Struggles and Scars

Living with a Spouse suffering from Paranoid Personality Disorder

Jaseena Backer digs into a patient’s case study to write how an unattended psychological disorder can destroy a marriage

When Anil’s* wife Shweta* wanted to join his organisation he took the initiative very enthusiastically.  An IT engineer who ran his own company, he enrolled her in the finance department. Oblivious to the hidden agenda, all he could think of was the romantic ride with her, to and from work as a newly married couple. Romance found her in his cubicle every now and then, for no reason. Romance further bloomed into accompanying him to the food court and coffee shop, even if she was supposed to be at work. Romance extended into Shweta being part of Anil’s team dinners and parties. Romance had turned into a leash around Anil’s neck.

Initially Anil wasn’t defensive but when Shweta took to his social media and started stalking him, he felt intruded.

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What differentiates an abusive relationship from a normal one

I would rather be alone than deal with someone who will hurt me

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  1. I think the title of this post was pretty misleading. It was more about the abusive nature of the relationship than it was about the disorder.

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