10 Common Myths About Menstruation That Everyone Should Know!

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myths about menstruation

‘That time of the month’ or ‘crimson waves’ call it what you want, but menstruation is the second most tabooed subject in India, after sex. That’s why we are going to talk here about 10 myths about menstruation. No matter what euphemism we try, periods have nothing mystical about it. It’s a simple, natural process that is vital to female health. But periods are still surrounded by many myths that we are going to debunk right now. Even the ladies who think they are doing completely fabulous with their body could use a little knowledge and the men could also learn something important to impress their lady love with these trivia.

10 Myths About Menstruation

There are menstruation myths and facts in India. While we will debunk the myths in this article we will tell you a very interesting story. In many places in India women are asked to leave home and stay in a separate place when they are menstruating because it is believed that they become dirty during those four days. While this is looked upon as a marginalisation of women because of their physiology, some women who have grown up following this norm often say they used to look forward to living together and bonding during those four days.

In Hinduism the menstrual taboos include women being not allowed in religious places during menstruation, not allowed to eat with men or non-menstruating women and in some places they are not even allowed to prepare food. Much of that has changed in modern India but the 10 myths about menstruation still exist. In this article our aim is to bust weird myths about menstruation. We are taking the superstitions by its horns.

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1. You should not swim during menstruation

Whoever told you this throw them into the swimming pool. These are precisely the myths about menstruation that we want to debunk. You can totally swim during periods if you are wearing a menstrual cup or tampon. If you are not comfortable bleeding in a cup, you can wear the regular sanitary pad under the swimsuit and enjoy sunbathing instead.

If you choose you may not even use a feminine product while you are in the pool because water pressure slows down the flow, although it might not stop it completely. When you use a tampon make sure you change it the moment you get out of the water.


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2. You should not exercise

Oh, we can’t hear this enough! Exercise is, in fact, beneficial for you during periods. Simple exercises can help you control menstrual cramps and help you fight mood swings. It’s because of workout releases endorphins, which helps reduce the level of stress and anxiety.

But make sure you are not pushing yourself too hard while you are exercising that might prove to be detrimental. Yoga and light free-hand exercises are just perfect for this time of the month

myths about menstruation

3. You don’t get pregnant during periods

Just because it’s unusual that doesn’t make it true. Ovulation and your cycle can be highly unpredictable. Ovulation can happen before, during or after the bleeding, especially if you have irregular periods. So you must have protected sex to avoid pregnancy because your menstruation isn’t its alternative.

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4. Usually periods last a week

Just like no two women’s bodies work the same way, their menstruation cycles also vary. Some women bleed for 3-4 days, while some for about a week and both are fine.

Many women bleed for even 7 -10 days in the first few years after they start their periods. And as they age the cycle keeps changing so even one person has changing cycles all her life. So it is a myth that periods lasts for a week.

myths about menstruation

5. Irregular periods mean pregnancy

Irregular periods happen for multiple reasons starting from stress, obesity, PCOS and lifestyle issues. It’s also okay to skip one or two in a year and in most cases it’s perfectly normal. But you must visit your doctor if you are missing it for two months in a row and you are not pregnant.

So it is a myth that you only miss your periods when you are pregnant. Yes, during pregnancy you do miss it for 9 months and it is a breather for some women but missing it once in a while because of stress or some hormonal issue is common.

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6. Menstruation blood is not real blood

Among the 10 myths about menstruation that we are here to decode this is definitely one. It’s as real as the blood from a cut on your skin. But menstruation blood contains some small tissues as your uterine lining shades after ovulation. So it’s just the popular perception about ‘menstruation blood’ that is not real.

To debunk this myth we can say it is very much real blood that actually goes into making a baby.

myths about menstruation

7. Tampons can affect your virginity

Technically, virginity is just a condition of your body which indicates you haven’t had intercourse before. Tampons can no way make you un-virgin. You can accidentally break the hymen when putting the tampons, but you will still be a virgin!

There are a lot of myths about a woman’s virginity that need to be decoded in the first place. But the hymen can break anytime because of sports, exercise and other things so to think that a tampon could take away your precious virginity is an absolute myth.

8. Sour foods increase menstrual pain

Sour food cannot affect your menstrual pain. Period. But maintain a healthy diet nonetheless. We really don’t know where this perception came from but it’s a Hindu superstition that is followed diligently.

9. Everyone gets their period at ___ (enter any random age)

In my family, it’s 13, in your family it could plus/minus 1 or 2. Usually, girls get their first period between 9 to 15 years of age. But there is no ‘standard age’ for a first period.

10. PMS is not real

Well, PMS as real as our hormones are. Other than the constant cramps and never-ending bloating, many women experience acne, trouble sleeping, severe mood swings, depression, headaches, muscle pain and upset bowels. So the next time somebody tells you that you are ‘just PMSing’, tell them there is a war going on inside you and it’s because of the crazy hormones!

It’s a menstrual myth that PMS is not real. Hormones go haywire and it is very real that women have little control over their bodies and emotions during PMS.

It is always important to bust myths about menstruation to give women a healthier and happier existence in society. Menstruation is a very important part of a women’s physiology so clouding it with superstition and myths is being unfair to women as a society.

Have you heard any other myths related to periods? Tell us in the comments below!

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Sanjukta Das
Sanjukta Das May 19, 2018 - 1:05 pm

I agree with @Ishita – Even though it is part of womanhood, it is no less than a uterus monster that hibernates for half a month and wrecks havoc for the rest.

Neeti Singh
Neeti Singh May 18, 2018 - 7:36 pm

For the longest time even i thought that menstrual blood is actually ‘dirty’ blood.

Swati Mehra
Swati Mehra May 18, 2018 - 5:29 pm

Yes there are a lot of weird ones out there. And yes PMS is a very real thing.

Hema K
Hema K May 18, 2018 - 3:42 pm

There are so many more – like my naani used to say that the pickles will get spoilt if i touch the jar during my periods.

Hridaan May 17, 2018 - 5:31 pm

Okay, those are things that i really didn’t know. Like you said menstruation is one of the most tabooed subject in India, and its almost a mystery for us boys. And am also guilty of cracking some lame period jokes with my friends while I was in high school, like many other men.
It was only after i reached college and started dating that I realized how much a girl actually goes through every month. Nice read.

Ishita Roy
Ishita Roy May 17, 2018 - 4:21 pm

PMS is the monster inside a uterus that wakes up before periods.

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