Vrushal Desai

A yogi, stock market enthusiast, and a student of Literature. I have spent most of my early adulthood as a photographer, a filmmaker, and heading a startup. After having the chance to create visual content I was longing to share more, that’s what writing is to me - a means to share my experiences in their complete depth and vibrancy. The pain of heartbreak I went through opened up the opportunity for me to turn my awareness inward. In wanting to explore the life that I carry within me, I was able to address various unconscious patterns I inherited from my parents and stop them from unconsciously manifesting in my romantic relationships. Having found myself as the only stable ground I could stand upon, I learned to navigate through adulthood, romantic relationships and most importantly balancing the metaphysical with the physical. Bonobology has become a means for me to share these life-transforming experiences and help others like me to come home, to themselves.

20 Fun Things To Do As A Couple

20 Fun Things To Do As A Couple

Being in a relationship is a beautiful feeling. Knowing that you have someone to share your life and all its moments with, leaves you dreamy. However, your Google search of wanting to know fun things to do as a couple is proof that it doesn’t stay that way organically. Some effort is required to maintain …

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