13 Signs You Are Deeply In Love With Someone

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being deeply in love with someone
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The movies would have us believe that being in love entails randomly bursting into song. As theatrically lovely as it sounds, real life is just more…real? Boring? No, the word I’m looking for is intricate. Being deeply in love with someone is all about the details.

And that’s exactly what we’re talking about today with these 13 signs you are deeply in love with someone. While we can instantly tell when we’re cold, hungry, or bloated – loving isn’t so easy to pinpoint. I know you’re full of questions like, am I deeply in love? Or what are the signs of deep love from a woman?

You can cast your troubles away because here is a comprehensive guide of what love looks like.  It is going to be your best friend (after me, of course) in solving the many conundrums you’re facing.

13 Signs You Are Deeply In Love With Someone

The signs of being deeply in love with someone exist on a spectrum. On one end lies maturity, on the other silliness. While love elevates you emotionally and spiritually, it also has you blushing like a teenager. Both of these make the experience of love wholesome and oh so worthwhile.

You’ll find yourself enjoying this read as you resonate with the signs given below. Don’t be surprised if you exclaim, “That’s what I do!” These weirdly biographical signs are sure to win your heart and soul as they explore the signs of deep love from a woman. (Hmmm…can this be rephrased?) Let’s proceed to the VIP of this piece and answer your question – am I deeply in love?

1. Silver lining? Nah – Silver clouds!

A significant increase in optimism is a guaranteed sign of being deeply in love with someone. Your positive outlook toward life results in two very important things. Firstly, you focus more on your partner’s strengths rather than their drawbacks. This does not mean to say that you are unaware of their flaws, just that you’ve accepted them for who they are.

You are more likely to give them the benefit of doubt in most situations, because you believe in their intrinsic goodness. For instance, a friend of yours comes along and tells you that the person you’re dating is mean and inconsiderate. Your knee-jerk reaction would be disbelief or defense. What? Them? No way, you must be mistaken…

Secondly, your positive outlook will extend to your surroundings too. You will be more cheerful and less likely to lose your temper on trivial matters. Moreover, you will feel more competent to deal with difficult situations in life. We construe situations as less challenging, because being deeply in love with someone gives you strength.

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2. They’re your airbag

I’ll explain the metaphor, don’t you worry. Your partner is your airbag because he cushions the blows that life sometimes has a way of doling out. A lot like a stress buffer. A bad day at work, disagreement with a friend, or the loss of a loved one, are just some of the times he’s been there for you. And while no one can take our pain away, having someone in our corner can make us feel less alone.

If your boyfriend has been there through the thick and thin of your life, you’ll have a strong affinity with him. As your first line of defense, he’s the one you seek when you are in trouble. This is one of the most unnoticed signs of deep love from a woman. We all need someone to fall back on, right?

3. It’s almost like they’re everywhere

No, not in a superhero (or paranormal) way. They’re everywhere because you tend to associate your partner with everything. Say you walk into a store and a green shirt catches your eye. You instantly think, this would look good on him. Maybe you go on a coffee date with your best friend and find yourself thinking, this place is great, I should totally bring him here.

Your partner becomes your first thought reflexively. Even when you’re tackling situations, you might ask yourself, what would he do? Consequently, they’re always running through your mind due to one reason or another. When you aren’t actually talking to them, they are still omnipresent in the spheres of your life.

Being deeply in love with someone means that they leave footprints on the sands of your mental space. You can’t help but dwell on them a lot.

4. Shifts in perspective – Signs of deep love from a woman

How do you know if you’re deeply in love with someone, you ask? A key element of the answer is your belief in the uniqueness of your cosmic connection. You’ve probably considered the fact that your current relationship is different from the previous ones. It’s something that has never happened before and you’ve gotten lucky.

You think that your relationship is exceptional – a once in a lifetime thing. This is one of the most foundational signs of deep love from a woman. By extension of your belief, you no longer think about your exes or the ‘what ifs’ of your past dating life. You are content with the present and would be indifferent even if your ex were to suddenly run into you.

Similarly, meeting attractive individuals does not interest you. Cool and composed, you acknowledge their charm without letting it pique your interest. This is because you cannot conceive of a relationship with anyone other than your current partner.

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5. Your beloved comes first

If you put your partner first in a majority of situations, then you don’t even have to ask, “Am I deeply in love?” Prioritizing your boyfriend and his needs is a hallmark of being deeply in love with someone. You take his emotions and feelings into account, and are comfortable with making adjustments in your life if they don’t align with your relationship.

What’s more interesting is your willingness to try new things for and with him. Say he loves golf and you’ve always been under the impression that it’s a boring sport. But you recognize how important it is to him and accompany him to the golf course. You try out new cuisines, indulge in outlandish hobbies and get adventurous, and even change your routine for them. Yup, you’re even willing to step out of your comfort zone and try new things with them.

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6. Into the future

Many of us are often asked, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? If your answer to this includes you partner in the picture, then you know what it’s like being deeply in love with someone. While wanting to get married may seem daunting, you do have a long-term vision for your relationship. Maybe you’ve set a few goals with your partner.

You’re working toward building a future they’re definitely a part of. You can’t imagine not having them around – I mean, how crazy would that be? When you talk about what the future holds, you find yourself saying things like – and then we can go ahead and buy that house, or we can take that vacation after the summer.

Your use of the word ‘we’ is heart-warming, and I may even go so far as to say that you’re ready for a proper commitment. May all your ‘we’ scenarios come true!

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7. “You’re the one that I want to kiss”

Oh baby you’re the one that I really miss. You’re the one that I’m dreaming of, oh baby, you’re the one that I love. Are these lyrics of a classic? Yes…it’s a phenomenal song that captures the essence of what I’m about to say. Physical and emotional intimacy are super essential in a relationship and if you’ve got these sorted then you are exhibiting the signs of deep love from a woman.

Your sexual compatibility is good, and you just can’t get enough of them. Even the post-sex cuddles are something to live for, and you’re both physically affectionate with each other. Because your hanky-panky is going wonderfully, you’re experiencing greater emotional fulfilment too. And remember that feelings of jealousy, wistfulness, desire and protectiveness are all good as long as they’re healthy.

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8. Consistency makes the cake

It really does. A smooth and lump-less batter is the ultimate goal. Yes, every relationship has its roadblocks and high-lows. All couples fight and have disagreements. But these do not signify major upheavals in the bond they share. Wild breakups, dramatic fights, abusive behaviors and on-again-off-again phases are frankly ridiculous.

Being deeply in love with someone means achieving a fairly consistent timeline in a relationship. The words you need are peace, contentment, routine and regular. This does not exactly mean a vanilla relationship, but a non-dramatic one. Each conflict need not be a life and death situation.

If your feelings and emotions toward your partner are consistent over a prolonged period of time, and if they are stable emotions (not frenzied or passionate), then you have the answer to am I deeply in love?

9. Let the grown-ups talk

Because they’re in love with each other. Maturity is a gem of a quality which a lot of couples seem to misplace when they start dating. The ideal way of resolving conflicts is having an honest discussion with your partner. If you sort things out after a fight without flinging accusations and raising your voice, you’re a good partner. But if you are comfortable with confrontation and accountability with your SO, you’re in love.

It’s neither easy nor possible being transparent with a lot of people. Congratulations to you for having found someone who you can be honest with. Being deeply in love with someone means respecting them with the truth and calling them out on their mistakes. Similarly, it also means taking complete accountability when required.

So many people ask, how do you know if you’re deeply in love with someone? The answer is: You don’t operate on your ego when you are in love. Pride never gets in the way and the “I’m sorry” is genuine. Loving someone deeply hurts sometimes, but you can overcome this problem with a mature dialogue.

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10. No-lying zone – Being deeply in love with someone gives you strength

One of the most common signs of deep love from a woman is her willingness to be her most real self around her partner. There is no pretending or lying about who she is. The relationship won’t be fake at all. If you’re in love, then you will feel empowered enough to be open about who you are. This also includes the gross things like talking about nausea, puking or even farting in front of them.

You’ll be assured that there’s no judgement coming in from his end, and this will make you beautifully truthful. My friend Marissa realized she was in love with her partner when she spent fifteen minutes explaining that her grumpiness was actually because of her constipation.

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11. You’re feeling it in your bones

This is the real deal, right ladies? Our minds are much sharper than we might think and our intuition rarely misses the mark. A combination of both these forces is making you feel that something is different in a wonderful way. You may have even said things like, “it’s a gut feeling” or “I’m getting positive vibes.”

Your conviction in the relationship is just fantastic to observe. All the signs are in your favor and the universe seems to be telling you that you’ve hit the jackpot with this relationship. Listen to your gut, it is trying to tell you that being deeply in love with someone is beautiful.

12. “Feelin’ good, like I should”

Another song? Yes, absolutely. The best thing about deep love is that it makes you a better person. You evolve into a compassionate human being and become more confident too. You have a spring in your step and a smile on your face. You work better, eat better, feel a positive change in your mental health, and are happier in general.

While the Hollywood image of dancing with strangers when in love is a little silly, you are certainly warmer and friendlier. If you can sense the changes in yourself for the better…if your family and friends tell you that you look happier…then you, my dear, are in love!

13. Touching base

The most vital answers to your question of am I deeply in love? is this: your partner is your home, the one you go back to. Over a period of time, couples get habituated to each other. They have their fair share of arguments, but still find a way to overcome them and be with each other. Loving someone deeply hurts, but they persist.

External circumstances or personal hardships don’t come in the way of a loving relationship. If you think of your partner as the point of return, then you can be certain you’re in love.

Here we come to the end of our guide. Did you find what you were looking for? What’s the verdict? Whatever it is, I hope it brings you a lot of peace and joy. Until we meet again, adieu!

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