Break-up & Loss

Your Abusive Husband will Never Change

A victim of domestic violence, Inderjit Kaur fought cases for the safety of her sons and to heal her bruised soul
Kid Covering His Ears

Married at the age of 22 in 1992, and now a mother of two lovely sons, as a woman I was always taught to be an obedient wife and daughter-in-law. Over the years, I learnt that to be this ideal woman, would mean accepting being humiliated by my in-laws, abused physically and mentally by my husband and endure bruises, pain and sacrifice in a marriage for over two decades.

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I loved him dearly, my husband who was in the merchant navy and would be home only for six months in a year. After our marriage, when he left for his trip, I was expected to single handedly take care of all household chores and was insulted at the slightest fault on my part. A five-minute delay in breakfast or in folding dried clothes was met with insults from my in-laws.

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  1. Hey I truly salute you for being a brave woman. In my eyes you are a lioness and I’m sure that your children are going to value your sufferings so much that you’ll forget the your tears that you shed during your marriage which actually was a nightmare more than just a marriage. Your good days have begin..Enjoy your life…n god is seeing the sins of your in-laws. They have to pay for it.

  2. Women should come out from this idea that “Marriages are made in heaven” and it’s predestined . Where marriage life is a mishap who should get rid of it and fight against the situation . Every person has right to live a better life .

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