Romantic Texting: The 11 Tips To Swear By (With Examples)

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Updated On: July 20, 2022
romantic texting

Has it become difficult to talk to your partner regularly due to your busy schedules? Romantic texting can be the answer to your problems. As we all know, texting has now taken over as one of the main means of communication… So why do you worry about doing the same in your relationship? To be in a relationship these days, you need to know how to get romantic over a text.

Romantic texting is a way of showing your loved one how much they mean to you. Simple texts appreciating them can spark romance. If you are a novice and wonder how to send a romantic text, here are some ideas you can follow!

How Do You Start A Romantic Conversation?

Texting may just be a means to send regular messages back and forth, but romantic texting is an art. Flirting and getting romantic over text can pose a challenge for a lot of people. Since there are many ways of going about how to send a romantic text, it could take a while to find something that both you and your partner like. Just makes trying out all the different types more fun!

You can either be the master of subtlety or go full-on with the cheese with cute good morning text messages. It is dependent on what you and your partner appreciate. For instance, some people prefer simple honesty, for some, banter works but some are more adventurous. Open up to your partner and let them in your mind. True romance sparks from the heart.

Before you get ahead of yourself, remember that romantic texting is much more than sexting. It helps you forge a deeper bond with your partner and helps you to tap into your common interests. True, hot romantic text messages can definitely spice up your sex life. But a romantic chat conversation should be much more than that. Don’t focus only on being sexual.

11 Tips (With Examples) If You Are New To Romantic Texting

As easy as texting seems, for some, romantic texting could be a difficult boat to sail. There will be things that your significant other may or may not like. Now if you’ve been together for a while, you may have a good idea about their likes and dislikes, or you could, you know, be adventurous and learn on the job. You’ll figure out soon enough which are the hits and which, the misses. Send romantic messages throughout the day to keep your partner happy or cheer up your girlfriend. This will make their bad days happy and, the cherry on top, they will always remember the effort you put in.

I know I’m going on and on and you’re still waiting for an answer to your question, “How to send a romantic text?” Well, fret not. Here are eleven tips and ideas that you could try with your partner. Don’t be afraid to try these out and of course it is a good idea to get creative as well!

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1. Good morning and good night messages

Imagine this, your partner wakes you up with a good morning text and ends the day with a good night one. That would definitely make you happy. If that isn’t happening already, why not start this habit? What better way to express romance while keeping it simple? However, don’t limit yourself just to ‘good morning’ or ‘good night’ when you chat!

Instead, leave them texts according to their mood. If they were in a bad mood before they slept last night, leave a message that tells them that you are there for them and always will be, and that you hope today will be better and brighter for them. Reciprocate with sweet words and show affection in this way. Here are some examples to help you with these texts! Feel free to pick’em up!

  1. A goodnight message for when they’ve had a bad day: ‘I hope that the night takes away all your worries and you wake up with a smile. Always remember, nothing is greater or bigger than you & your happiness. I hope that this message makes you forget your worries and brings a beautiful smile to your face.’
  2. A good morning message for when the previous day was bad and they went to sleep feeling awful:Hope this day is better than yesterday and gives way to an even better tomorrow!’
  3. A general goodnight text: ‘Good night babe, hope you have sweet dreams!’

You can take cues from these and send your partner texts that could help them have a better day! Edit it in your own language, add or write less. But believe you me, a romantic chat conversation can brighten up someone’s entire day!

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2. Emojis: An exciting way of romantic texting

If you are new to romantic texting and take time to phrase your thoughts, emojis will definitely save the day. Gen-Z and Millennials are inclined towards the power of the emoticons more than words. These are simple and easy to use. And let’s be honest, sometimes emoticons can really sum up feelings better than words.

If you are still getting the hang of emojis, here are some classic examples for you.

— Say I Love You using emojis:

An easy way to say I love you is to use the cute ‘?❤️?’ emojis. This is one of the popular emojis guys send these days. The ‘you’ is replaced with a ‘ewe’; a female sheep. You can also use the emojis ‘???’

— A little less serious:

If you feel that you aren’t on the love track yet, you can send them ‘? ??,’ to say ‘I’m attracted to you!’.

— ‘??’ : just to let them know you’re in a puddle of love

But come to think of it, why limit yourself only to emoticons? A romantic chat conversation can also be carried out using gifs and stickers to tell your partner what you are feeling. Finding the correct gifs is a pretty difficult task and automatically screams effort on your part. Here are some gifs to start you off!

Tony Stark Jake & Amy Sex Education Pepsi & Taco

how to get romantic over text
Go beyond words and use creative emojis

3. Indulge in romantic texting using your favorite movie references and songs

If you’re old school, you may still be wondering ‘how to get romantic over text’? You may not be entirely comfortable with the emoji / meme / gif way, or simply struggle to wrap your head around them. Well in that case, you could always use movie references and songs that you both love, or even better, have made fun of! They are always fun to recreate and can act as great conversation starters!

If you and your partner are big fans of sloppy romantic comedies, quoting dialogues and situations are a fun way to ignite the spark. Here are some quotes from famous romantic comedies.

‘The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return.’ Christian in Moulin Rouge

‘You’re the Crap Bag to my Princess Consuela Banana Hammock.’ A reference to the 90’s sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S

‘You’ve got to stop blushing. Your face is too cute when you blush.’ Harry in Home Again

Of course, there is more to romance than romantic comedies and tv series. An interesting thing all sci-fi heads know is that there is plenty of scope for romance even in the Marvel universe and their male heroes. You really don’t need to dig too deep, some of them are pretty easy to find. There are some very famous dialogues you can use in different scenarios to keep things interesting.

‘I love you 3000!’

This dialogue can definitely produce the desired effect. I mean, when Tony Stark says that to his daughter in the hologram, we were all a puddle of tears. I’m not crying, you are.

—’I’m With You ‘Til The End Of The Line.’ Bucky Barnes

—‘You’re in a relationship with me. Everything will never be okay!’ Tony Stark

Always remember, the key to romantic texting lies with being goofy and funny with your partner! Don’t be afraid to keep your nerd on! Be comfortable in what you like and of course, respect your partner’s choices. If they love cheesy go for it and if they don’t, find a way around it.

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4. Audio recordings in your beautiful voice

WhatsApp has a wonderful feature of audio recordings! Sometimes penning (or texting) your emotions can be a difficult task. You may want to express your feelings, but just don’t have the energy to type. Well then, voice notes save the day!

There is nothing more romantic for your partner, than you sending an audio recording to them in your beautiful voice. The plus side to this is that they can keep listening to it whenever they want. These are little memories that they can revisit anytime and I’m sure your partner will appreciate them. Don’t know what to say? Here are some ideas for the perfect romantic gesture!

  • Strum your guitar
  • Read out a poem
  • Sing a song for them
  • Tell them about your day
  • Simply rant about the color of the bedsheets you wanted but couldn’t get

5. Exchanging pictures and snaps with each other

Sharing pictures with each other is a good way of romantic texting. Click pictures of things that remind you of your partner. Send a picture of the pizza place where you had your first date! You could even capture the perfect horizon when you’re out on your daily walk. Nothing says, ‘I am thinking of you and miss you,’ more than random pictures at random points of the day.

Not really stepping outside the house? Send snaps of your face to each other. It’s one of the subtle signs of flirting too. You might have just woken up with messy hair, but a ‘woke up like this’ snap keeps it fun. In fact a lot of people say they prefer sending snaps to their partners when they aren’t in the mood to type! Life is as easy as you make it!

6. Romantic topics that you can discuss with your partner

With lockdowns being imposed left-right-and-center, every relationship is becoming a long-distance one. Except, of course, if you are lucky to be living with your partner. For the majority of the unfortunate ones who can only text or call, here are some romantic topics to talk about with your boyfriend.

1. Tell them you miss them

Missing someone is a really bummer… And of course your partner will be missing you as well. Let your partner know they aren’t alone! If you want to keep yourself light on the cheese, just say you miss their hoodie. Well, of course, that’s what you usually wear, right?

how to send a romantic text
Tell them how much you miss them
  • ‘I miss wearing your hoodie!’
  • ‘I am watching Titanic and wishing you were watching with me!’
  • ‘I wish you were beside me!’

2. Ask your partner for their advice

When you purchase something for your room or house, take their opinion. This is definitely the modern form of romance. It will make them feel included in your daily life. In fact, I would say, inclusion is sexy. ‘Do you think this table would go in my room,’ may be a mundane text but can actually be more romantic than any lovey-dovey proclamations. It is really a beautiful way to show someone you care for them.

3. Share song recommendations with them

They don’t necessarily have to be good. In fact, if you share that cringey song that you used to listen to as a child and are now embarrassed to tell anyone, your partner will feel more included in your life than ever! Let’s be honest. It would be rather fun to discuss a cringy song or the old rage ‘Pen-Apple-Pineapple’ song any day.

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7. Romantic poems that can create a wonderful spark in your romantic texting

Wondering how to get romantic over text, especially when you struggle to write? There is another way to express your love – poetry! You could go for the conventionally romantic moon-sun-stars trope or you could go for something snazzy, completely your choice!

Are you saying, “But I’m struggling to write here and you suggest I go for poetry?” It is true, that some of us aren’t natural poets. If you feel that you need help in that department, you can always rely on the maestros of poetry to get it right! Here is a wonderful poem you can send your partner when you’re feeling deeply in love!

Love Sonnet XVII by Pablo Neruda:

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where,
I love you directly without problems or pride:
I love you like this because I don’t know any other way to love,
except in this form in which I am not nor are you,
so close that your hand upon my chest is mine,
so close that your eyes close with my dreams”

Pablo Neruda too old for you? You can also look up some millennial poets whom you can identify with. Here is one such poet!

Rupi Kaur:

‘you must have a honeycomb for a heart, how else could a man be this sweet’
‘if you got any more beautiful, the sun would leave its place and come for you’

But don’t let the poets get in the way of your effort. They can be daunting, may not say what you really feel or well, aren’t you! Try your own hand at poetry. You don’t need to be a poet to write poetry for your partner.

Just channel whatever you feel for them and pen it down. It is more important that you share your emotions! Remember, even Rosesh Sarabhai (a 2000’s wacky poet character) managed to get a girlfriend due to his weird poetry! You could definitely pick up a point or two about confidence from him, if not poetry! She’ll never go to her girlfriends and ask, ‘Does he love me?‘ if you reassure her in this way.

8. An easy way for romantic texting is keeping it simple

Some of us love to keep things simple. This goes for romantic texting as well. For the ones living with their partners, who go out for work, here are some simple romantic texts you can send. Of course, send them out when you have actually done the job!

  • I hope you’re hungry, cause I’ve ordered takeout
  • I’ve stocked up the groceries – baby won’t go hungry anymore
  • I cleaned the dishes – next your turn!

In fact, even a simple ‘hope your day goes well’ text goes a really long way. It will warm up your partner’s heart! Simplicity is the key to a wonderful relationship and it applies to everything.

9. Send romantic texts to your partner when they are PMSing

Periods can be the worst time for your partner. Be nice to them, take care of their needs instead of just yelling myths about menstruation to them and making them feel enraged. They’re already fragile. They don’t need incomplete research from you.

Be creative with the love and care you shower them with. Ashton Kutcher’s character earned brownie points in the movie No Strings Attached with a couple of doughnuts and a period mix. You can always brighten up your partner’s day with some romantic texts.

1. A romantic gesture

Send them a ‘I made you a period mix’ text and attach a personalized Apple / Spotify playlist. The magic words for some of us are ‘There’s Nutella in the kitchen!’

2. A simple gesture

It is not important to always do something grand. Believe me, sometimes even a simple ‘I hear you baby’ when in pain, works like magic

3. Offer a pharmacy run

Ask your partner if they have enough supplies to get through the day. “Do you have enough sanitary napkins? If not, I can go get them for you!”

These wonderful, simple texts will go a long way. Effort in a relationship is always appreciated. They will remember that you took care of them. Take it from me, sweet words during periods are the way to your partner’s heart!

10. Text your partner about meeting scenarios

For those who are in a long distance relationship, discussing potential meeting scenarios can be key to romantic texting. Set up a potential date with your partner. Become creative and don’t limit yourself.
It doesn’t matter what place you are discussing. Keep things hella romantic and your partner will enjoy imagining these scenarios with you! And if luck is in your favor, maybe you get to go on one of these dates real soon!
Rainy Days:

A coffee date with you sounds good right now,’ is a great rainy day text. Rains always spark romance. If you’re stuck in different places, let your partner know you’re thinking about them

1. Be specific with your wants

Send them a ’I really want to eat greasy Chinese with you,’ (or your whatever is your jam) text! Of course, talking about food would make your mouth water, but you’d feel closer to your partner.

2. Your previous dates

If you aren’t in a creative mood, talk about the times you met. To make things interesting, you can discuss the things you would have done differently. ‘I would have brought a puzzle to our first date if only I’d known you were such a dork!’

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11. I thought about you because this happened

Believe you me, I saved the best for last. This, to be honest, is THE golden one. Even if all you’re sending is a meme or a reel, add a small note to it, something along the lines of, “I thought about you when I saw this post.” Nothing makes the heart flutter more, take it from me!

We just had your favorite dish for dinner, I wish you were here too.
I just played the song we laughed to that whole night…do you remember it?
I saw the color purple and thought about you. By the way, do you still have that ridiculous hat?

You don’t need to be too flowery. All you need to do is let your partner know when you think about them. This will spark the romance in your relationship. You will both feel connected to each other and will also love indulging in this habit of having a romantic chat conversation, every day. This kind of romance and honestly expressing your feelings is also a great way of improving communication in a relationship.

A bonus tip to keep things romantic – change the sound of your partner’s notifications. Every time they call or text, it will bring a smile to your face!

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