Couples who have been childhood sweethearts will relate to these 10 things

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Updated On: October 10, 2022
shahrukh and gauri

Childhood sweethearts and going strong

Childhood sweethearts are the few lucky people who have weathered the storm and blizzards of a relationship.
They have seen the world collapse and have gathered strength enough to pick each other up. Over decades they have remained together which in itself is a modern day miracle.

Couple who have stayed together through years is a true testament that love can be enough to get us through anything. Here are a list of things that childhood sweethearts everywhere will instantly relate to.

1. Your family’s my family

They have known each other’s families since forever. They have grown up in their houses and built memories in them.

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2. Embarrassing memories together from puberty years

They have survived through this experimental phase of life. They have seen each other in the weirdest fashion choices and probably have photographs as proof. If they can live through the moody times of the teens, they can survive anything.

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3. ‘Home’ usually means the same place

When they go home for a vacation, chances are their parental houses are in the same neighbourhood. Even when they go back, they go back to the same place.

4. No petty fights

They have long over-grown fighting about trivial matters. There’s no jealousy like every other couple either. Did someone say insecurities…what insecurities? They have faced all those back in their teen years and have successfully overcome them.

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5. Facing odd questions because others don’t get it

All childhood sweethearts have faced questions like “I don’t want to be rude but haven’t you settled before knowing what else is there for you?” or “So you have just slept with one person your entire life”. They have been monogamous since teens and they are used to rolling their eyes, or smiling politely when queries/statements like these are thrown to them. They have learnt to live through them. Together.

6. Together through the milestones of life

They have been together through thick and thin, and crossed the rites of passage holding hands. Whether it be graduating from school, getting accepted in colleges of their choice or getting drunk the first time. They have been there. And they have been there together.

7. Tons of inside jokes

The memories are all too many, often accompanied by side jokes which are personal to them.

gauri doing fun with shahrukh 8. Knowing each other better than anyone else

This is the secret of their everlasting relationship. They are aware of their strengths, weaknesses, what makes them tick and what makes them cry. They are great friends and have influenced each other beautifully to become the person they are today.

9. One another’s first in everything

It’s a high possibility that childhood sweethearts shared their first kiss, their first make-out, and their first sex with each other. Over the years, they have turned the teen romance into adult togetherness. They are their first and their last.

10. Sick of hearing their marriages won’t last

They have to hear it too often. “But you will get bored”, “There will be no spark left in your marriage”. They are so sick and tired of hearing these things that after a while, they let statements like these slip into the background noise.

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