How To Heal Relationships Through Meditation

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Updated On: December 26, 2021
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Relationships of all types go through rough patches. Whether they are rooted in misunderstanding and miscommunication or a serious emotional blow dealt by one partner to the other, many issues are repairable if both people are willing to work on them. Though it may seem like all is lost, it is possible for couples to overcome their problems, especially with the help of meditation for relationships.

As children and young adults, our clashes with parents seem fairly common. But since there is generally a deep-rooted love between family members, healing moments come much more easily. But what about those rifts that occur in more tentative relationships, such as new love interests, new partnerships, or even marriages that have suffered infidelity of some sort?

With the help of health and wellness mentor Preity Mandawewala (P.hD., Institute of Alternative Medicine-Kolkata), who specializes in Silva Mind Control, Transcendental Meditation, Siddhi Samadhi Yoga, and Vipassana, let’s take a look at the positive effects of meditation on relationships and how to heal a relationship.

How Meditation Can Heal Your Relationships

Again, both parties need to be willing for meditation to heal relationships. Many turn to helpful counseling advice and sessions in order to view the situation through fresh eyes. Though counseling will help tremendously, you cannot solely rely on it to fix all your problems. Healing must occur and must be worked on, and meditation can be one such way to help refocus and re-center to help achieve relationship goals.

They also allow individuals to grow personally, so they can come back together as a stronger couple. Meditation with a partner, or even alone, can have far-reaching benefits for your relationship. Let’s take a look at how it helps and what you need to start doing.

1. How meditation helps to solve relationship problems? It can calm you down

At its core, meditation is a technique that helps focus your mind and body on a stillness in which you can relax, refocus, and de-stress to better address the events in your life, both good and bad. “Meditation calms you down. Once you’re in a calmer state of mind, you have control over your thoughts, your words, and the actions you take. As a result, you can take more mindful steps in your relationship, and even work on adopting better conflict resolution strategies,” says Preity.

There are various techniques such as clearing your mind and embracing the calm it brings or even allowing thoughts to pass through without doing anything more than acknowledging them before allowing your mind to pass on to the next thought. Both techniques require practice and discipline as we naturally have a tendency to dwell on our thoughts or allow thoughts to enter into a mindful silence.

With time, you can become more adept at the practice to reap the benefits of heal therapy. Practice when you know you will not be interrupted in a comfortable position and with dimmed lighting. You can also diffuse essential oils, or wear specific scents to help your mind recognize this time of meditation. Try using these scents recommended by Better Mind Body Soul.

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2. Specific techniques can support healing

Meditation is a very personal practice and you have to find what works best for you. Since you want to heal relationships, consider techniques that bring to light ways to cope with the stress that has led to the situation you are in. This will help you heal and move on from it in a meaningful manner so you can address it face to face later on. They can also help you find the balance between your yin and yang.

Preity tells us of a technique that can bring about tranquility you’ve never felt before. “Square breathing with Gayatri Mantra is a simple yet extremely effective technique to help take you into a deeper meditation form. The Gayatri Mantra has healing potential in itself, and when you club it with the square breathing technique, the benefit is doubled.”

“When you’re more mindful of how you breathe, you’ll find yourself in a much calmer state,” she concludes. It may not seem like relationship meditation at first glance, but when you’re in a calmer, more peaceful state of mind, rest assured, you’re not going to be fighting about that wet towel on the bed.

The Pink Light technique is another such suggestion and focuses on self-love first and foremost. This allows you to remember your own self-worth and address those in your life you both love and may have a conflict with. It allows you to come to peace and supports your decisions in later communication with them.

how to heal a relationship with meditation
Using meditation to make a relationship work

3. How to heal a relationship? Get to know yourself through meditation

Meditation can allow you to quietly explore your own truths behind the hurt or fear you feel. Many rifts in relationships stem from misunderstandings and our own misreading of a situation. While allowing it to drift through your mind, when you feel your heart rate change due to an emotion, you are better equipped to find the source of the trigger.

“I always say that meditation introduces one to oneself. You may know about the entire world, but how much do you know about yourself? Once when you’re in that deep meditative state, you start understanding your potential, your capabilities, capacities, and you can figure out what your threshold is,” says Preity. 

Understanding yourself can better help you recognize your reactions to triggers whenever they occur. It will also help you communicate to people in your life about why you may have behaved the way you did. Relationships can be repaired with heal meditation.

4. Meditation can make you a better, healthier individual

“Meditation, when practiced in its best and truest state, has the power to cure you of physical and mental problems you may be struggling with. I believe we have energy centers in the body, and when you say things like ‘I’m feeling low on energy’ or ‘I’m dull, I can’t stay up’, what you’re experiencing is an uneven flow of energy within you.

“When you meditate practically every day, that energy flow can be put in a balanced state. There will be no blockages in the way of the energy and it’ll be constant. As a result, all your organs will work much better too. For example, I cured my rheumatoid arthritis and my back problems with the help of meditation.

“I have seen so many students have been practically cured of conditions like diabetes, acidity, migraines, and insomnia through meditation. Physically you become much better, mentally you become calmer, emotionally you become stronger, spiritually you gain wisdom,” says Preity.  

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And, of course, when you let the powers of meditation make you a healthier person, your relationship will benefit as a result as well. The happier and healthier you feel in your own skin, the happier your relationships are going to be. Whether you’re practicing meditation for relationship anxiety or meditation to connect with someone, feeling healthier can help you achieve either of them.

5. You become more empathetic

Being empathetic in your relationship is the basis of connecting and respecting your partner. When you’re able to put yourself in your partner’s shoes, you’re not going to react as harshly as you might have otherwise. “Meditation gives you power over your thought process. You understand and you’re able to put yourself in everybody’s shoes, which helps you make a decision about why the other person has reacted badly and what the reason behind it could be,” says Preity.

If the question of how to heal a relationship has got you up at night, the biggest thing that’s going to help you is being empathetic toward your partner. Inadvertently, you’d also be inculcating a healthy dose of mutual respect in the relationship, since you’ll be able to see where your partner is coming from. And there’s no better way to be more empathetic than to practice meditation for relationships.

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6. It can uplift the aura around your house

“When one person in the house meditates, it changes the aura of the entire house. The positive energy has that much influence on an environment,” says Preity. If things are always tense around your house or the environment you’re in, the calm state of mind meditation puts you in can help you overcome that hostility in the air.

Relationship meditation doesn’t necessarily mean you’re sitting next to your partner, chanting mantras together. The simple act of meditating every day, even alone, can help uplift the entire aura of the house. Who knew it could be that easy to solve relationship problems?  

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How Meditation Strengthens Feelings Of Connection

As you saw with the points we listed out for you, meditation with a partner, or even when practiced alone, has the power to positively affect all the relationships you may have in your life. When you get to know yourself better and feel healthier, your positive energies are bound to uplift those around you as well.

Meditation can really help you deal with a relationship crisis or even it could be the first step to dealing with a toxic relationship. By simply getting reacquainted with yourself or just being in a tranquil state of mind, you’re better equipped to deal with the problems life throws at you.

Preity swears by the positive effects of meditation on relationships, and it’s clear to see why. By giving you the capability to be empathetic, meditation paves the way toward better relationships and peace of mind. Getting started is as easy as sitting down for ten minutes and focusing on your breathing, so there’s no reason for you to not get at it right away.


1. How can meditation help resolve an unhealthy relationship?

With the help of meditation, you’ll be able to process your own emotions better, as well as the emotions of your partner. You’ll become more empathetic, and it will help put you in a calmer state of mind. When you’re better able to tackle conflict resolution armed with empathy and being rational, it’ll definitely help resolve an unhealthy relationship.

2. How do you meditate in a relationship?

Meditating in a relationship is as easy as sitting down with your partner and focusing on your breathing with the square breathing method for around 10 minutes. Guided meditations can also be of great use, and usually don’t require you to be trained in meditation. Sit down with your partner and start with the easiest techniques, you’ll thank yourself for it.

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