How to propose on a romantic, rainy day

Faraaz Kazi
How to propose on a romantic rainy day

So, you have been seeing her for quite a while now? And assuming you are sure she’s the one, you want to pop the ‘M’ question to her. What do you do?

Well, for starters, this ‘quite a while’ is to be determined by your heart. Once, it’s done, you should not delay it. Yes, agreed, people say that don’t rush into proposing, but then people also say, don’t delay too much, lest someone else whisks her away. Forget what people say. When you’re in a relationship, the only thing that matters is what your heart says. Your heart knows when to read the signs; it is human instinct to know the moment. It’s something like the kiss effect – when it has to happen, it happens.

Knowing when to propose is all about striking the right balance in terms of the (perfect) timing and that’s something only the heart knows. It’s the thing that you feel from within and not something that can be learnt from others. However, here’s a tip – when you can be truly yourself with someone, is a good sign to know that it’s time!

Talking of time, it’s the time for rains and the monsoon is upon us. Nothing can make lovers explode with mush as much as this season. So if you have made up your mind to propose to the girl of your dreams then you can make it all the more special by doing it in this season.

Author Neil D’Silva suggests going the dramatic route by handing over an umbrella while it’s raining to your girl this monsoon, with a note tucked inside a pouch. When she opens the umbrella, the pouch obviously will obey gravity. Proceed to tell her that she has dropped something (if she fails to notice it). Once she picks it up to unveil the note that says, ‘Will you share this umbrella with me forever,’ be sure you are close enough to move inside the umbrella as she nods.

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And nod, she will. It’s good to be positive before setting out to achieve one of your life’s biggest dreams. Positivity after all, fuels positivity. Your charm and the confidence you exhibit will create an impression that you have thought this through and are sure about it; which is something every girl wants to know before they commit themselves for the long-term.

Digital media expert, Aadil Iftekhar is all into making the setting special so that the ambience speaks all there is to be spoken. He believes in doing the act over half a day’s course of events: picking her up for a movie, going to the spa to help her relax and to put her in the right mood. Then, finally taking her out to dinner where you can go ahead and pop the question in a grand manner.

The environment where you do it, will of course have a huge impact on her, so be sure to make it special. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a candle-light dinner in a five-star restaurant but it can be simple with a lot of emotional value attached to it. Like doing it at the place you first met. (Wear the same dress if you still fit into it or simply ignore that you even read this!)

The rains of course give you a lot of scope to decide on the setting: beaches, sea facing restaurants or a plain old movie watching session at home while the rains provide the background score outside. It would be a good idea to pop up the question during the interval (that way she would say ‘yes’ at least for the sake of watching what happens post interval, eh?) On a serious note, you can add some hot pakodas and tea to support your cause with the ring going in place of the cup holder (oh yes, there are cups like that!). Saves you the trouble of having to put it on if she can just lift up the cap and let the ring slide on her finger on its own.

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Before you head into the moment, be sure you know what you are doing because it is the matter of two lives and one lifetime. If the thought of a future without that person gives you the jitters, then by all means proceed with confidence and may be a red rose in hand as well! The only mantra to follow is follow your heart. The rest is a mere sequence of events. It automatically clicks just like you two did.

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Preeti Goyal
Preeti Goyal July 30, 2018 - 12:26 pm

In this day and age, people love the element of surprise, especially if it’s something nice and romantic from their significant other. When it’s a marriage proposal, then it’s even better if it’s a surprise. Isn’t it? [eople love surprises when it comes to a proposal. People plan extravagant proposals, But I just don’t get it. I would love the proposal by standing near the window with the tiny droplets of rain and this would be romantic enough.

Everyone thinks differently!

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