationship, there are things you discover about each other only as time goes by. As you become more settled in a relationship, the zest to discover new dimensions to your partner’s personality goes on the back burner. A couple starts to live in the bubbles of the myth that they know each other inside out. However, new experiences that life throws our way changes a person little by little every day.

Travel as a couple gives you a chance to rediscover your partner and see their personality in a new light. The leisure time, the distance from routine, a renewed sense of energy all contribute to your will to dive deeper into each other’s likes, dislikes, quirks and idiosyncrasies. That alone is a good enough reason why you should travel with your partner.

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2. Keeping the romance alive

Still, wondering why you should travel with your partner? Here’s a case in point: a couple I know – who in my humble opinion have had the romance of the century – have one ritual they adhere to: they go on a honeymoon every year. Just the two of them, away from the metropolis, the kids (now grandkids), doing stuff together.

Mind you, they aren’t the happiest of campers, they complain about the hotel almost every time but whenever they do they are complaining together. After all these years, this travel-for-two tradition that they say has kept their romance alive.

In the journey of life, embarking on different journeys together and for each other is what has kept their relationship strong through the years. That’s the beauty of traveling as a couple often.

travel as a couple
In the journey of life, take a journey together

3. It facilitates better communication

For couples in long-term relationships, it is easy to lose touch while coping with the demands of day-to-day life. Between work, traffic, office politics, nasty bosses, handling finances, paying bills, keeping a household running (and raising kids perhaps), the moments when you can just sit and talk are few and far between.

And that’s why you should travel with your partner. Traveling also takes you away from your routine and throws you out of your comfort zone. The breathtaking beauty of a new locale and the discomfort of being in an unfamiliar place where your partner is your only friend is the perfect combination that helps you open up and talk about all that’s been left unsaid.

You must travel with your partner in order to unlock new parts of your relationship. Also, wouldn’t you rather reckon with your feelings and communicate with your partner by the beach instead of doing so in the therapist’s office?

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4. Travel strengthens relationships by letting you team-up

How do vacations help couples in relationships? Well, by serving as a reminder that you two are a team, together for better or for worse. When you travel as a couple, one person takes charge of the booking, the other of planning the itinerary.

Even during a trip, if one partner is handling the luggage, the other will take care of check-ins. If one is driving, the other will navigate. To travel with your partner is a great thing because it allows you two to delegate, share responsibilities and have a great time.

Coming together to work toward a common goal can strengthen the sense of camaraderie and team spirit between a couple. This strength is the very backbone of a strong relationship. Share some luggage and share lots of love!

couple goals

5. New memories to live by

Ask a couple about their honeymoon, and chances are you’ll see their face light up with a peculiar smile. Yes, a honeymoon is special for many reasons but the memories you bring back are its biggest dividend. Now imagine, if you had not just one but myriad such trips to fill your mind with such happy memories that last forever and lighten up your face! That’s why travel and relationships have a deep connection that is rather underrated.

I hope you have the answer to why you should travel with your partner by now. Well, then, stop overthinking it and just do it. Trust us, you will see the difference in you and your relationship. Every getaway, no matter how short or fleeting, is your chance to build new memories that will last you a lifetime and see your relationship through some tough times.


1. When should couples travel together?

Anytime they have time off from work, honestly! Traveling is essential to the soul and should be done as and whenever possible. When you have enough funds saved, a good amount of time and are in desperate need of a break – travel away.

2. Where should my partner and I travel?

There are lots of types of vacations you can try. If you are short on time, going somewhere nearby your hometown can help. Plan a trip to Vegas or somewhere with a beach. One can also consider Jamaica, Costa Rica or the Dominican Republic to venture further but not too far from home either.

3. Do vacations help relationships?

Absolutely! Some fresh water can truly give you fresh perspectives too. When you travel as a couple, you are in a different headspace and thus, deal with things differently too. Break out of your routine and see the change in how you approach things.

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