5 confessions of people who had revenge sex

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Updated On: October 11, 2022
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The intention of revenge sex is as diabolical as it can get. The whole ploy is to get satisfaction by retaliating in a way that hurts your ex. Revenge is ugly and general involves hurting your ex-lover by sleeping with someone close to them. It is a carnal activity, often dressed in pretty maiden colours of vengeance. And vengeance is achieved in bed.

Revenge sex to get over someone can often turn ugly

Though it teases the flesh, it is not always the moral high ground to take as adults. Revenge sex is seldom an act of emotions; you do it because you want our ex to know you can do and also show them what they have lost. Revenge sex is not just with exes. If you like someone but they hurt your feelings some way or the other, instead of talking it out, you become mean, have sex with them and then walk away, leaving them to feel miserable. When you feel used by someone, you want to cover up the emotional turmoil by sleeping with someone close to that person to get back at them. It is a petty game of making yourself feel powerful and the act of vengeance tastes really sweet at that moment.
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Here are some confessions by people who really stepped up their revenge sex.

1. When my partner was cheating on me

“My ex was cheating on me and he thought I did not know. The affair continued for three months. I had been sleeping with his cousin all those three months. Like ongoing investigation? I had ongoing revenge for sex.”

2. To play even with my mom

When my parents were not home, I had sex with my boyfriend
When my parents were not home, I had sex with my boyfriend

“My mom did not like my boyfriend and often told me he was not good enough. So when my parents were not home, I had sex with my boyfriend on their bed and on the couch and every place of the house where she would go. It really made me tolerate her jabs later.”

3. With my girlfriend’s sister

“I had sex with my girlfriend’s sister after she broke up with me. Best revenge sex and now we are going to get married.”

4. With my boyfriend’s cousin

“After my boyfriend and I mutually broke up, he started spreading rumours about how it was him who dumped me after he caught me cheating. I was so angry over the course of one month that I successfully got back at him by getting together with his very successful older cousin and having sex with him. It made my ex really mad and I take guilty pleasure in it.”

5. Getting back at my sister

“My sister is homophobic and she takes shots at my boyfriend. Got back at her by having loud sex in my room with her hearing everything (since her room is next to mine). She has not spoken to me since but it was totally worth it.”

6. When I went overboard

“I went a bit overboard with this one. Had unprotected sex with a girl and contracted a disease. Then I let my ex-boyfriend have sex with me and passed on the infection to him. Then I broke up with him. He was in a lot of pain, both emotionally and physically. I might go to hell for this but I have never been happier.”

7. With my ex

“Met up with my ex. Had really good sex with him. We had broken up because he said he had lost feelings for me. After sex, I left. He left a typical “You were great and I miss you” text. Guess whose feelings are back? I didn’t replay though.”

8. Once a cheater, always a cheater

“Slept with my ex and she cheated on her current boyfriend for whom she had cheated on me. Revenge sex felt good. That girl never learns.”

9. With my ex’s best friend

“I slept with my ex’s best friend on his birthday, two years after we had broken up.”

10. With a girl, I met on social media

With a girl, I met on social media
With a girl, I met on social media

“I wanted to get back to my girlfriend. There is this chick I befriended on Facebook who was into me and I wanted to have sex with her to get back at my girlfriend. When this chick finds out about it, instead of getting pissed she concocts a plan and we have one of the greatest sex ever. She even went and told people about it and how good I was in bed. Words reached my ex girl-friend and she was jealous mad and pissed AF!”

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