Leaving The One I Love For His Own Good

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Updated On: February 28, 2023
leaving the one you love

This is a brilliant story of how we met and it is almost a story within a story. I had written a love story with a psychological twist of leaving the one you love but a happy ending, and mailed it to the editor of a leading newspaper. He wanted to meet me, to congratulate me on the piece.

This is what I call elation, the true definition of happiness, being appreciated for my work. I sat at the tiny table and I looked into his eyes as he spoke about how well I had written it.

“I liked the ending, and the way it was written. Brilliant piece it is.”

And all I did was gawk at him hungrily, as he spoke about how notorious his office staff were and that they didn’t write well. I had forgotten the food, the noisy surroundings, and everything around me. I was framing poetry in my head, and there were violins and symphonies. Little did I know, the story I had written of leaving the love of your life, would soon turn into my very own story.

The Story Of How I Left The Love Of My Life

It was love, I had realized soon after. I was enthralled with his work, his speech, his active love for literature and culture. I had never met a man more passionate, and this man touched me cerebrally.

There was just one glitch. He was a decade older, a bachelor, but still older by a decade. Though that didn’t hinder me, I went on slipping into love. These love hormones can be so consuming, they make you forget everything else.

I never got much of him, neither did I attempt to tell him about my feelings. We lived in different cities, and it was impossible to meet him frequently. Seven months and I had seen him just thrice, but I knew this was the man I could never un-love even though leaving the love of your life was in my destiny later on. He had strung chords in my heart, that kept ringing even when he wasn’t with me anymore.

He learned how I felt

He got to know about my feelings later, and he was surprised, but didn’t react. He knew my parents would not approve of it. But he kept in touch with me. Every month or so, one phone call dropped in and I was happily chatting with him.

One fine day, I mailed him (I write letters and emails, I’m a bit old school), explaining that I had to get out of his life because he was now getting engaged to someone else and it would be unfair if I lingered on and ruined the serious relationship he was in. I didn’t take his calls or messages anymore. The next morning I woke up with an odd feeling, and it was ominous.

His fiancée received the call that I made, and informed me that he had been in a car accident. After reading the letter, he seemed to be in a state of shock, and was now in a coma. I was heartbroken and felt guilty.

leaving the love of your life
Leaving the one you love is the most heartbreaking thing ever

Later, he was out of danger, but I haven’t been able to contact him anymore. The fiancée informed me that he had been repeating my name before going into a coma, and that he confessed his love for me, many months back. The fiancée didn’t want me near him anymore. She asked me to leave. And I did. It was now time for me to be leaving a relationship for good and not looking back.

The love of my life is getting married

It has been weeks I haven’t heard from him. I still kiss his photograph every morning, pray for him as a part of my schedule, and think of our brief time together. I do not know why he didn’t stand up for his love and why he didn’t contact me after the accident. I wish he could have left that woman and come back to me. Did he fall victim to the pressures of society and decide that leaving the one you love is a better option? He wasn’t a man who followed rules, so maybe, no. I am unsure.

But there is one thing that is certain. That it wasn’t a one-sided love affair. Only very lucky people get the love of their lives and I had found mine. Our love story is one that I would live with, all my life. The feelings that I had for him, surpassed the ideologies of society, the right and the wrong, and challenged what we know as ideal. It was love that had no barriers.

suffering and healing

I now smile whenever I think of him even though I left the love of my life. The pain of not being with him has been erased. I now know he was extremely fond of me, and that is more than a blessing for me. And thus with hope in my heart, I continue to live despite leaving him for good.


1. Is it okay to leave someone for their own good?

Yes. Leaving the one you love does not always have to be this horrible and ugly experience. Sometimes there is a beauty to it, even when there is pain. When you love someone, sometimes it is best to let them go.

2. When should you let go of love?

When you know that the situation is wrong or is only going to make your life unhappy or complicated in the long run. This does not mean that you love them any less. It just means that you are mature enough to take the step of leaving a relationship for good when you know that it is not worthwhile.

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