Break-up & Loss

A dreamy love story that became a real-life nightmare

Shagufta Kalim writes about a couple that went from being married young, having children and a happy family, to facing challenges, emotional fallout and domestic abuse, before the wife decided to wake up from the nightmare.
Couple in Black

They were the college crowd’s envy. Sahil was a familiar sight outside the college where Maya was a graduate student. He was not her boyfriend. On Maya’s eighteeenth birthday Sahil and she had a discreet registered marriage.

At that time I thought their love story the stuff of lovers’ dreams. She was fourteen and he a little older when they became a pair. How they met, how it all began, Maya refused to share. Sahil, too, was close-lipped. I pestered her with my questions about their early days. Once I told her exasperatedly ‘the devil is in the details.’ She giggled and replied ‘the devils should not know the details.’ I guess those beautiful memories were exclusively theirs.

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The story of one woman’s escape from an abusive live-in relationship

The grim truth of marital rape in India

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  1. Really heart-touching; so sad ….Hope Maya is able to settle down happily emotionally ; all the best wishes to her; most of the time, women has to bear the brunt of a wrong relation…

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