How Moon Sign Compatibility Determines Your Love Life

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Updated On: July 26, 2022
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Have there been occasions when you have read your predictions in the Sunday astrology papers only to realize your week is nothing like what they said? Or if a friend tries to crack your personality based on your zodiac and you feel you don’t recognize yourself? Well, there is nothing wrong with the newspaper or your friend. What they are not aware of is the role the moon plays in your personality or simply put, your moon sign compatibility.

In the world of astrology, your sun sign is what determines your zodiac personality – your core, your traits, behavior and likes/dislikes. But the real you – your emotions, feelings, moods and romantic inclinations are based on your moon sign which has the second most important influence on your horoscope after the Sun. There, sun and moon sign compatibility, in their entirety, should be examined if you’re relying on them to navigate your relationships.

Many experts believe that while the sun sign shows what you want, your moon sign reveals what you need. That’s why compatibility based on moon sign is a key parameter that must not be ignored when you’re doing your due diligence in figuring out whether you would hit off with a potential love interest.

Have you been secretly wondering about Pisces moon and Scorpio moon compatibility? Or Gemini moon compatibility with other signs? Read this lowdown on most compatible moon signs to get the answers.

What Is Moon Sign Compatibility?

Knowing your sun sign is easy as it depends on your date of birth. However, your moon sign is determined by calculating your date, place and time of birth and finding your position around the moon. In most cases, the moon and sun signs can be different. And, couples with the same moon sign could have different sun signs. So say, if you are Scorpio by the sun, your lunar horoscope may reveal you are a Gemini. If you’re wondering how to calculate your moon sign, we got you covered.

And once you know your moon sign, you can find out who your fellow soulmates are in the lunar calendar. Moon sign compatibility, as the phrase suggests, is all about compatibility calculated based on two individual’s moon signs. In the realm of love, sun and moon sign compatibility are both important. But it is perhaps wiser to check your moon sign compatibility than matching your sun signs since the former deals with inner emotions and feelings.

Infographic on moon sign compatibility
Check your moon sign compatibility

After all, when it comes to matters of the heart, you are more drawn to people who share your dreams and understand your feelings than those who are just born under the same umbrella of birth dates. So, go ahead and check out your moon sign compatibility for marriage.

How To Know Your Moon Sign Compatibility?

If you have to compare compatibility between two people, you need to look out for a few aspects. Before that, it is worthwhile to remember what your signs stand for and which element our moon sign falls into.

All stars fall under the four elements: FIRE (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius); EARTH (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn); AIR (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius); WATER (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces).

If your moons happen to fall in the same element, you will have greater emotional intimacy. For example, if your moon is in Scorpio and your partner is in Cancer, you’re both water moons so there will be a lot of similarity and comfort. If your moons are in the same zodiac sign, it means you are bound to understand each other’s sensitivities, experiences and things that bring you comfort and security.

For instance, if your moon lies in Virgo, then both of you are likely to be overthinkers, worriers and super organizers. In other words, couples with the same moon sign may be able to read each other better. That is why moon sign compatibility for marriage is given so much importance in many cultures, especially in the Indian subcontinent.

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Which Are The Most Compatible Moon Signs (For All)?

People born under different signs find their matches through various means. It’s interesting to note how moon sign compatibility can probably give you different results while looking for a romantic partner than matching sun signs. (Pssst, the moon can perhaps be more accurate in its assessment of a romantic dreamboat for you than the sun!).

So, what moon signs are compatible? To answer the question for you, let’s take a look at compatibility based on moon sign:

1. Aries moon sign compatibility

Aries Moon sign compatibility
Aries people vibe with fire signs like Leo or Sagittarius

Aries is the Ram. People born under this sign are hot-blooded, passionate and obstinate. And it’s easy to see why, after all, Aries is the sign of the warrior, ever ready for a fight. These are your hidden qualities even if your sun sign might be more mild and soft.

People who have their moon in Aries will be attracted to their kindred soul who, like them, has confidence and masculinity and love to be independent. They like fellow warriors and even if they may not get along initially they will soon have a passionate hot relationship with their like-minded soulmate.

Aries would get along better with fellow fire moon signs such as Leo, but not quite as well with air signs. Aries and Aquarius moon sign compatibility would be low, given that airy Aquarians would fan the Aries fire all over the place. Aries compatibility based on moon sign is driven by the core traits associated with this zodiac.

Most compatible moon signs: Fire signs like Leo, Aries or Sagittarius

2. Taurus moon sign compatibility

What moon signs are compatible with Taurus? To answer this, we need to look at what this sign is driven by the most. Taurus likes stability, calm and peace. He or she is indulgent, loves luxury and prefers to stay at home instead of spending a night about town. If your moon is in Taurus, those are the qualities you are likely to look out for in a man or woman you date.

As a person, you love peace, you hate conflict and drama and can’t stand people who love too much action, enthusiasm and excitement. The outside world may consider them ‘boring’ but you would prefer the comfort of routine and that’s what attracts you to the same spirit, i.e. earthy folks such as yourself. On the other hand, you may not see much in the way of Scorpio moon and Taurus moon compatibility, though earth and water sun signs are fairly compatible.

Most compatible moon signs: Solid earth signs like Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

3. Gemini moon sign compatibility

The twin personality is what makes Gemini so special. You blow hot and cold, you love trouble and engaging with people and you also like to be quiet and down-to-earth. People with Gemini in their moon sign are those who love and appreciate the finer things in life like culture, wine, food and art.

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The Gemini moon compatibility also revolves around these likes and dislikes that often become the defining traits of people born under this sign. No wonder you will be attracted to people who have the same passions as you do. You may not be too emotional and this may lead to a few heartbreaks but you love the idea of being in love. Your sun sign may show down-to-earth features like that in Taurus or Cancer but in your heart, you are the wild child.

Most compatible moon signs Air Signs like Gemini, Libra or Aquarius

4. Cancer moon sign compatibility

Cancer Moon sign compatibility
According to the moon sign, Cancerians are compatible with other water signs

Cancerians are known to be extremely sentimental and very, very affectionate. Their symbol is the crab and that’s how they are – hard on the outside and really soft on the inside. Among women, Cancerians can be quite feminine, gentle and have a tendency to mother the people they meet.

What they are looking for is people who are soft and protective, someone who they can trust. They will be heartbroken and unsure how to survive betrayal, if someone betrays them. They are likely to go for men who are manly yet have a deep connection to their families and values. So, what moon signs are compatible, you ask? Water signs who radiate the same sense of empathy and compassion as Cancer.

Most compatible moon signs: Water signs like Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

5. Leo moon sign compatibility

It doesn’t matter what sun sign you belong to, but if your moon shines bright in Leo, know that you are one of a kind. Generous, affectionate, creative and warm, you are a great catch in the love market! You have a certain magnetism which makes you attractive.

A Leo in love is quite something, but it won’t be easy to win your heart for you will be attracted to only those people who genuinely shine brightly from within. A Leo’s compatibility based on moon sign is governed by the charisma and appeal of the potential love interests. They love for their partners to be charismatic and popular. They also have a very high opinion of themselves and love to be treated correctly.

Most compatible moon signs: Fire signs like Leo, Sagittarius and Aries

6. Virgo moon sign compatibility

Virgo people are calm, solid, trustworthy and ambitious, and the most compatible moon signs are the one who cherish and value these attributes as much as they do. They are the best type to have around during a crisis situation. Virgos love to help others and be the center of attraction and hence, their heart beats for those who are just like them – calm and trustworthy.

Virgos know how to take charge of a situation. They are fabulous caretakers. So even if they claim they love people who show opposite traits, in reality, as moon sign compatibility reveals, they prefer their partners to be rational and well organized. If you’ve got moon sign compatibility for marriage with a Virgo, you’re pretty lucky.

Most compatible moon signs: Earth signs like Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus

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7. Libra moon sign compatibility

Diplomatic, charming and balanced, those born with a moon in Libra make for great peacemakers and negotiators. They have a very high need for relationships, in fact, they feel incomplete when they are not in love. In a rush of emotions, they’re likely to overlook the finer details such as compatibility based on moon sign.

However, given that they’re quintessential perfectionists, this seldom works out well in the long run. A Libra thrives in a relationship where their partners also seek a semblance of order as much as they do. Since they seek to build balance all the time, they search for people who are peaceful, calm, loving and rational. Librans are easygoing and they prefer a partner who does not indulge in drama or act unpredictably.

Most compatible moon signs: Air signs like Libra Aquarius Gemini

8. Scorpio moon sign compatibility

Deciphering the Scorpio moon sign compatibility in romantic relationships is intriguing on so many levels. Scorpio – whether in sun or moon – is all about intensity, seduction, power and transformation. They are known to be deep, dark and mysterious. It isn’t easy to win Scorpios over as they love to go beyond the superficial. A Scorpio moon sign compatibility in romantic relationships would mean you’re giving it all or nothing.

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Those with the moon in Scorpio love power and are looking to connect with someone who they can share an intense and alluring relationship with. Whoever they date, they will look for sincerity, trustworthiness and stability. So no airy-fairies for them!

While water moon signs would be the most compatible here, the stability and quiet solidness of an earth sign would work too. Capricorn moon and Scorpio moon compatibility is one to look out for. The other popular combination on the compatibility charts is that of Scorpio moon and Pisces moon.

Most compatible moon signs: Fellow water signs like Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

9. Sagittarius moon sign compatibility

They may be placed close to each other on the zodiac but Sagittarius is the opposite of Scorpio. They are fun-loving, have a great sense of humor and like to keep things light. However, they are also like a philosopher with interest in learning new things as a teacher and student.

Sagittarius believe in being non-judgmental and independent with a streak of spontaneity. Needless to say, they will look for similar people. They will especially run away from those who try to be too clingy in a relationship. They like their freedom and prefer giving their partner a lot of space.

What moon signs are compatible with the Sagittarius? The ones that radiant the same kind of fiery passion that is inherent to their personalities. In short, their compatibility based on moon signs is best with other fire signs.

Most compatible moon signs: Fire signs like Sagittarius, Aries and Leo

10. Capricorn moon sign compatibility

Capricorn Moon sign compatibility
Capricorn gels with Taurus or Virgo

Strangely, having a moon in Capricorn doesn’t bode too well as the qualities of the moon are rarely reflected in Capricorn. If your moon sign is in Capricorn, you will find it difficult to have a healthy expression of relationships. You might find it difficult to be warm, expressive or trusting of the other.

Since moon sign compatibility is all about being attracted to those who resemble our moons, you will be attracted to those who are rather deep. You want earthy stability, respectability and a certain seriousness that give off the ‘power couple’ vibe. However, a water sign could do quite well, too. The Capricorn moon and Scorpio moon compatibility factors wouldn’t be too bad if both worked at it.

Most compatible moon signs: Earth signs like Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo

11. Aquarius moon sign compatibility

Aquarius is the ultimate rebel, they are bursting forth with new ideas, brimming with confidence and believe they can change the world. Some may even consider an Aquarius man in love as a bit of a maverick who does not believe in toeing the line. If you’re exploring the moon sign compatibility for marriage, finding a match for Aquarius that just seems to fit can seem challenging at the outset.

But look deeper into their personality traits, and you’ll find the secret to decode their most compatible moon signs. An individual with their moon in Aquarius may look for similar qualities in their partner which can be quite hard to get. You need a person who stands out from the crowd, has a very unique personality and is a good conversationalist and can be your friend. A tad bit difficult to find!

Air signs like Libra would get on well with Aquarians, though they tend to be wary of fire signs. Aries and Aquarius moon sign compatibility, for instance, could cause some turmoil.

Most compatible moon signs: Air signs like Aquarius, Gemini and Libra

12. Pisces moon sign compatibility

Pisceans are the quintessential dreamers. They are creative, imaginative and soft-spoken souls who definitely like to take their own sweet time to reach where they have to. They like to find solace in their fantasy world every now and then.

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Since moon sign compatibility is all about seeking comfort in the familiar, a person with Pisces in their moon sign will be attracted to someone who showcases similar patterns of behavior. In other words, they are attracted to kind souls who are emotional and peace-loving without causing any stress.

The Pisces moon and Scorpio moon compatibility, for instance, would be a soul connection, given that Scorpio moon sign compatibility in romantic relationships is especially intense. Besides the Scorpio, a Pisces is also compatible with the other water signs.

Most compatible moon signs: Water babies like Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces

Sun and moon sign compatibility impact us in different ways. But since emotions make the world go round and moon signs are all about relating to the intangible, touching your inner core and being in touch with your innermost self, they are a rather accurate assessment of your personality and that of others. That’s why compatibility based on moon signs is an essential box to check if you’re looking for long-term stable partnership. Even more so, when it comes to moon sign compatibility for marriage. So connect with your inner moon and shine on as you seek true love!

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