Kids – grandparents equation

My kid is learning wrong pronounciation of english words from grandparents, but I don't want him to be deprived of their love…

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Antara Majumder
July 13, 2017


  1. When a child is around his grandparents it benefits everyone. *p**p*In the end your kid is your responsibility. If learning English properly is a priority for you, then I don't see why the grandparents should be offended. Just  tell them nicely and matter of factly without sounding snooty. *p**p*They want the best for their grandchildren too. *p*

  2. It is difficult to refrain someone from using any particular language, especially when they believe they know it well :)*p*

  3. Offcourse grandparents presence and love is important. Appreciate their contribution. The discusiion is around avoiding the conflict. Thanks for your suggestion.*p*

  4. He's a kid. It wouldn't really matter. He'll pick up correct pronunciation when most of his peers will pronounce the word differently and correctly. So don't worry. Understanding the love is much important than understanding pronunciations right now for him.*p*

  5.  *p**p*Grandparents and grandchildren have the same enemies – the parents. Do not be stereotype. Act innovative.*p**p* *p**p*Do not worry much about pronunciations. They can be corrected. Do it playfully in the presence of grand parents. Also appreciate their contribution, knowledge, love and care before your child.*p*

  6. While i think having a good grasp on english is a good skill to have, pronounciations can be fixed with time as they age through school and interactions with other peers and family members. If the comort level exists perhaps you could speak to the grandparents and see if they could refrain from communicating in english and instead stick to hindi or a regional language?*p*

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