15 Romantic Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas That’ll Make Your Girlfriend Say Yes

December 6, 2021 |
Valentine's Day ideas for every relationship stage are different
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So, you’ve found the one you want to share your life with and are ready to take your relationship to the next level. Congratulations! Now, comes the all-important task of finding the perfect setting to pop the question. And time your move well. Above all, you must go about putting together the perfect proposal discreetly, so that your girlfriend doesn’t get a whiff of it. Yes, it can get a tad overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help. Our recommendation is that you consider proposing on Valentine’s Day. After all, what could be more romantic and special than asking her to be your partner for life on a day dedicated to love! Besides, you must have several special memories of celebrating this day during the course of your relationship, and this proposal can be the perfect cherry on top.

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Significance Of Valentine’s Day

To help you understand why choosing Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic ways to propose, let’s dive a little into its significance. Valentine’s Day celebrations began as a tribute to started off as a tribute to Saint Valentine, a Roman Catholic priest who lived in the 3rd century. As the legend goes, St Valentine defied the orders of Emperor Claudius II, banning young men from marrying out of the belief that single men made better soldiers, and solemnised their weddings in secret. For this, the emperor awarded the priest with a death sentence.

Valentine’s Day is believed to be observed on the day of St Valentine’s death or burial sometime in 270 AD. The first evidence of Valentine’s Day celebration can be traced back to the 5th century.

It began to shape up to be a day celebrating romantic love only around the 14th century.

Here’s why proposing on Valentine’s Day is a rock-solid idea you can rarely go wrong with:

  • Since it is a day dedicated to celebrating the idea of love, your girlfriend would be expecting a special gesture. Why not knock her sock off by popping the question! Now that’s something she’ll remember for the rest of her life.
  • Given that most resorts, hotels, homestays, restaurants and other travel or experiential businesses run specials for couples on this occasion, you’d be truly spoilt for options when planning a romantic Valentine’s Day proposal.
  • Couples make it a point to free up their schedules to be able to spend this day together. This means there is no risk of an anti-climactic end to your grand plans on account of your girlfriend’s unavailability.

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15 Ideas To Pull Off That Romantic Valentine’s Day Proposal

Now that you know why proposing on Valentine’s Day is a great idea, let’s delve straight into heart-melting and mind-blowing ideas to pop the questions. Here is our selection of 15 ways to propose a girl on Valentine’s Day that’ll make her say yes:

1. Video proposal

Create a proposal video on YouTube or other similar platforms, to create a stellar video. Let her know how much she means to you, throw in some photos of our most special moments together, use her favourite songs for background score, and in the end ask her to marry you.

Plan a romantic dinner date on the pretext of Valentine’s Day celebration, and request the restaurant to live stream the video on your cue. Just as you’re about to pop the question in the video, take that ring out of your pocket and get down on your knee to complete the effect. It’ll undoubtedly be one of the most out-of-the-box romantic ways to propose. We bet it’ll her all misty-eyed and overwhelmed with emotion.

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2. Take her on a romantic getaway

Planning a getaway for Valentine’s Day is another romantic Valentine’s Day proposal idea you can consider. Plan a short romantic getaway, and make it all about her. Do the things she loves, eat the food she wants to order, let her plan the itinerary. Then, wrap up your trip with a surprise dinner or outing someplace that’s perfectly in sync with your and her idea of a romantic setting. Now, take her hand in yours, look her in the eye and ask her to marry you. Rest assured she will say yes.

Romantic ways to propose your girl on valentine
Go on a romantic getaway

3. Send her on a treasure hunt

Not a fan of romantic cliches? Here’s what you can do to propose a girl on Valentine’s Day the fun way – send her out of treasure hunt. Tell her that you have a surprised planned for her, but she’ll get it only if she can follow a trail of clues and get to end of a special treasure hunt you have set for her. At the end of the hunt, she’ll find your ring and proposal. You can also time your entry such that you get there right when she opens the ring box.

4. A radio proposal

You can get in touch with the radio station and take their help in proposing to your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Tell them to play her favourite song, followed by your proposal. Make sure you’re together at the appointed hour and tuned into the radio station. As they play the song and your message, slip the ring on to her finger.

5. Alarm proposal

Looking for an offbeat idea for proposing on Valentine’s Day? How about using the alarm on her phone to ask her to marry you? Create an audio note comprising a mix of her favourite love song and your proposal. Once she’s asleep, transfer this note to her phone and set it as her alarm tone. She’ll wake up to you asking her to marry you. We can’t think of a better way to kick off Valentine’s Day. And she’ll never suspect what you’re up to.

6. Flash mob proposal

Get together with a group of friends or relatives to prepare a flash mob performance for your girlfriend on V-day. So bring her to the appointed place, dance for her along with the people and then propose to her at the end of the performance. Romantic Valentine’s Day proposal ideas don’t get much better than this.

7. Take a trip down the memory lane

Choose a location for your Valentine’s’ Day date and do up the place with pictures of some of your best times together as well as souvenirs that represent your love for each other.

Throw in some heart-shaped balloons to the mix. Blindfold your girlfriend before you take her to this place. As she gapes nostalgically, get down on one knee and ask her to marry you.

8. Make a marathon of it

Starting 14 or 10 days before Valentine’s Day, start sending her one cute and romantic gift every day. Top this up with a special dinner date and hand her over the ring wrapped as a gift. She’ll open it thinking it’s another one in the string of gifts you’ve been sending her. As she discovers there is a ring in the box, ask her to marry you. It is the ultimate gift you can give her.

9. Say it with flowers

Using flowers is one of the time-tested romantic ways to propose. Choose her favourite flowers and use them to create a trail that will lead her to the spot where you have created the perfect date setting. Write the words, ‘Will you marry me?’ using flower petals. As she reads them, get down on your knee with a ring in your hand.

Ways to romantically propose her
Say with flowers

10. Mesmerise her with your words

If you are a quintessential romantic and love writing, then use this skill to mesmerise her. Pen down how you feel about her in a series of letters and notes, and place them at different spots around the house (choosing places that she is most likely to frequent), so that she discovers them one by one.

The last card, of course, will have the question you want to ask her: Will you be mine forever?

11. Unique T-shirt proposal

Get a bunch of friends in on the plan and get customised t-shirts with each letter of ‘Will You Marry Me?’ printed on them. Ask your friends to show up in the middle of the date, and yell, ‘Surprise!’ While she makes sense of what’s going on and reads the text of their t-shirts, pop the question. This can turn out to be a fun way to propose a girl on Valentine’s Day.

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12. Cute pet proposal

Is your girlfriend an animal lover? Has she always wanted a dog or a cat as a pet? Get her on as a Valentine’s Day gift and hang the box of the ring around her new furry friend’s neck. We guarantee you she’ll shriek with joy. There is no way she’s going to say no to that proposal.

13. Skywriting proposal

Want your way of proposing on Valentine’s Day to be truly out of this world? If you’re ready to splurge, hire the services of a company specialises in skywriting and get the words ‘Will you marry me?’ splashed in the sky. Now, it doesn’t get more ‘out of the world’ that this. Her jaw will drop to the ground. She may be too overwhelmed to say the words but she’ll definitely nod her head to say yes.

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14. Recreate your first date

Taking a look at the rearview mirror of life sometimes becomes essential to move ahead. Make her relive that feeling of anticipation and nervous-excitement you both felt when you went on your first date before you ask her to marry you. Recreate the exact same date setting, complete with the same clothes, music, food and drinks. Then, tell her that every day with feels like that first date and you’d like to spend the rest of your life revelling in the feeling. Top it up with a special ‘gift‘ – the ring. It’s undoubtedly one of those romantic Valentine’s Day proposal ideas that will melt her heart.

15. Sing a song for her to propose

You do not have to be a professional to sing a song for your loved one. If she enjoys music, consider proposing a girl on Valentine’s Day at a Karaoke Bar. If you’re too shy to sing in public, create one at home. Sing one of her favourite songs or an original composition and propose to her at the end of it. This will be extremely special for your girlfriend.

Ways to propose your girl romantically
Sing for her

Before you make any of these grand gestures, make sure you’re both on the same page about taking your relationship to the next level. We wish you the best of luck!


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