How To Propose On A Romantic, Rainy Day

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Why do we always associate rain with romance? There is something about the rains, isn’t there? It has the power to stimulate all our senses into a sense of happy trance. No wonder the pluviophile in us pushes us toward big romantic gestures. Like a proposal in the rain. Scientifically speaking, the earthy smell, the captivating sound, and the entrancing visuals have a calming effect on the mind. It is almost hypnotic. 

The human mind, when relaxed, looks for joyous experiences. What could be more joyous than the feeling of love? There is a whole sense of drama and romance to the pouring drops. So, let’s say you have been seeing her for quite a while now? And assuming you are sure she’s the one, you want to pop the ‘M’ question to her. You’d want to do it in style, of course, and as far as romantic gestures go, nothing comes close to proposing in the rain.

10 Best Ideas For Proposal In The Rain

If you’re wondering about romantic rainy day ideas, we’ve got your back. We all have different types of love languages, and understanding your partner’s language is paramount if you want to sweep them off their feet with the perfect gesture. We want to provide you with 10 ideas that you can choose from to make the most exquisite proposal in the rain.

Love language is different for every one of us. The gestures should be aligned with your and your partner’s language for maximum impact and minimum casualty. These ideas are structured in such a way that they accommodate different emotions. You can select the one that fits your relationship the best.

1. The classic umbrella 

Rain compliments drama, so we suggest you go down the dramatic route by handing over an umbrella to your partner while it’s raining, with a note tucked inside a pouch. When your partner opens the umbrella, the pouch obviously will obey gravity. Proceed to tell her that they have dropped something (if they fail to notice it). Once they pick it up to unveil the note that says, “Will you share this umbrella with me forever”, be sure you are close enough to move inside the umbrella as they nod. And nod, they will. 

It’s good to be positive before setting out to achieve one of your life’s biggest dreams. Your charm and the confidence you exhibit will create an impression that you have thought this through and are sure about it; which is something every girl wants to know before they commit themselves for the long term. Creative outdoor proposal ideas don’t come better than this.

2. Will you be my permanent hike buddy?

When you are about to ask the most difficult question of your life, it helps if the adrenaline is at a high. It gets you oscillating between emotions like a pendulum. An adventure germinates the same kind of effect. What if we combine the both? For people who appreciate adventure, hiking proposal ideas could be the answer to their perfect proposal in the rain quest.

If your partner is a nature-lover, then you can plan out a hike where you bring up the revered question. You just need to find a destination that will pique their interest and let the rain, wind, and the surroundings do the rest. With the view taking their breath away, you can steal some gasps too as you pop out that ring. 

These gestures don’t necessarily have to be grand. You can think outside the box, or take these proposal ideas outside. Be aware of your surroundings too as trails can become tricky during rains.

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3. Where we first met

Oh! We have another one for drama lovers. It is time to put the nostalgia into play. You can book the place you guys first met, and pre-order the food and drinks you ordered then. You can pump up the suspense by blindfolding your partner too. Nothing hits harder than a love-induced memory. Imagine the scene, you’re both standing at the place you first met. The sound of the raindrops brings back all the memories of that first date like it was yesterday. 

Moist hair, damp clothes, and cold skin, all watering the seed of love you had sown at this very place. While your partner absorbs the overwhelming emotions, you bend down and… And well you know the rest. (You can even wear the same dress if you still fit into it or simply ignore that you even read this!) Depending on your first date, this could be an indoor proposal, or this could just be one of those brilliant outdoor proposal ideas that’ll make her say yes.

4. Top of the world proposals

A well-lit rooftop serves as a flexible venue for a proposal in the rain. You can have an intimate evening by decorating a terrace with lights, candles, and flowers. Or you can choose a rooftop restaurant or cafe and the pouring and the ambiance take care of the mood. With rain providing the soulful background music, you just have to get the dialogues right. Your perfect movie moment fantasy can become a reality.

Proposing in the rain is no easy feat though. Make sure everything is well-planned. Have a place that can shelter you from the rain, the props you are using should be placed accordingly. If not well thought out, rooftop proposal ideas could prove to be quite slippery. But then sometimes disasters turn out to be the most memorable moments.

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 5. Drench her with love with a proposal in the rain

Most of us are usually in awe when it rains. But some people take this love of rain to a different level. These people don’t need umbrellas, they just let the drops wash down their souls. If you’ve got yourself one of these, it’s time to get drenched.

While they are letting the raindrops fill them with joy, you can use this opportunity to put your love out there too. You guys can also hide your tears of joy when both of you agree to be one forever. This is the most literal proposal in the rain. Such shared experiences are one of the signs you are deeply in love.

 6. The grand proposal ideas outside in the open

This could be one of the most tricky outdoor proposal ideas. Imagine that you’re walking with your partner on a busy street. It’s raining cheetahs and wolves, and everybody is rushing to get to shelter. If you see from atop, all you see are umbrellas haphazardly dashing in synchrony. Suddenly one of the umbrellas is put down. It seems like a hole in the visual. And you are responsible for the whole.

You stop and kneel, putting aside the umbrella. In the middle of the chaos, only the two of you are still. You reach for the ring in the pocket of your coat, say some heartwarming words, and create the perfect proposal in the rain. A moment both of you will remember for the rest of your lives. 

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7. Indoor proposal served with their favorite beverage

One of the most interesting indoor proposal ideas could be where you turn their favorite beverage into a memory to cherish for life. It could be any beverage, but let’s say that your partner is into hot tea. Watching twilight turn to dark in the rain with a hot cup of your favorite tea has a very cozy feeling, doesn’t it?

Imagine that you are both taking in the marvel of nature in silence, sipping hot tea and just enjoying being in that moment. You lean down to put down your cup and the next thing you know you’re on your knees and your partner is in tears. Doesn’t it sound like the most peaceful and romantic proposal in the rain idea?

8. Proposal in the rain after a perfect day 

The rain already adds excellent elements to the setting, but we’re all about making it extra-special. You can plan the act over half a day’s course of events: picking her up for an exciting movie, going to the spa to help her relax, then finally, taking her out to dinner where you can go ahead and grandly pop the question. This might not exactly be a proposal in the rain, but when the rain gods are blessing a bond, the whole ambiance of the setting speaks of the unspoken.

The secret is to have them in a relaxed and happy mood. The chances of a yes go up dramatically when the mood and the feel are just perfect. If sweeping them off of their feet is the plan, innovative ways to propose to your partner need to be explored.

proposal in the rain

9. The surprise effect

Since the rain would be doing most of the ambiance settings, you can use the surprise element to your advantage. Pick out a time and venue when your partner least expects it. Be prepared, do your homework, and even stalk them if it helps. Okay, the last one is a little creepy, chuck it!

When you’ve locked on the perfect moment where they are completely unprepared, you surprise them and unveil the real intent. This one is from the book of high-risk romantic rainy ideas, so beware. You’ve been warned!

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10.  Netflix and pop

When talking about romantic rainy day ideas, we need to look out for the people who are not drama fans. Let us propose something interesting for our more laidback lovers. There are people who love chilling inside their homes more than anything in this world. If this reminds you of your partner and you’ve been sweating over a grand proposal in the rain, we’ve got some alternative indoor proposal ideas. 

You can simply drop the whole grandeur and surprise your partner in the middle of their favorite mundane task. So, here’s the deal. You set a Netflix and chill date with their favorite movie on the agenda. They would be more comfortable in this whole arrangement. You now pick a crucial point in the movie to ask to go for a pee-pee break. Then you slyly enter back into the scene with the ring that you hid in the washroom. When they least expect it, pop! You say some magical words while on your knees and woo her. 

There is a hidden hack here. If your partner really loves the movie, they might say yes just to get on with it. Who knows? We take no guarantees for that one though.

Before you head into the moment, be sure you know what you are doing because it is a matter of two lives and one lifetime. If the thought of a future without that person gives you the jitters, then by all means proceed with confidence and maybe a red rose in hand as well! The only mantra to follow is to follow your heart. The rest is a mere sequence of events. It automatically clicks just like you two did.

Yes, agreed, people say that don’t rush into proposing, but then people also say, don’t delay too much, lest someone else whisks the love of your life away. Forget what people say. When you’re in a relationship, the only thing that matters is what your heart says. Your heart knows when to read the signs; it is human instinct to know the moment. It’s something like the kiss effect when it has to happen, it happens.

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