50 Rainy Day Date Ideas To Feel Close To Each Other

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Updated On: March 28, 2024
rainy day date ideas

There are few things as uplifting and romantic as the pitter-patter of raindrops, and the intoxicating smell of wet earth afterward. With the right rainy day date ideas, you can make the most of this time to connect with your partner. We’re happy to help with that.

Romance comes knocking at your door when you are stuck at home on a cold, rainy day with your boyfriend. Give it a fair shot, won’t you? Even not doing anything on an evening like this can turn out to be as charming as a fairy tale. Imagine, sitting by the window together with a steaming cup of coffee, romantic blues music idly playing in the background, perhaps a couple of candles here and there – is it at all a bad idea to have home dates when it’s raining?

Did we get you hooked on the idea yet? So, what to do on a rainy day with your boyfriend or girlfriend? If this is something that is on your mind, then we will tell you the most romantic things you can do when it’s raining cats and dogs.

50 Rainy Day Date Ideas To Rev Up The Romance

So, you had an amazing date planned but an unexpected rainstorm washed it all down the drain. Or the relentless monsoon showers have forced you and your significant other into the confines of your home. What would you prefer in such a situation – sulk over canceled plans or use indoor date ideas for couples to get creative and think of romantic things you can do in the rain?

The latter? Then, these amazing 50 rainy day date ideas would be right up your alley. These rainy day activities for couples at home can turn out to be amazing. Here’s your chance to make the best of bad weather dates.

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1. A romantic dinner at home

Whether you’re looking for rainy day date ideas in Los Angeles or New Delhi, you can rarely go wrong with this classic. Prepare a meal or order in, and set up a table by the window and get cozy while watching the rain outside. Dim the lights, light some candles, use a few flowers, pour wine, and enjoy a romantic dinner right in the comfort of your home.

2. Have a board game competition

What can couples do on a rainy day? If you’re confined to the house all day because of the downpour, bring out those board games gathering dust in some corner. Set up a competition for yourself. Be it Scrabble, Chinese Checkers, Jenga, or a challenging match of Trivial Pursuit, it is one of the most fun rainy day activities for couples at home. It can be a fun way to connect with your partner and bring out the child in you. Slide into a more exciting zone with a drinking game if you wish to let loose for the night.

3. Cook together

Couples who cook together, stay together, right? Are you up for the challenge? No, we’re not talking about run-of-the-mill meals. That’d be far from fun rainy day date ideas. Explore a new cuisine altogether. Look up recipes on YouTube and get down to preparing a fancy meal together. Of course, you can enjoy it with a romantic dinner date setting.

4. Go bowling

If it’s not pouring cats and dogs, consider hailing a cab and hitting the nearest bowling alley. As long as you both enjoy this activity, it can be one of the most fun indoor date ideas for couples.

Date ideas for rainy days do not have to be too complicated especially if there’s a bowling alley or even an arcade zone in your neighborhood. You won’t even know how the hours fly by. By the time all the pins are down, you would have had a great time.

5. Visit a museum

rainy day date ideas nyc
A couple going to the museum

For couples who appreciate art or history, visiting a museum can be a great indoor date idea. For instance, if you’re looking for rainy day date ideas in NYC, you could visit the Met and appreciate some of the finest pieces of art there are in the U.S.

All museums host special exhibitions and shows from time to time. If you’re in luck, you might get to see some fresh collections on display. It’s a great way to beat the rain and yet have a beautiful and productive time together.

6. Play strip poker

Wet weather is a great aphrodisiac. Make the most of it with this naughty rainy day date idea. Start a game of strip poker with some drinks to go along, and we’re sure one thing would lead to another. Needless to say, this is one of the best rainy activities for couples at home.

7. Plan a coffee date

Got an entire lazy afternoon to kill and wondering, “What can I do with my girlfriend on a rainy day?” How about taking her on a coffee date without actually stepping out? Trust me, you won’t find a better date idea when it’s raining.

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Get her to take a nap, order some brownies (or better still, bake them yourself), brew some exotic coffee, and set up a table on your balcony or porch. Take her on a coffee date where you can both sip your cuppa with raindrops caressing your feet.

8. Have a picnic

What to do with your boyfriend on a rainy day? This is hands down one of the most fun things to do in the rain outside. Relive those carefree childhood days with a picnic out in the rain. Pitch a waterproof tent in a park, and carry your own snacks and drinks.

Utilize this day to get all kinds of crazy with your loved one – playing in the rain, splashing in the water, taking a romantic walk. And later, wrap up the date relishing your little picnic basket together.

9. Read together

Looking for fruitful things to do on a rainy day with your boyfriend or partner? If you are not willing to idle around the house all day and don’t feel like going for outdoor activities as well, this is one of the most laid-back and relaxing rainy day date ideas. Just get comfy with your partner on a couch and spend your time reading. If both of you like books, then there’s nothing like cozying up on the bed and reading together while having a simmering cuppa.

10. Bake together

Baking can be extremely therapeutic, and those aromas go perfectly well with a rainy day mood. If you’re wondering what can couples do on a rainy day? Try baking together. Cookies, cakes, brownies…whatever takes your fancy. Maybe this time you can finally try out your grandma’s famous pie recipe. What could be more fulfilling than sharing the entire experience with your darling partner?

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11. Give each other massages

If you’re looking for romantic rainy day ideas, this one is a classic you can’t go wrong with. How often do you get a chance these days to spend some quiet time unless on a cold rainy day with your boyfriend?

As the wind gets wild outside, spur up the evening with a sensuous and relaxing couples massage session. Dim the lights, light up some scented candles, bring out those essential oils, and give each other a relaxing massage. Things can get hot and steamy quickly.

12. A pedicure works just as well

Pamper each other to the fullest with a pedicure session. You can also try painting toes for fun and make this one of the most creative first date ideas when it’s raining! A foot spa session in the warmth of your room, while it’s pouring outside, is a great way to unwind. If you give each other foot massages, then nothing like it. You don’t really know what it could lead to.

13. Do nothing at all

What can you do on a rainy day with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner? How about doing nothing at all! Rainy days and laziness go hand in hand. So just stay in bed, cuddling, talking, napping. Get the food delivered from your favorite pizza place, crack open a bottle of wine, and just enjoy the most peaceful time you have had in a long time. This is the best way to spend a rainy day.

14. Plan a karaoke night

This can indeed turn out to be one of the most fun rainy day date ideas. If you can step outside, hit a karaoke bar. Or, just set up one at home with a mic and YouTube. You can make it a double date too by inviting friends who are in a relationship and have a romantic evening together while it rains outside.

15. Talk to each other

rainy day date
Just sit and talk on a rainy day

It’s amazing how little time most couples have to just sit and talk, without worrying about work, responsibilities, chores, and errands. Looking for things to do on a rainy day with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Well, stop everything else, and just spend some time reconnecting.

A rainy day is a perfect opportunity to catch up with each other. Bad weather dates are not so unpleasant after all as they always bring you the much-needed break if you are inclined to utilize them on a happy note.

16. Set out on an indoor sightseeing spree

How much of your city have you not explored yet? Well, if you’re looking for date ideas when it’s raining, this one can be super romantic. Go out there and be tourists for a day. Make a list of all the landmarks you have not seen yet, and try to visit as many as you can. For instance, if you’re looking for rainy day date ideas in Atlanta, a visit to the Georgia Aquarium can be an exhilarating experience. You can even take an online tour of a famous place you’ve always wanted to visit, no matter where it is situated in the world.

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17. Hit a gaming arcade

If it has been raining for days on end, you can run out of indoor date ideas for couples. Put on your adventurous hat and venture out. Spend a day at a gaming arcade. If he’s a gaming nerd like you and enjoys getting a little competitive, this is one of the perfect things to do on a rainy day with your boyfriend.

18. Or go to the movies

What better escape from the monotony of being confined to the house than some good cinema, popcorn, and soda? Cliched and basic, we know, but cliches exist for a reason. Wondering what to do with your boyfriend on a rainy day? Well, hit the town cinema and zone out the rain for a couple of hours. If you are looking for rainy day date ideas, then hitting the multiplex can be a great way of having a good time.

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19. Binge Netflix and chill

Don’t feel like venturing out for dates when it’s raining? Find a binge-worthy show on Netflix, order some pizza, and just chill. While it pours outside, binge-watching Netflix will help you catch up on all the shows you had missed so far. Perhaps you can finally get your partner hooked on your favorite show. Utilize the day well with such date ideas for rainy days.

20. Watch some standup comedy

When you are clueless about things to do on a rainy day with your boyfriend or partner, a few hours of sheer fun and amusement would help you beat the boredom. Stream your favorite standup comedian’s latest act and enjoy a laugh riot. Nothing like watching funny things and having a good laugh together. Fun and good date ideas when it’s raining? Turn to Amy Schumer or George Carlin and you’re good to go.

21. Shop therapy

You don’t even have to step out to execute this date idea when it’s raining. Just open your favorite shopping app, select stuff for each other, rate and approve each other’s choices and shopping habits, and then buy the stuff you mutually agree on. You can also choose to buy one item from each other’s wish list that you have wanted for a long time but never felt like investing in. Virtual shopping is a rewarding rainy date idea. This is a romantic activity that can be a lot of fun.

22. Teach each other something

What to do on a date when it's raining
Teach each other cooking

Use this free time at hand to teach each other a new skill. Perhaps there is something you’re good at that your partner can learn too or vice-versa. Now that you have all this leisurely time at hand, make it count. From cooking to playing the guitar, there is something in teaching and learning that gets all the more romantic with the sound of pitter-patter in the backdrop. Or, is there a skill that you both wish to learn someday such as the most romantic language in the world? You can sign up for your first French lesson today!

23. Take a stroll in the rain

Why stay indoors when there are so many fun things to do in the rain outside? Something as simple as taking a stroll in the rain can lift your spirits. Get yourself some ice cream while you’re at it and make it one of the coolest first date ideas when it’s raining.

At first, they might hesitate, “Go out in the rain on our first date?” but suggest it anyway. Have you tried cozying up under a single umbrella? For us, that’s the most romantic thing to do in the rain. There’s no way they will deny a second date after this.

24. Have a sitcom relay

What to do with your boyfriend on a rainy day? Well, try Netflix but make it more fun. Do you and your partner have different preferences when it comes to sitcoms? Hold a sitcom relay, where you both watch one episode each from the other’s favorite show. This is one of those memorable rainy date ideas that will keep you hooked for hours on end.

25. Set up a video game contest

Turn your rainy day date into a competition. Set up a video game that you both enjoy and make a contest of it. The winner gets pampered with the meal of their choice or breakfast in bed or a massage. If you are up for suggestions, It Takes Two, Minecraft, and Mario Party Superstars are some of the killer video games to play as a couple.

26. Check into a hotel

This is one of the more offbeat romantic rainy day ideas but one that can be extremely rewarding (if you know what we mean). Sometimes, date ideas for rainy days don’t have to be all that creative. Check into a hotel, order room service, relax, and wrap it up with some action between the sheets. This is a staycation you will cherish.

27. Have a trivia night

Add an interesting twist to rainy day date ideas. Organize a trivia night for just the two of you. You can make the questions specific to your relationship for an added romantic effect. You will find out how much you remember those little details and how well you know each other! A round of Truth or Dare is a great way to have fun with your partner. You will have plenty of reasons to laugh about.

28. Hold a wine and paint session

If you’re exploring out-of-the-box rainy day date ideas, this could be it. Get some bottles of wine and pick a corner in the house to repaint. Let the creative juices flow and make your home more beautiful at the same time. One of the perfect date ideas when it’s raining, it can be a great activity to relax and connect with your partner on a deeper level.

29. Dance in the rain

dancing on a rainy day
Dancing in the rain

This is one of those fun things to do in the rain outside that will let your hair down and bring out the child in you. Blare up the music and dance without a care in the world and make it one of the sweetest things to do on a rainy day with your boyfriend or partner.

30. Play dress up

If you’re wondering what can you do on a rainy day with your boyfriend or partner, consider this. Making him dress up, complete with some makeup and hair accessories, can be a quirky and fun date idea. Take pictures for posterity. You can turn this into a bit of kinky rainy day activity for couples at home by dressing up as a character from your partner’s fantasy. Initiate a little role-playing and see where the evening leads you.

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31. Plan a wine tasting getaway

If the weather permits and there are vineyards in your vicinity, you can book a wine tasting tour and spend a couple of days at a BnB. For instance, those looking for rainy day date ideas in NYC can plan a quick getaway to Vermont. It can be the perfect way to bond and unwind.

32. Have an eat-off

Are you and your partner both foodies? What could be a more fun date idea than an eat-off! Order some pizza, burgers, tacos, or whatever your favorite food is, and hold a contest over who polishes off the most. Besides, there are also some fun foods that boost your sex life that you can consider trying if you’re interested.

33. Have a barbecue night

Bring out the barbecue and grill some burgers and steaks together. And enjoy them with some chilled beer. You can sit in the shade and watch the falling rain. Devour those sausages and feel at peace with your partner. This is one of the most romantic things to do on a rainy day.

34. Play a card game

If you have a lot of time to kill, there is nothing like a card game to keep things interesting. You could play poker, rummy, or even Uno. Consider this as one of the great first date ideas when it’s raining. Cards can be an incredible ice-breaker and show you two a lovely time.

35. Never have I ever

One of the most interesting rainy date ideas is to get a few rounds of Never Have I Ever going. Get the shots ready, and bring up the most blatant and scandalous scenarios. Get to know your partner like never before! If you take a no-holds-barred approach, this can actually throw up some interesting revelations. Who knew date ideas for rainy days could be so insightful?

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36. Try online gambling

Just for the sake of fun and novelty, give online gambling a try. If you’re in luck, you may just make a quick buck in the process. But be warned, online gambling can be extremely addictive. So you have to know when to stop. Remember you’re doing it just for the sake of experience.

37. Set up a scavenger hunt

Even though this game is typically played outdoors, there is no reason why you can’t tweak it to fit an indoor setting. This can keep you both occupied for a long time. Running around the house to look for the clues is indeed a fun way to warm up on a cold rainy day with your boyfriend. The prize for the winner could be something cute like love coupons, a romantic letter, or a bunch of flowers.

38. Go for a drive

Don’t think much about date ideas when it’s raining, and simply go on a long drive. Some romantic songs playing on the radio, just you and your partner, and a winding road ahead. Ah, bliss! A drive in the rain is one of the most romantic rainy day date ideas that will help you create amazing memories.

39. Have a pillow fight

Want some rainy day date ideas that’ll keep the mood light and breezy? A pillow fight fits the bill perfectly. It’ll take you back to those childhood days. It may sound silly at first, but why not try out some craziness when you are running out of things to do on a rainy day with your boyfriend? Soon, you’ll both be in hysterics.

40. Build a fort

Speaking of fun childhood activities that can be recreated as indoor date ideas for couples, how can you miss out on building forts? Gather up cartons, pillows, chairs, cushions. Clear up an area in the house, and get down to building a fortress together. Your date ideas for rainy days don’t always have to be about doing grown-up things.

41. Set up a warm bubble bath

Get a bubble bath going. Use some salts and candles for an enhanced experience. Pour yourself some wine, soak up the warmth, and explore each other. Walk out of the bath in your silk robe and see the effect.

42. A romantic day in bed

indoor date ideas for couples
Spending time together in bed

This is by far the sexiest of romantic rainy day ideas. Spend a day in bed exploring each other’s bodies and trying new and sexy ways to turn each other on. Enjoy orgasms galore!

43. Hit a bar

Hail yourself a taxi and hit your favorite bar. What better excuse than a rainy day to start binging on drinks and snacks at whatever hour of the day you like. Whether you want to reconnect with your spouse or just need first date ideas when it’s raining, this can do wonders.

44. Cocktails and puzzles

What to do with your boyfriend on a rainy day? Well, we know you won’t say no to this one. Make yourself a pitcher of margaritas and get down to solving a puzzle. The drunker you get, the more hilarious your puzzle-solving attempts will be.

45. Explore new cafés

If your city is known for its quaint cafes, this is the perfect opportunity to explore them. Have breakfast at one, lunch at another, and dinner at third, stopping for snacks and coffee at others in between.

46. Try your hand at pottery making

Look up pottery classes or workshops in your areas, and try your hand at this new skill with your partner. This is one of those rainy day date ideas that can be fun and therapeutic at the same time.

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47. Dance

Doesn’t dancing your worries away always put you in the best mood? Let’s twist this into an amazing date idea when it’s raining. Put on your finest set of clothes, dim the lights, play some romantic music, and groove in perfect sync with each other. Hands down, one of the best romantic rainy day ideas.

48. Watch the sunset

Rainy day sunsets are the most breathtaking and make for the perfect way to spend a romantic evening with your significant other. Pick the best spot in your city and soak up the sight and some love. If you’re looking for rainy day date ideas in Los Angeles, you can head out to the Santa Monica Pier to watch the sun go down while soaking up the rain. What a perfect gift for beach lovers!

49. Play darts

What can couples do on a rainy day? Playing darts can be a fun and exciting way to make time fly by and also connect with each other. Unleash your inner competitor and put on some music as you try to beat each other at a game of darts.

50. Take a trip down memory lane

What to do with your boyfriend on a rainy day? Share your closest and oldest moments with him. Create a slideshow of all your photographs, right from when you just started dating to the latest ones. This trip down memory lane will surely make you marvel at how far you’ve come.

So, next time a downpour catches you off guard, turn to these rainy day date ideas for inspiration and connect with your partner in fun, quirky, romantic, and sexy ways.

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