Sex and Passion

My husband was a sex addict and kept me locked up in the bedroom

Her husband was a sex addict and imprisoned her in the house. No one would take her seriously, even when she was forced to have an abortion
abused woman sitting on the floor

(As told to Mehul Vora)

He seemed to love me so much that he locked the bedroom door

I am Niti, a small-town girl, cheerful and always spreading happiness. Aditya is an electronic engineer by profession. My marriage was an arranged marriage. After the wedding came the first night. Aditya came in and we spent time together and made love.

It felt really special. I was having a great time until one day, when I saw a sudden change in Aditya. He was behaving weirdly. One Friday, Aditya came home and I was in the kitchen. He grabbed me and took me inside the room and locked the door. We made love and when it was all over it was Monday morning. The door opened and Aditya stepped out of the house only to get food, from some restaurant. He would lock the bedroom, so I had no chance of going out. The maid was sent for long leave. I did not see any other human being. For almost three days I did not see the outside world, all we did was make love. When I tried to resist or protest, Aditya would not listen but forced himself on me.

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  1. I am still perplexed with some seriously weary concepts of the society including “Ghar ki izzat” and “Ghar se beti ki doli jaati hh aur sasural se arthi” What? The parents should be more like “This is your ghar and will always be”. Some logic please.

    1. The logic is what is missing, there is no explanation of many things that are been followed, its just that humare bade asie khete the, ye parampara hai, ye rivaz hai, all the jargon with no backbone. thats the sad part.

  2. Sex is one inevitable and crucial aspect of marriage. But abusive sex done by a husband is nothing but marital rape. I am appalled at her circumstances. Especially, at the response of the police inspector. In conjugal life both the partner’s consent is highly essential. Just because she is her wife, does not mean he has the right to treat her as an animal. Noone, not even a husband has the right to hurt the dignity of a woman by ill treating her body and mind. I hope you keep fighting and win the battle.

  3. I can understand some people have a high libido. But here it looks like an abusive maniac. You did the right thing by moving away.

    I don’t understand why you don’t have enough evidence for divorce. Feeding you with abortion pills without your knowledge is sufficient for cruelty. Also the illogical sexual demands, locking in room. These are sufficient to prove cruelty

  4. I don’t know why our society is like this. Even if a girl is dying in pain, their main concern is “ghar ki izzat”. I just don’t get it. If the family do now show any support, where will one go?

    And guys, please please stop treating women as objects for god sake!

    And the girl was definitely very strong in the above ae as she was in trauma after she lost her child but then she didn’t give up. She finally got it what she wanted. Hats off to you!

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