19 Powerful Signs Of Telepathic Love – With Tips

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Signs of telepathic love

Being in love is the most beautiful feeling we can experience as humans. In a long-term relationship, it’s common to experience instances that make us wonder about our connection beyond the romance one shares. We’re talking about a much more profound dimension of love through telepathy. So, what is that and what are some signs of telepathic love?

Have you had questions about what a telepathic connection with soulmate feels like? Do you find yourself yearning to understand this slightly esoteric dimension of human relationships? Surprisingly, most couples develop a telepathic connection between them, yet only a few explore this dimension.

In collaboration with Aakanksha Jhunjhunwala (Master’s in Counseling Psychology) who is an experienced astrologer with a history of working in the individual and family services industry, we are going to help you understand and establish telepathy between couples.

What Is Telepathy In Love?

“You are my heart, my life, my one and only thought.” – Arthur Conan Doyle, The White Company

A telepathic connection between lovers can open up new spiritual possibilities for the couple. Take our word on this: if you’ve been focusing on your individual spiritual journey and incorporate the tips we’ve mentioned toward the end of this article, you’ll be making yourself available to the grace of the universe.

Telepathy is a channel of communication between you and your loved ones. While it’s possible to share a telepathic connection with almost anyone, you’ll find it to be the easiest with someone you love. In this case, we’re referring to the love of your life. Who wouldn’t want to give their partner goosebumps just by thinking about them?

Once you’ve had an experience of loving someone beyond the boundaries of physical nature, it’s natural for anyone to yearn for more of it.

Does telepathy work in love? What are some signs you have a telepathic connection with someone? These are some questions we’ll be answering. For those couples who are willing to know more, keep on reading as we discuss and demystify telepathy and the nuances that surround it.

19 Powerful Signs Of Telepathic Love And Tips To Develop It

These signs of telepathic love will tell you all there is to know about your connection with you partner. Additionally, with our tips toward the end of this article you will be able to send and receive love to your partner when you’re away from each other. When the energy you share with your partner is pure and based on love, anything is possible. Without any further ado, let’s start with the signs.

1. You dream about each other

Dreams are an important part of every spiritual seeker’s journey. You must be wondering why? The simplest answer to that is, that we receive a lot of important messages about our lives when we are asleep. They can be considered as a form of a ‘spiritual download’. We’re sure this sounds familiar: you dream about a specific incident in your life, wake up and go about your daily life and forget about it. You don’t recall it until you find yourself going through a similar situation.

Aakanksha says “When both the partners find themselves dreaming about each other, involved in the same activities, be assured they are telepathically connected.” Some people have a natural ability to communicate in their dreams, and they may not even be aware of it. Dreaming about your crush or partner, or sharing similar dreams is one of the most commonly experienced signs of telepathic love between couples.

2. You feel each other’s presence even if you’re away from each other

We are talking about a calming and familiar feeling of their presence around you. Whenever we’re around people, we exude a particular energy signature. Your partner too has their own energy signature and if you’ve been with them long enough you should be able to recognize their presence.

am i in love quiz

Aakanksha says “A strongly intuitive person can make their presence felt oceans apart. When love is the basis of your relationship, it is possible to feel the warmth of your partner despite geographic distance.” So the next time you feel a familiar warmth surrounding you, the kind that instantly calms you down if you’re feeling nervous, you can be sure that it’s one of the signs of telepathic love between you and your partner. Imagine a connection so pure that there’s spiritual and emotional safety in the relationship.

3. You and your partner are experiencing strong soul synchronicity

“A strong soul synchronicity is indicative of a telepathic connection with soulmate or twin flame. In such a relationship, your partner’s interests, values, passion, and purpose will align with yours creating a harmonious relationship,” is what Aakanksha has to say.

Simply put, this is a match made in heaven! A union like this is the kind that makes you realize how your past relationships have shaped you into the individual you are today. Yes we’re referring to the toxic relationship you had to leave. The same will be true for your partner.

You’ll find that your energies will be more balanced after meeting them. It so happens that when a soulmate enters your life, especially in a romantic setting, an upheaval of life-transforming events will start to occur. Reflect upon this and ask yourself if this is true for you as well. If this is true for you then we don’t think you need any more signs of telepathic love to know if they’re the one or not.

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4. Signs of telepathic love – meaningful synchronicities

Psychology defines synchronicity as an occurrence of meaningful coincidences that seem to have no cause; that is, they just are. These synchronicities come differently to each person, for some they are in the form of angelic numbers, symbols, or spirit animals. You know what they say about opposites being attracted to each other.

Aakanksha emphasizes, “Synchronicities occur in various settings, while there are the usual repeating numbers you may start to see more often when you’re thinking about your partner. It is also possible that well before you started dating them, you kept running into each other constantly.” As they say, it all happens for a reason and the Universe was aligning the right setting for you to meet your partner.

telepathy signs he is thinking of you
1111 is often interpreted as a sign from the universe that you are being guided to focus on this person in some way

5. You think about them and they contact you

This is one of the more commonly occurring signs of telepathic love with your partner, especially during these times when your soulmate can be a swipe away. Since our means of communicating have altered completely in the last few decades, your boo is just one FaceTime away. If this happens to you, it’s a sign you’ve met your soulmate.

Aakanksha explains it further, “When you’ve just thought of your partner a moment ago and your phone rings, this is one the simplest signs of telepathic love between a modern couple”. Since our motto at Bonobology is presenting love to you in all its raw, happy and imperfect forms, we leave the ‘but what if it’s just a coincidence’ part for you to decide. Ladies, if you’re looking for more meaningful telepathy signs he is thinking of you then the next one will give you butterflies every time it happens.

6. You think of them and get goosebumps

Long-distance relationships present their own set of challenges. No one wishes to be in a long-distance relationship. No one in the their senses would want the problems a long-distance relationship brings with it but sometimes we’re left with no choice because of a job or university. This is one of those signs of telepathic love that you can look for when you’re online dating.

Since our crown chakra is the one where we start to receive our downloads, if you’ve ever had moments where a shiver-like sensation has passed from the top of your head to the bottom of your spine when you’re missing your partner, or even think of them affectionately, then yes, it is indeed one of the telepathy signs he is thinking of you. This is truly one of the stronger signs of telepathic love between you and your lover.

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7. You repeatedly find a feather of a particular color

When it comes to communicating beyond words, this Universe offers a few other alternatives and one of them is communicating with a feather. Feathers have often been mystified as omens and communication with the Divine. Finding a feather symbolizes that you’re protected and looked after and also that your soulmate is thinking about you. Naturally, there’s more meaning that goes into it with different colors of feathers.

So if someone is sending you telepathic messages, it’s possible that they’re using a slightly unconventional way and come to you in the form of a feather. Essentially a feather totem signifies that you’re connected to the source of creation, as a result, you’re also connected to your partner. It’s all the more powerful when the color of the feather and the type of feather is of the same kind every time.

Infographic - signs of telepathic love
Which is the sign you most resonate to?

8. You see angel numbers when you think about your partner

If you’re still unsure and have been asking yourself, “Does telepathy work in love?” then continue reading. 

Aakanksha says, “If you’ve been seeing angel numbers after you started seeing your partner, then this is a sign from the angels for you to continue moving in that direction and have faith that all will be well with this connection.”

So look out for numerical synchronicity signs in phone numbers, addresses, license plates and articles you read. It’s advisable to be alert for repeated numbers like 111, 777, 1010, and 999. It’s also useful to write down all the associations you have with that number. What those numbers remind you of, where you have seen them before, and so on. Take into consideration any intuitive connections you have between the number and the feelings associated with it.

9. You’re greeted with a beautiful butterfly

A major part of telepathic messages is to be on the lookout for signs through any medium and animal totems are an important part of this too. How else can you explain the presence of a butterfly right at the moment you miss your partner? It is the Universe trying to show you the signs of telepathic love you’ve been looking for all along.

Aakanksha explains, “Being greeted by a butterfly when missing a loved one is without a doubt a message for you. The symbolism intensifies if you see two butterflies flying together as this is one the most obvious signs you have a telepathic connection with someone.”

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10. Your partner surprises you with a travel plan to a place you’ve been yearning to go to

We think this one’s the cutest of all these signs of telepathic love because it’s straight-up adorable. Imagine waking up one morning from a dream where you and your partner were traveling to a place and the next thing you know you’re on your way to the same place. If that’s not proof of telepathy between couples, then what is?

This certainly is not a common occurrence, nor can you brush this off by calling it a coincidence. Among these signs of telepathic love, this is the one that is revealing to you that the energy cords you share with your partner are not just romantic, they’re also telepathic. You can now pitch your summer date ideas to your S/O telepathically. *winks*

11. You’re craving your favorite food and your partner cooks/orders it for you

Ladies, if your man cooks you Chinese food when you’re craving greasy Chinese food, I think your search for signs of telepathic love has come to an end. This is one of the more practical signs you have a telepathic connection with someone.

Aakanksha describes this as, “When you’re looking for comforting food and your partner decides to cook it for you without any verbal communication, it is a sign that you’re in a very loving relationship and it’s divinely ordained.” You’ve got to admit, it’s really cute and if you’ve experienced this you’re really lucky to be in this connection.

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12. Signs of telepathic love between lovers – just the hug you needed

Simple acts of affection can go a long way in maintaining happiness and love in your relationship. This is especially true in a long-term relationship. Hugging is the kind of physical activity that re-establish intimacy in a relationship immediately.

Aakanksha says, “After a long day at work, when you go back home and your partner senses this tension you’re going through and decides to hug you, is all the proof you need that you share a magically intimate relationship with your partner.” She adds, “Cuddles and affection are incredibly important and make you feel emotionally connected with one another.” 

13. Shared music taste

Are you an audiophile? Is music an important part of how you go about your daily routine? Then having a shared taste in music would be an important aspect of the relationship for you. Here’s where it gets really interesting, if you and your partner share the same taste in music from the start of the relationship, you definitely can credit this to the fact that this is a twin flame reunion.

Aakanksha explains, “Music has always assumed an important role when it comes to romance. It acts as a link to the romantic moments of our lives, such as first dances, vacations and marriage. A music mix is certainly the way to go for couples who find solace in music”. While the notion that opposites attract is a popular one, when it comes to music, life is so much easier when you share similar tastes. If this is the case for your relationship then it’s one of the most melodious signs of telepathic love.

14. Your psychic tells you this is a telepathic connection

This one is fairly straightforward, isn’t it? Confirm with your psychic whether the signs of telepathic love you’ve been noticing are true or not. If you do wish to sit for a reading, we suggest that you should clarify any other doubts you may have regarding this cosmic connection.

If you’ve never been to a psychic and don’t know if this is something you’d be interested in, then we understand. However, a genuine psychic can not only confirm if someone is sending you telepathic messages, but they can also reveal all the other possibilities in your love life as well.

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15. Your cheeks and ears go red, no blush or makeup needed

Ladies, do you ever go red just all of a sudden? This will seem a little far-fetched to a few, but when your partner is intently thinking of you and missing you, your energy chords connect and that makes you blush for no reason. Body language plays an important role in a relationship.

The blood rushing up to your cheeks and ears is what produces this blush as well as the tingling sensation that some have said to have experienced. When this happens to you, safely assume that your partner is thinking of you in the most passionate of ways, making this one of the most sensual signs of telepathic love according to us.

16. You’re drawn to certain colors and your partner suggests the same color outfit for you

In a long-term relationship, we’ve all wanted to dress up our partners at some point. The reason behind this can be very simple: they tend to pick up the outfits they think they look good in, but as their partner, we know what will look good on them.

Aakanksha says, “On a certain day if you find yourself drawn to a different color or a different outfit for the day and your partner proposes the same outfit idea, this is a sign that you’re telepathically connected to each other”.

17. You feel loved even when they’re away

Couples in a long-distance relationship, this one’s for you. One of the strongest signs of a telepathic connection with a soulmate is that of feeling an unshakable emotional devotion and attachment to another. It is possible for you to sense them even when you are not physically with them. This will hold even if the relationship dissolves. You can even feel their ups and downs as they experience them.

Use this telepathic connection to send love to your partner when you feel like they’re going through a rough week. Place your hands on your heart chakra, generate the highest emotion of love that you possibly can and visualize it surrounding them. This is a great way to feel close to your partner even when they’re away. But long-distance relationships need more than that, they need fun date ideas.

18. You and your partner share insights about each other intuitively

Regardless of whether they’re in front of you or at work, you know what is going through their mind just as if they have told you. This is one of the first signs of strong telepathy in love. You can have any deep conversation with your partner because of the comfort you share with each other.

It means that your minds are connected through an invisible cord and they have literally become one. It takes a powerful connection and alignment of consciousness for something like that to happen and it’s a true gift to lovers.

You know that you’re experiencing strong mental telepathy if you know what’s going on in the other person’s mind, body and soul, and vice versa. You have the ability to read each other as if you’re an open book. When your loved one is feeling confused, lost or anxious, you can easily notice it.

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19. You feel like you’ve known them a while

Ever look at your partner and get the feeling that you know them from somewhere? There is something familiar about them, their habits, and this connection that constantly makes you wonder if you’ve known them before you knew of them?

It’s possible that it’s a passion from the past life, as most soulmates are known to have multiple lives together and old familiarities start to show themselves after a while. If it’s only you who has the intuitive nudge about this connection, it’s possible that you’ve had more spiritual progress than your partner. Perhaps you’re the means for future spiritual growth for your partner, a strong possibility when it comes to twin-flame connections.

Tips To Develop Telepathy With Your Partner

1. Meditate together

If you want to develop telepathy with your partner, or simply strengthen it, then having a solid meditation practice is essential. Meditation a very potent tool, you can even use meditation to heal your relationships. It is one of the best ways to tap into telepathic abilities. Contrary to popular belief, meditation is much more than sitting with your legs crossed chanting.

Meditation can be the process of training your mind to focus too. It is also one of the best ways to learn to redirect your thoughts. Before you attempt sending telepathic messages to your partner, it is important that the turbulence of your mind settles. To make this work even more swiftly, ask your partner to meditate with you. Only with a clear and focused mind are we able to connect with our own consciousness and the consciousness of others.

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2. Practice with telepathy exercises

You know what they say, practice makes perfect and this applies to sending and receiving telepathic messages too. The simplest exercise to practice telepathy is using a deck of cards and guessing the name of the card. Ask your partner to sit with a card and focus on the image of the card and send it to you telepathically, while your focus should be on receiving the image or the name of the card.

3. Believe in it

Everytime you consciously sit down to either send or receive telepathic messages, it is important to believe in it working for you. Half your work is done once you learn to trust your intuition and don’t second guess yourself while practicing telepathy. Telepathy is a gift that we all possess – and telepathic abilities are much more natural than one might think.

And with that, you now know all there is to know about signs of telepathic love. Remember, you already possess everything you need to tap into your consciousness, and to send and receive telepathic messages. Practice (and a little support) is all that is needed to enhance your telepathic connection with your S/O.


1. Can true love create a telepathic connection?

Yes true love can create telepathy between couples since the energy cords are based on the intention of wanting the best for the other. It even works the other way around, where if you share a telepathic connection with your soulmate, that can act as a foundation of love.

2. Can telepathy be one-sided?

In some cases yes, telepathy can be one-sided: the reason behind it being one of the partner’s inclination toward spiritual growth. A telepathic connection is created when two people are aligned and share the same feelings towards each other. It can be one-sided, but those incidents will be very rare and often found in one-sided love or attraction.

3. Does telepathy exist between couples?

Yes, telepathy does exist between couples, as well as all loved ones. We can share a telepathic connection with our parents, partners, friends and anyone as long as the sender and the receiver are in tune with each other.

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