How to overcome depression after breakup?

How to overcome depression after breakup? When the heart break is real bad and you feel a void in your chest as if a part of your soul is missing, what do you do?

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Hema K
June 7, 2017


  1. A change of atmosphere is the need of the day.Pl visit closest friend or relatives in other town.*p**p*See a good counsellor.*p**p*Cry when u feel like.*p**p*Do what u feel like.*p**p*I mean don't force urself into doing unpleasant things.*p**p*If it helps, thrash it out on the culprit responsible for landing you up in this will really help!*p**p* Gd luck!*p*

  2. Travel. Read. Explore. The world is your oyster if you are ready to forget and smile again!*p*

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