6 Ways To Get Romantic With Your Partner This Monsoon

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Updated On: August 2, 2023

Romance in rainy season. These words do something to you. What comes to your mind instantly? The song Pyar Hua Ikrar Hua or Tip Tip Barish, the eternal romance connected with the rain. Monsoon romance always has a special place in a couple’s heart. Getting wet in the rain, or sharing the same umbrella or having a hot cuppa afterwards are things every couple has done while dating or while in a long-term relationship. Couple romance  in the rain is the best thing two people can do to savour emotional intimacy. The rain can do strange things to your feelings. You could be feeling emotions that you don’t feel when it’s dry and sunny.

6 Ways To Get Romantic With Your Partner This Monsoon

For reasons unknown, monsoons and love have been always linked. So what exactly can couples do this monsoon to make their relationship more romantic? Yes, you can do much more than sharing the same umbrella for monsoon romance. In fact, there are a host of other things you can do. Here are a few tips.

1. Chai and pakoda

If you are blessed enough to be staying in a high-rise and have a balcony or a deck, make the most of it. With some piping-hot tea and spicy pakodas, enjoy each other’s company while watching the downpour.

Ria and Purav live on the 13th floor and make the most of the Mumbai rains every year sitting on their balcony. “This is a must-do romantic ritual for us. We make different pakodas on different days. Sometimes with potatoes, sometimes chiilies, aubergines or onion pakodas.  It’s a pleasure to watch the rain and we put on some background music,” said Ria.

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2. Get wet together

Getting wet in the rain with your partner, especially in your backyard or your private terrace can be a very sensual thing. The greenery and the super-sexy wet body of your partner makes it a perfect setting for a gentle kiss. You could also use this opportunity to play games in your private garden while it pours.

Rohini had the most romantic experience in the rain with her first love. “It was a memory that would always stay with me. The sky had gone black and we rushed to the terrace to witness the Norwester. Then when the rain came we became wet to the bones and went down and had a warm shower together afterwards. It was such an amazing experience.”

3. On the sofa under a blanket watching a film

While it pours outside, switch the TV on, put on your favorite film or TV series, keep the light dim and sit together on the sofa with one blanket covering the two of you. Caress each other, play with each other’s hair and enjoy a quiet, yet romantic evening at home. Romance with hair can be really exotic. This is super-sexy when there is a thunderstorm. In India, in some cities, where the power goes off during such weather conditions, you can make it even more romantic by lighting a candle and just lazing on the sofa, close to one another with music playing on your phone.

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4. Long drive with romantic music

Romance in rainy season is incomplete without a long drive. Go for a long drive together on a rainy evening, especially away from the hustle bustle of the city, to a place which is full of trees and picturesque landscapes. Couples in Mumbai and Pune can go to Lonavala and stop at any picturesque site to take pictures together. Carry an umbrella and CDs with romantic music. Being sheltered together from the rain will bring you two closer than ever before.

Couple enjoying long drive
Couple in a long drive

Arushi who worked in an NGO said once she was going to a village for some work and her husband insisted on going with her because it was raining heavily and he feared that she might get stuck somewhere. “It turned out to be the most romantic drive of our life amidst the greenery and rain. We stopped at a dhaba to have chai and pakoda and when we reached the village we were served piping hot khitchdi. Romance in the rain can’t get better than this.”

5. Dancing in the rain

I love to dance. So every time, it rains, I go to the terrace of our apartment and I dance with my partner in the rain. We splash water at each other and in the most romantic way, we even wrestle at times. Dance, music and rains have an unbreakable connection when it comes to matters of love.

When it comes to dancing in the rain who can forget Amitabh Bachchan and Smita Patil in Aaj Rapat Jaaye or Akshay Kumar and Raveena Tandon in Tip Tip Barsa Paani. They set the gold standard of dancing in the rain.

6. Go out on a candlelight date

Going out for a candlelight dinner date on a rainy evening, has its own charm. Pick a restaurant that will give you the view of the rain pouring outside. Like I said earlier, being safe and dry from the rain under one roof together brings couples closer and makes their bond even stronger. Cook a meal for your lover at home, if you do not wish to step out. Set the table on your balcony or deck with a candle and have soft, romantic music playing in the background. Make sure the lights are dimmed.

Go out on a candlelight date
Set the table on your balcony or deck with a candle and have soft, romantic music playing in the background

Monsoons bring tremendous joy to couples who have newly fallen in love. While for the ones who have spent a good amount of time with their partners, the romance may not come as organically, but worry not, monsoons can help you light up the fire, yet again. Monsoon romance is for everyone. Irrespective of age and irrespective of the duration of the relationship – it could be a newfound one or a long one – monsoon does turn you into a hopeless romantic. Savour it.

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