30 ½ Facts About Love That You Can Never Ever Ignore

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If there is something that has always intrigued the human mind, it’s love. From first love to teenage love to married love to extramarital love, it is experienced and interpreted in different ways in different stages of life. But there are some funny, random, crazy, weird facts about love that you cannot ignore.

Author Roald Dahl wrote: “It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, so long as somebody loves you.” These words couldn’t ring truer because, without love, our existence can seem empty and meaningless. Everyone craves love — be it parental, sibling love, or romantic love.

Love is that feeling that makes you feel warm, fuzzy, wanted, and validated. It can also make you angry and tormented. It has the capacity to engulf you completely. That’s not all. There is a whole spectrum of funny, sad, weird, but true facts about love that you may not have given much thought to before. Let’s change that by exploring some interesting facts about love.

30½ Facts About Love That You Can Never Ever Ignore

Describing exactly what you feel when you’re in love is probably the hardest thing you can do. When you experience that wave of overwhelming joy you feel the minute you see your partner smile, you don’t care much for explaining it. Perhaps that’s why the mysterious love facts remain so mysterious — we can never wrap our heads around the feeling.

When it comes to love, you will be surprised by how little you know. But these interesting and lesser-known facts will make you wiser. In fact, you could even explain some of your own behavior when you are around your romantic partner.

Mysterious Love Facts

Mysterious love facts

Love is a mystery, they say. The explosion of emotions and feelings that takes place when you’re in love with someone cannot be put into words. Hence, it’s no surprise that that explosion results in some very unique outcomes you never knew of before. These mysteriously weird but true facts about love prove that they’re right:

1. Love improves memory

If you can’t remember if you had your vitamins in the morning, have to always maintain a checklist at work, and are constantly misplacing things, then your memory is surely giving you some trouble.

Fret not. Just go ahead and fall in love. When you are in love, there is a spurt of dopamine in your brain. Studies have shown that dopamine stimulates a part of the brain that helps improve memory.

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2. Two lovers always have their heartbeat in sync

This might sound like a random fact about love, but it’s true. When you are in love with someone, your heartbeat is in sync with that person. This has been proven scientifically in a study too.

So if you have your own doubts about whether what you feel for someone is infatuation or love, just latch on to a heart monitor and check your heartbeats. Or maybe just place a palm on your heart and theirs, and your mind will certainly be blown away by the synchronized lub-dub.

When you’re in love, you’re not just emotionally in sync, but physically as well; your hearts are beating together – literally! Such fun facts about love definitely make it seem like a more enticing proposition. If you’re currently unattached, your quest for “the one” may only become more resolute. We feel ya!

3. You turn your face to the right to kiss

This might sound like the most mysterious fact about love but next time experiment with the different types of kisses, just check where you tilt your head simultaneously. It would invariably bend to the right side. Researchers have seen that people are biased to turn their heads to the right when a kiss is initiated.

In fact, newborns also turn their heads to the right when they sleep. It is the most spontaneous thing to do. Yep, lefties, this applies to you too! By the way, did you know you use 34 facial muscles to kiss? Well, now you do. Remember this random fact about love in mind and you can casually toss it around in conversation to sound like an experienced pro.

facts about love
Turn your face to the right while kissing

4. Kissing is the most addictive thing

This is a funny fact about love that you might have heard many times or have experienced yourself first hand. There is no denying the fact that the more we kiss, the more we want to keep doing it. Apart from the fact that kissing has many health benefits we have to understand why it is addictive.

When we are kissing, the brain creates a lethal chemical concoction of dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin that has the capacity to give you a high like that of cocaine. That’s why a lot of people remember their first kiss more vividly than the first time they had sex.

5. Dopamine is released at childbirth

Ever wondered why the bond you feel toward your baby is so strong? The love that you feel toward the one born from your body could also be explained by something that you secrete in your body while at childbirth or while breastfeeding. Yes, the culprit is dopamine once again. In fact, the oxytocin levels detected in a new mom can be as high as those of couples who have just fallen in love.

Also, prolactin, which is considered the milk-producing hormone, helps you bond with the baby. It’s actually present in men and helps them become actively involved fathers. We don’t know about you, but to us, this is definitely one of the best psychological facts about love.

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6. Broken heart is a medical condition

The next time you say someone is nursing a broken heart, don’t treat it as one of those “random” facts about love. Broken heart syndrome is actually a medical condition that doctors determine through blood tests and ECGs. Often, the underlying causes of this condition are factors like grief, stress after the demise of a loved one, or even the pain of heartbreak after the end of a relationship.

The symptoms are very similar to a heart attack, and the affected person experiences stabbing chest pain, but an investigation reveals that there are no blocked arteries. A broken heart can be medically treated and complete recovery is possible. This is undoubtedly one of the sad scientific facts about love that make us realize the depth and intensity of this emotion and the influence it can have on us.

Psychological Facts About Love

Psychological love facts

Contrary to popular perception, love stems from the brain and not the heart. So, it makes sense to understand and be aware of some intriguing psychological facts about love. Maybe we’ll finally be able to explain why we fall for the people we do, and why that infatuation you thought was love felt so strong. Let’s take a look at the best psychological facts about love:

7. Illogical love

This may seem like one of the funny facts about love but that doesn’t make it any less true. Just think, how many times have you told someone, “Stop being so illogical in love!” Scientists have delved deeper into this behavior pattern and discovered that people act foolishly when wooing someone and can be absolutely illogical because of high levels of cortisol in their blood.

A study has shown that people who had fallen in love in the past 6 months had much higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol. When researchers tested the participants again 12–24 months later, their cortisol levels were back to normal. When you fall in love, a spurt in cortisol levels can make you illogical. That’s why you end up doing things like standing outside your lover’s house in the snow all night just to show them what you can do for love.

8. A crush lasts for 4 months

We have all had crushes and we know that one of the funniest facts about love is that a crush makes you do the most outlandish things. But let us tell you that even the most intense crush is a fleeting feeling. If reciprocated, it turns into something more fulfilling, but if it’s a one-sided thing, a crush does not last more than four months.

So that high school senior you were crushing could make your stomach flutter with butterflies. And then, suddenly, you realize the butterflies might not be there at all and you could just pass by them without a second look. However, if the feelings still persist, it means your crush has turned into love. Knowing these facts about love and crushes can help you understand what it is that you’re actually experiencing.

9. You forgive in 6 to 8 months

Moving on after a breakup is the hardest thing. People grieve, feel angry, depressed, and vengeful when a breakup happens. But they don’t stay in this state for long. Although the memory of the love remains, the pain starts dissipating and it is said that you end up forgiving the person who dumped you in 6 to 8 months.

If you forgive, you often get closure and can move on by yourself. Such facts about love actually bring hope for new beginnings and fresh starts. If you’re reeling from the pain of heartbreak right now, know that it will get better. It always does.

10. Good looking is more important than great body

Be it casual dating, hookups, or exclusive dating, a great body always plays a part. One of the irrefutable facts about “love at first sight” is that the way you look is what draws and attracts the other person to you. However, that may not hold for a long-term relationship. When people are seeking a lifelong partnership, the qualities they look for are totally different.

In that case, an attractive face is more appealing than a great body. A person who smiles more and has a genial personality is more attractive to people looking for long-term relationships. So if you were looking for some facts about shy guys in love, here’s one: they’re probably hiding a killer personality behind their shyness.

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11. Women love to talk, men play games

When it comes to love, women want to talk and have meaningful conversations. They can look into the eyes of the person they are in love with and stay locked in that way for hours talking about anything (chances are, you already know this). Well, now let’s break to you some fun facts about love that not many people know about: Men, on the other hand, like to play.

No, we are not talking about playing in the bedroom, we are talking about literally playing a sport, be it tennis, basketball, swimming, beach ball, or anything else that keeps them moving. What we mean is that men love to bond with their love interest over a great game or whatever their idea of spending quality time together is. Another thing that makes their love stronger is standing next to you and cooking in the kitchen.

Who knew that his habit of lingering around in the kitchen can be explained by a love fact about guys? We’re pretty sure the next time he stands next to you trying to help out while cooking, you’ll love it a lot more than you already do.

12. You hear a voice in your head when you read the text of a loved one

This is one of the fun facts about love but this is also a very psychological thing. In the movies, you may have seen that people see the person they love as an illusion all around them. Their face keeps popping up in every situation, in their sleep, and when they are awake.

A study shows that you hear your own voice in your head when you are reading. But when you are in love and you read their texts you also hear their voice in your head. It’s their voice and not your own. Could psychological facts about love BE any more mind-blowing!

Weird But True Facts About Love

Weird but true love facts

When in love, people can act weird and out of character. Almost all couples are guilty of doing weird things in their private space, and oddly, these things help them bond more closely. These weird but true facts about love will tell you that it’s the emotion, not the people, that triggers such behaviors:

13. Engagement ring is worn on the fourth finger

Ever wondered why you wear your engagement ring on the fourth finger of your left hand? The ancient Romans believed that the fourth finger has a vein that goes straight to the heart and it is called the Vena Amoris.

So, in that case, the direct connection to the heart through the ring is the focus. Gay and lesbian couples wear their wedding rings on their left hand to signify a monogamous same-sex relationship. Psst…switching a wedding band from left to right hand signifies that you are ready to cheat. (Oops!)

14. Love reduces pain

Intense passionate love can provide amazing and effective pain relief which has similar effects to painkillers or illicit drugs like cocaine, says a Stanford University study. In fact, if you are feeling unwell or feeling some kind of pain, looking at the picture of someone you love madly will ensure that you feel much better. Perhaps, that’s why we crave the company of a loved one when you’re down and out.

Having your beau by your side, feeding your warm chicken soup when you’re sick, for instance, can make you feel a whole lot better than the assortment of medicines on your nightstand. Forget all about the sad scientific facts about love, this one is probably the cutest we have ever heard of. Who knew that love can literally overpower pain?

15. Gaze at a stranger for 4 minutes

If you gaze at a stranger for 4 minutes, you can fall in love. This was done as an experiment in a laboratory and proved to be true. Dr. Elaine Aron made two people sit opposite each other and look into each other’s eyes and they were asked some personal questions.

The couple fell in love, got married soon. So if you look into a stranger’s eyes for 4 minutes you can fall head-over-heels in love. Woah! We seriously doubt weird but true facts about love can get any weirder than this. Who knew flirting with your eyes could just be all it took? This is definitely one of the hard facts about love.

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16. Psychological facts about love and crushes: People prefer symmetrical faces

A study shows that people choose symmetrical faces when they want to fall in love. People go for symmetrical faces because it is unconsciously believed that these people have better health and will have better genetics when they procreate.

So when you are looking at a girl next time, you may be subconsciously assessing whether the right side of the face is exactly like the left. That assessment can determine whether or not you’re drawn to her. Yet another weird but true fact about love that explains a lot about how and why we’re drawn to certain people over others.

17. Love comes from Sanskrit word lubh

Has it ever occurred to you where this word “love”, which makes the world go around, originates from? It comes from the Sanskrit word lubh. The meaning of the word is to desire, allure, excite lust, attract. So next time you need to impress your love interest just drop this info.

This is one of the cool facts about love that many people have no clue about. Be careful how you tell people about this piece of info, though. If you’re too cocky about it, they’re probably going to hate your poseur ways. Don’t let these mysterious love facts deprive you of any chances for a love life.

18. Romantic love becomes attachment love

This is a hard fact about love that we cannot ignore. When you fall in love the euphoria that you feel, the tickles down your spine or the butterflies in your stomach can keep you awake at night. But as the love becomes stronger and more stable, these feelings begin to settle down. It is said romantic love actually lasts for a year.

What comes after that is attachment love, and that’s what serves as the foundation of a healthy relationship. This one is for the long run and stems from a sense of attachment and belonging, which makes you accept the good with the bad. You deal with the arguments and deficiencies in the relationship but you still keep loving the person. This is one of the facts about love that separates it from infatuation or lustful attraction.

Funny facts about love

Funny Facts about love

There is more to that fuzzy feeling than mysterious psychological patterns or sad scientific facts about love. While all the other psychological facts about love and crushes may tell you how long it takes to get over a crush and how long it takes to forgive someone, fun facts about love are proof that it’s the best thing someone can have the privilege of experiencing in their life.

19. Love is blind

This is a funny fact about love that you cannot ignore. Love actually makes you blind because when you fall for a person you accept them with all their faults and the trust you repose in them may blindside you to a lot of evident red flags.

And in the long run, for your relationship to survive you keep turning a blind eye to the snoring, the clumps of hair in the shower drain and their late-night television-watching habits. While these harmful quirks are okay to ignore, sometimes people are so blinded in love that they’re unable to see when a relationship turns toxic or begins to harm them.

That’s why being mindful about facts about love is blind is imperative. It keeps your pragmatism alive and kicking. Perhaps another fact about teenage guys in love or teenage girls in love is that they often let infatuation take over. Instead of turning a blind eye to all the problems, try to fight them together.

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20. Vasopressin keeps you together

If you are happy in a long-term relationship, then that is not only because you are in love. It has also got to do with the hormone you produce. Vasopressin is the bonding hormone that creates attachment in a monogamous long-term relationship.

If you think it’s the dates and the holidays that keep your relationship in the best state, think again. It could be just a hormone you are producing. Although it can’t be denied that all those dates and holidays may play a part in helping your body churn that hormone.

Who knew that love could just boil down to a bunch of hormones and chemicals? Or that love facts about guys and girls could get so scientific! Here’s a tip to make someone fall in love with you: read up on how to produce more vasopressin.

21. You are attracted to people who smell like your dad

A study suggests that women are attracted to men who smell like their dads. It’s a known fact that unconsciously women could be looking for their father’s qualities, if they are very attached to them, in their future partners. But it is a lesser-known, interesting fact about love that they also tend to choose people who smell like their fathers.

Depending on which way you look at it, this could either be a sad scientific fact about love or one that’s rather endearing. Sad, if there are some daddy issues at play. Endearing, because is there anything more special than a healthy father-daughter bond?

22. We fall in love with someone who looks like us

Did you know we tend to fall in love with people who look like us? This means that we could have this concept that partners who live together for a long time start looking like each other wrong all along. The similarities in appearance don’t shape over time out of thin air, the roots are in place right from the onset. We tend to like someone who looks like us. We even like people who have some kind of similarity to our opposite-sex parents.

23. Some people do not feel love

This is among the most fascinating fun facts about love – there are people who have never experienced this emotion. But this is not to say that they have no feelings or are stone-hearted.

This is simply because they suffer from something called hypopituitarism, a rare disease that doesn’t allow a person to feel the rapture of love. Like asexual people don’t feel any kind of sexual attraction, people with hypopituitarism do not feel romantic love and are often mistaken as narcissists. This is a hard fact about love that you cannot ignore.

24. Love can grow when you are away from each other

Statistics show that 60% of long-distance relationships work out great. There is no denying the fact that love can grow over a distance. If two people in love are away from each other for a long time, they could realize the depth of their love. They could miss each other like crazy and feel incomplete without each other. So, that age-old adage about absence making the hearts grow fonder is not only true but also scientifically accurate.

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Facts about love at first sight

Love at first sight is not a fictional concept that exists only in the rom-com universe. Perhaps, the biggest fact about shy guys in love or shy girls in love is that they yearn for such a connection. These facts about love at first sight tell us that it could very much happen in real life too:

25. It could be one-sided love

Yes, love at first sight might not be mutual despite the fact that your much-married friends tell you it is. But if they look back they would see that it was probably an attraction, which was more from one side. It took time for it to develop into love.

truth about love facts
Love at first sight can be one-sided love

Since love at first sight is not mutual, it gives rise to most of the stalker stories. How many times have we seen the girl or the guy just getting a glimpse of a person and then getting obsessed with them?

26. You get sweaty palms

Love at first sight can result in excessively sweaty palms. You see that person you felt drawn to the first time you lay eyes on you, and your brain just goes into a nervous overdrive that leaves you feeling wobbly, with your hands breaking in a cold sweat. If you’ve experienced it, you know how nerve-racking it can be.

But facts about love at first sight tell us that it happens more often than not. So, rest easy and don’t feel embarrassed because you’re not the only one experiencing it. Sweaty palms are the sign of the euphoria you feel because of crazy love. So if it’s love at first sight your palms start sweating instantly.

27. It’s called a positive illusion

Love at first sight is called a positive illusion because it creates a feeling of love in your brain when actually it’s not real love. It’s a great feeling to see someone and feel instant chemistry. As soon as that person goes out of your sight you might forget them sooner than later. The positive illusion breaks and you are back to your own world.

On the flip side, if that person becomes a part of your life – maybe they’re a new coworker or someone who has recently joined your gym – and reciprocates your feeling, love at first sight can blossom into something deep and meaningful.

28. It does not mean your relationship will last

People who fall in love at first sight do not always go on to build lasting relationships with the same person. Love at first sight means you fall for someone who is a complete stranger and you have no clue about your emotional and intellectual compatibility.

If you continue a relationship with someone like that, it may not always last in the long run because the differences start unraveling. Here’s a fact about teenage guys in love: they’re definitely not thinking about how this “relationship” is going to pan out when they think they’ve just experienced love at first sight.

29. Infatuation can be more overpowering than love

To tell you the truth, what you feel at first sight is lust and not love. It’s the physical attraction that pulls you toward that person. So what you think is love at first sight could be an infatuation that stems from lust. As time goes by it could remain an infatuation and might not take the form of love.

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30. Belief in love at first sight is very strong

A poll shows that 56% of Americans believe in love at first sight. Not only for Americans but for people the world over love at first has a magical aura about it. The belief that love can happen just like it did between Cinderella and Prince Charming. It removes love from the realm of reality and gives it a mystical, mythical charm that some people love dwelling on.

30 ½. Love is overrated

This is actually a solid bit of advice. A relationship cannot survive solely on love. It needs sexual compatibility, emotional bonding, financial security, and a host of other things to grow and thrive. Love is important. There is no denying that but love is highly overrated too. That’s a hard fact about love that we should all keep in mind.

Did these unique, interesting facts about love give you a new perspective on this all-consuming, heady experience? Well, take this newfound knowledge to improve your relationship with your significant other or woo that special someone who makes your heart skip a beat every time they look in your direction.


1. What is the most interesting fact about love?

There are a number of interesting facts about love but the most interesting fact is that there are actually people who cannot feel love because they have a rare condition called hypopituitarism.

2. What is the main point of love?

The main point of love is that it makes us who we are. Otherwise, we would have been like animals who mate for procreation and there are no feelings involved. Love is what makes us human beings.

3. Is love dangerous?

Love can be dangerous because it has the capacity to evoke jealousy, anger, possessiveness, and people can actually make the worst blunders in love. They can even kill for love.

4. Does true love exist?

True love does exist. But romantic love becomes attachment love in the long run. However, that does not take away anything from its beauty.

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