How To Tell If A Hug Is Romantic? Get To Know The Secret Behind Hugs!

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Updated On: September 5, 2023
hug is romantic

What is a hug? Or rather what does a hug mean to you? For us, hugs are the best way to say to our loved ones that they are special to us. Many of us can be a bit shy and not ace the ‘sharing feelings’ department that well.

But rest assured, a warm hug can say it all. A tight hug helps to make any of us feel utmost special, and enwrap us all in a big bubble of love and emotions.

In fact, hugs are even scientifically considered to reduce stress, release happy hormones in the body and comfort us from within.

Moreover, during rough patches in life, hugs can help to rekindle the romance and love between couples. So, if you are a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan like any of us, you can surely gauge why Joey was so obsessed with Hugsy, his bedtime penguin pal.

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We too know the super power of warm, affectionate, hugs and that is why we are here to spill all the secrets about one of the best kind of hugs, the romantic one. How can we understand whether it’s a romantic hug, you ask? Well, read on and you too will know exactly how!

Pointers To Know When You Are Hugged Romantically

1. Frontal Hug

In these kinds of hugs, your torsos, chests and stomachs will be touching, and you know it’s a wonderfully warm position which is totally romantic.

  • You will know it as generally, the taller hugger tends to put hands around the waist of the other person while the other person has their arms around the neck of the taller person.
romantic hug
A hug from the back is the most romantic thing
  • A romantic hug has one person leaning their head on or against the other person, and can also involve the head, or face of one person nuzzling into the neck or chest of the other.
  • Needless to say, a romantic hug lasts for a much longer time than a platonic hug. People clutch each other tightly for a few seconds and then take a deep breath and exhale. Then you should just relax into the hug and enjoy it.
  • If your hugger is rubbing their hand on your back or arms, or gently stroking your hair, you will know this gentle caress is what a romantic hug is all about.
  • If even after the hug, the other person is letting go slowly, and keeps their hands on you so that you are still touching after the hug, and looking straight in your eyes, there’s no doubt, you just had a romantic embrace.

2. Front-To-Back Hug

These hugs are more of the spontaneous, surprising-your-lover kind of hugs, and it is a sweet and simple gesture.

  • You will know such a hug is romantic when you are hugged from behind, the torso of your hugger is up against your back, and their arms are all wrapped around you.
  • The hugger stacks up one arm on top of the other, one arm in front, or can even reach up over the chest and hold your shoulders while hugging. It depends on the size of arms as to where shall the arms be best placed.
  • Similar to the front-facing hug, even in such kinds of romantic hugs, your hugger will lean their head on or against you, as a typical signal of intimacy.
  • When the person hugs you romantically from behind, he/she will caress your arms and clutch you tightly from behind for a few seconds before deeply exhaling and burying their face onto your neck or head.
  • And finally, the closing of such hugs can be with you turning around and hugging each other front facing for a minute or two, enjoying the closeness of your partner to the fullest.
romantic hug from back
Nothing like giving your partner a tight bear hug

Some Quick Glance

1. How do I hug someone taller than me?

You can try standing on your tiptoes in order to reach up to them. And if the height difference is large enough, you can always place your hands around their waist and keep your head on their chest.

2. What does it mean if someone gives you a tight hug?

A tight hug is usually a sign of affection. But do remember, even if you feel slightly uncomfortable, make sure to tell the other person to stop or ease off a bit.

3. I have breathing problems, I can’t get hugged tightly. So can I still give a romantic hug?

A hug does not have to be tight in order to be romantic. Majority of the times, a gentle hug tends to be way more romantic than a tight one.

4. How do I hug romantically if I am shy?

First of all, you need to be comfortable with the one you want to hug romantically, and make sure to put the other person at ease too. To make your shyness and awkwardness go away, you have to spend more time together, and let everything take its time. So, there is no need to hurry.

5. What’s the best way to hug someone shorter than you?

You will need to bend down a little so as to make the other person comfortable. Reach down and wrap your arms around their neck or you could also lightly place your chin on top of their head.

6. How do I know if my partner wants a romantic hug?

The best thing is to just ask him/her. There is no harm in clearing things out. Just ask them straight away regarding how they like to be hugged or if they want a romantic hug from you.

7. How to understand if a hug is friendly?

In most friendly hugs, the arms tend to be crossed. The left arm goes under the armpit and the right arm goes above and vice versa. It may also include a pat on the back. You will understand the universal platonic nature of these kinds of hugs.

8. What gestures to avoid during romantic hugs?

If you are aiming for a hug that’s romantic, do tend to avoid side hugs as they are almost always the friendly ones. Think back to childhood group or even family photos. Also, unlike romantic ones, friendly hugs involve the touching of shoulders, keeping the waist and hips apart.

9. What to do if I hug someone and my face is on their neck?

You can nuzzle your face into their neck or shoulder area and if you both want to take your hug up to a level higher, you could even give a light peck on the neck.

10. How do I get to hug the person I want?

Well, the simplest yet most important thing is to just ask the other person outright for a hug. In case, they say no, you will have to respect their decision and deal with the fact that they are not too keen on hugging you.

A tight romantic hug
Nothing like a gentle romantic hug

So, now you are quite capable of applying for a PhD in the art of hugging and know the ins and outs behind the basic differences that lie between a hug with your grandma, a hug with your bestie and a hug with your lover.

The moral of this article is that hugs are a pretty normal way of displaying affection, and knowing for sure whether it is romantic or not can really come in handy. It is quite helpful when you are unsure of a relationship or the opposite person’s feelings.

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