Affair and Cheating

Why I ended my affair and asked for a divorce at the same time

She had every luxury in her marriage and an extramarital affair, but then she decided to end her marriage and the affair at the same time.
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(As told to Priya Chaphekar)

My life looked perfect but it wasn’t

Picture a married woman who has all the luxuries at her feet – a sprawling apartment that overlooks a serene lake, two maids and a well-trained chef at her service, a wardrobe full of designer labels and the freedom to take international trips with the girls. Her husband brings her pearls from Australia, gold from Dubai and cosmetics from France. Sounds like a perfect life, doesn’t it? Well, that woman was me and my life was far from perfect.

Married for a decade, my husband Jerome and I met through common friends. Although we were poles apart, we fell in love at first sight – he being the classic dark, tall and handsome type and me being the happy-go-lucky, wild, free-spirited woman that I was once upon a time. We were profoundly and irreversibly in love with each other. Our worlds and days began and ended in each other’s arms. Our friends envied us for not including them in our grand plans and our parents almost disowned us for not spending enough time with them.

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  1. Life is not a bed of roses and this story proves that. Sometimes in your life, you need to be bold and take some toughest of the decisions.

  2. This is a beautiful story of a women sharing her journey in two unhappy relationships. This just goes to show that it’s never too late to get up and make radical changes in your life, if you feel the need to. Absolutely no one is indispensable

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