Recognizing Soulmate Energy- 15 Signs To Watch Out For

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Recognizing soulmate energy – does that sound like a daunting task? We, at Bonobology, hardly think so. We are big believers in pure, unconditional love and spiritual connections between two people. And we are here to convince you that yearning for meeting that special someone is not unrealistic. It may be a long wait but once that person makes a grand entry into your life, soulmate signs from the universe will be all over the place. The connection you feel to them will be every bit worth the wait. 

They say that soulmates feel each other’s energy. How exactly is that vibrant energy going to hit you? Does it come like a storm and sweep you off your feet? Or is it a calm and composed aura that makes you feel complete? And most importantly, can you recognize your soulmate from the very first meeting? 

Let’s decode the intricacies of recognizing soulmate energy with insights from counseling psychologist Utkarsh Khurana (MA Clinical Psychology, Ph.D. Scholar), a visiting faculty at Amity University, who specializes in dealing with anxiety issues, negative beliefs, and individualism in a relationship, to name a few.

What Is Soulmate Energy? 

The evergreen romantic poet Coleridge used the term in one of his letters from 1822 where he wrote, “To be happy in married life…you must have a soulmate.” An academic research paper defines ‘soulmate energy’ as a unique bond with deep love toward one special person. The term also refers to the mating of two souls or the mystical idea of one soul dwelling in two bodies. 

In other words, it’s an all-consuming sense of affinity that grasps your mind, body, and soul. This uplifting energy takes form when two souls encounter at the right time and place and round off each other’s existence in perfect harmony. Despite how baffled you are feeling right now, recognizing soulmate energy is no rocket science.

Have you experienced soulmate energy yet?

Call it a magnetic attraction or spiritual connection between souls, there is no way you can overlook the soulmate signs from the universe. It’s ironic how this accumulation of so many powerful emotions comes so effortlessly when the right person shows up. It has the potential to change your entire outlook toward love and life and incredible things happen when you meet your soulmate

While we often make the mistake of defining soulmate energy as solely a romantic bond, Utkarsh shares a broader perspective, “Soulmate energy cannot be limited to one partner. It can occur between any two living entities and it isn’t bound to us human beings in terms of love interests or fantasies.”

What Does Soulmate Energy Feel Like?  

Recognizing soulmate energy can become a lot easier if you know exactly what to expect. A Reddit user sums it up precisely, “When people meet their soulmates, it’s not a ‘lightning strike’ attraction. It tends to be a slow burn that builds up over time. The biggest indication of someone having soulmate potential isn’t them already being in sync, it’s a willingness to sync with each other.” Here’s a lowdown on what soulmate energy feels like:

  • You can almost hear the sound ‘click’ when you find your soulmate. It feels extremely familiar as if you have known this person for eternity
  • Wondering how can you recognize your soulmate? Your instincts will be hyper-active until you are convinced they are your special someone
  • The moment soulmates meet, they feel a transfer of energy
  • The level of comfort you feel around this person would be unmatchable. They will make you feel safe, happy, and content
  • They say that soulmates feel each other when apart. A certain telepathic connection in love enables you to feel their presence even from a distance
  • You will feel an extraordinary zest for life like you have been awakened as a completely new person 
  • And all the points boil down to one simple realization, soulmate energy feels like you are finally home. It’s a gratifying feeling that you may have never felt before

A study based on 140 responses collected from a New-age themed Facebook group shows that, besides instant recognition and immediate bonding, people in soulmate connections report experiencing phenomena such as synchronicities, telepathy, peak experiences, dark nights of the soul, psychological transformation, and merging of opposite archetypes.

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Recognizing Soulmate Energy – 15 Signs To Watch Out For

Speaking of recognizing soulmate energy, Utkarsh says, “You will only feel the soulmate energy when there is emotional intimacy with someone. When I say emotional intimacy, I mean my inner child feels safe and acknowledged in the relationship with that person. It can be a relationship between parent-child, professor-student, two friends, siblings, or even with animals.” 

According to the Marist poll, 73% of Americans believe in soulmates. In fact, more men than women believe that they are destined to find their one, true soulmate (males: 74%, females: 71%). If you are one of those who doesn’t believe soulmates feel each other’s energy or someone who hasn’t experienced the exchange of soulmate energy just yet, these 15 signs might give you a fair direction toward your soulmate:

1. Look for friendship while recognizing soulmate energy

If you can call a person your friend, the bond is already more beautiful and dependable than any other. So is the foundation of a soulmate connection. And the keyword here is ‘authenticity’. We are not talking about pretend friendships that come into play only when someone needs a favor. A true friendship entails 3 AM phone calls, cheering each other at every turn of life, and holding their hands through the cloudy days. 

soulmates feel each other's energy
Soulmates are best of friends

2. You inspire and bring the best out of each other 

A soulmate is supposed to come into your life as a good angel, casting only positive influence. When you notice that ever since you have met this amazing person, your career, familial relationships, and every other aspect of life have seen marked growth, it’s one of the soulmate signs from the universe. It’s not an everyday occurrence that you thrive or try to become the best version of yourself because of the influence of another person. 

Utkarsh offers a realistic perspective on this. “Soulmates inspire each other, I agree. But not only soulmates do that for us. Even rivals in the same field have the power to motivate us to explore our highest potential. In your attempts of recognizing soulmate energy, you should watch out whether you are doing this with a competitive mindset or because you genuinely want to be a better person,” he says

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3. Your goals and beliefs seem to align naturally 

Soulmates feel each other when apart. As wholesome and spiritual as that sounds, it takes more than a strong connection to be compatible as a couple in a relationship. That path becomes easier when your vision coincides with that of the other person. You feel a strong sense of affinity toward them when you see that you don’t have to sacrifice your dreams or compromise being ‘you’ to be with them.

It’s believed that two people who are destined to be together come to earth to accomplish their soulmate contract and work toward a common purpose. This synchronicity is not just limited to life goals and ambitions. Soulmates tend to think alike and their belief and opinions on several matters sync to perfection. If that’s what you find in a person, chances are, your soulmate is knocking at your door to be recognized. 

4. You can be vulnerable and not feel judged

How can you recognize your soulmate? From day 1, you will feel a strange level of comfort that probably takes at least 5-6 dates with other people (talking in terms of romantic relationships). They will be the go-to person for sharing happy thoughts and venting out frustrations. There is a reason why you can trust this person with your deepest darkest secrets. They might offer you constructive criticism but there will never be any sign of judgment for you in their eyes. 

5. You want them around all the time

Serena, who has been happily married to her soulmate, shares her experience of recognizing soulmate energy. “It’s that feeling of missing someone to the core and feeling your spirit uplifted the moment you see them. After we first met, not a single day went by when I didn’t think about Matt. I didn’t know how to explain these emotions in any other way than a strong spiritual connection. I knew it was a soulmate sign from the universe that love was coming my way.”

Utkarsh explains, “It’s true that soulmates want to be in each other’s presence. At the same time, they understand and respect each other’s individuality, existence, and personal space. They want to meet but not at the cost of ignoring other aspects of their life. So, if the urge to be around is irresistible, it’s likely a case of codependency, not soulmate energy.” 

6. You complement each other 

Soulmates assist one another in finding a balance like the Yin Yang philosophy. They are synchronized as the black and white parts of the symbol and carry a little bit of each other as represented by the opposite colored dots. You can say, in a way they are inseparable and meant to cross paths. 

My friend, Ted, once told me, “Before meeting Jane, I was doing just fine. It’s only after she came along that I discovered that I can feel so much more confident, happier, and fulfilled.” Your soulmate compensates for your weaknesses and celebrates your strengths. There is absolutely nothing lacking in you. You are just two capable individuals who are stronger as a team.

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7. The chemistry is undeniable 

This life-altering energy creates a space for passionate romantic and sexual chemistry. Physical intimacy between soulmates is infused with a burning passion. They literally and figuratively set your heart on fire! The first time they touch you, you realize that you have never been touched like this before and you melt into each other. Again spirituality has a big role to play in it. Being on the same wavelength helps you connect better and understand your soulmate’s needs.  

Stories about love and romance

8. They just get you as no one else does

No pretense, no fake smiles, no need to lie or hide facts – you speak your heart out and they know exactly what you mean. Not only do soulmates feel each other’s energy, but they also make each other feel seen, heard, and validated. Transparency becomes a staple in the relationship without putting much effort. 

In my previous relationships, I have always had my share of inhibition. “Should I say this? What if he gets mad?” I no longer have to censor my thoughts since I am with the man I believe to be my soulmate. Once you meet yours, you won’t have to worry about them misinterpreting everything you say either.

9. You learn the value of empathy 

Soulmate energy has the power to take you a few steps ahead on your spiritual journey and has a strong impact on your emotional endurance. Being in the companionship of your soulmate not only makes you empathetic toward them, but you become more compassionate to other people’s sentiments as well. All your broken relationships seem to get glued up piece by piece. It’s a sign you should definitely keep an eye out for to discover your soulmate connection.

10. There is mutual respect and understanding

The intimacy that stems from being understood is exceptionally gratifying. It helps two people develop an emotional attachment faster than ever. Needless to mention that there is absolutely no lack of respect in this relationship. You value each other’s opinions, individuality, and personal space – all of it that takes to sustain a healthy bond. Utkarsh agrees, “Mutual respect is indeed one of the most important elements of a soulmate relationship.” 

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11. You can finish each other’s sentences

Rachel, from Los Angeles, shares a different experience about recognizing soulmate energy, “Earlier I thought only romantic partners can be soulmates. When I learned about platonic soulmates, it unveiled a broader spectrum before me. At that moment, I realized I have been living with my soulmate our whole life, my sister. We are the best of friends. We know exactly what the other one is thinking in any situation and we can finish each other’s sentences almost without fail.”

Utkarsh adds, “Practically speaking, statements like “soulmates feel each other when apart” or “soulmates can read one another’s mind” might sound like fantasies, a little far-fetched. But if you really see, it simply means that they are so emotionally attuned that they are able to understand each other with non-verbal gestures. Even an eye contact can be interpreted very correctly between soulmates.”

12. There isn’t a thing about you that they want to change 

You know you are in a spiritual relationship with someone if that person appreciates you just as who you are. They don’t feel threatened by your accomplishments. Nor do they belittle you for your shortcomings. A great way of recognizing soulmate energy is to identify the person who doesn’t try to fit you in the mold of their expectations. Instead, their aura and positive influence organically help you transform into a person you love to bits.

Commenting on the idea of “one perfect person for everyone”, Utkarsh says, “If you are talking in terms of the cosmic universe and spirituality, every individual is perfect as they are. It is your needs, attitude, expectations, and unresolved issues that tell you whom you want and that will be your perfect person. If at any point, a person has to ignore their authentic self to be with the other, then that’s not a soulmate bond.”

13. You are on happy pills 24 × 7

Recognizing soulmate energy becomes a piece of cake when you are on cloud 9, literally all the time! Their very existence in your life gives you a dopamine boost. You find yourself dreamily doodling their names on a sheet or scrolling through their chats – can you stop smiling already? They become a frequent visitor to your fantasies. And the relationship efforts become all the more worthwhile because the other person reciprocates with equal gusto.

soulmates feel each other when apart
Just thinking about them makes you happy!

14. No awkward silence when you are together 

Peaceful silence is bliss. It happens when two people reach such a level of comfort that they can sit side by side, without uttering a word and still enjoy each other’s company. They have a deeper connection that goes above and beyond a regular relationship and that’s the soulmate energy to be precise. There is always an easy flow of conversation between them. Even in silence, their unsaid words convey their emotions. 

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15. Your heart tells you they are your destiny

One of the most sure-fire soulmate signs from the universe is that your guts tell you that you are supposed to hold on to this person and never let them go. You just know when your soulmate is thinking of you. This strong instinct stems from all the other signs combined. It’s hard to believe soulmates feel each other’s energy unless someone has gone through that experience. But the moment the right person walks in, a spontaneous, spiritually stimulating, and wholesome connection starts to bloom. 

Key Pointers

  • Soulmate energy is a powerful connection between two souls with a strong sense of affinity
  • When soulmates cross paths, there is an exchange of energy and they feel as if they have known each other forever
  • Friendship and similar life vision is a sign to identify soulmate energy
  • Soulmates inspire and complement each other
  • There is mutual respect and understanding so much so that they can read non-verbal gestures and feel each other’s presence even in their absence

Utkarsh concludes, “The relationship will run smoothly only if you have started your relationship with some effort. The initial nourishment is required for the fruit to ripen and the basic pillars of any relationship (trust, honesty, communication, respect) should be very strong to sustain it. Then you will be able to read their actions and understand the non-verbal gestures.” On that note, we hope your journey of recognizing soulmate energy turns out to be a big success and you find the one who’s written in the stars just for you. 

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