Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Leave You

Girlfriend Leave You

When we get into a relationship, everything is all smiles. The initial phase of every relationship is euphoric but when the euphoria wears off sometimes you realize that you wouldn’t want to be with your partner all your life. You realize this relationship isn’t really for keeps.

While many relationships culminate into marriage, there is no denying the fact that a large number of relationships also end up in breakups.

Dumping someone is hurting them. But you can do away with the hurt if you get them to dump you.

Instead of thinking, “how to break up with my partner?” you can think of, “how to make my partner break up with me?”

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How To Make Your Girlfriend Dump You

So if you want to get your girlfriend to break up with you then here’s what you should do. As seen in how to let’s look at the foolproof ways to have your girlfriend dump you.

1. Reduce the communication to a bare minimum, especially when alone

Women love to express their feelings, talk about them, and discuss all things of the day. You on the other hand, can choose not to indulge in any of these when desiring a breakup.

Whenever the two of you are alone, begin talking about subjects that could bore her to death (not literally of course). Divert the conversation to something less interesting in case she tries to spark some deep conversation.

Remember, women never like a man who bores them, or seems unwilling to confide in them, especially when they are alone.

2. Crowd her out

If there is one thing that pisses off a woman more than anything — it is lack of attention.

Whether you are alone with her in the apartment or seated with her in a group of friends, one surefire way to make her angry is by simply crowding her out.

girlfriend dump you
Lack of attention makes her angry

Do not talk to her. Talk over her (but don’t mansplain). Initiate conversation with others when she’s trying to talk to you.
Eventually, she’ll take the hint, or be angry enough that she dumps you.

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3. Hang out with her friends

Yes, your girlfriend wants you to know her friends and be friendly to them. But, a little too friendly — and you’ve gotten your girl really angry!

Here’s your way to getting easily dumped. Be nice to her friends and hang out with them, with or without your girlfriend. Talk to her friends, send them texts and memes. Also, keep telling your girlfriend how much you love her friends and would love to hang out with them each time.

Trust us when we tell you; she is bound to break up with you after this.

4. Be slightly unhygienic (read: disgusting)

An easier, and probably much more fun method (for you) to getting dumped would be by being unhygienic.

If you and your girlfriend are in a live-in situation; create a big mess. Throw things randomly on the floor. From the towel to your worn socks; let everything be down to earth (like, really on it).

You could also try burping in front of her or picking your nose — that mostly does the trick. Women simply don’t love a man who is unhygienic on the verge of disgusting; and take no time to part ways.

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5. Tune out important conversations

A relationship is an important bond. Thus, what can have a great impact on it is deviation from the important bits; like listening to your girlfriend when she is confiding in you.

While we certainly don’t endorse this, a near-to-guaranteed way to a relationship to end is by tuning her out when she seems to be baring her heart to you. When after a long day, all she wants is to tell you how her day went and discuss all things that excited her or made her sad — tune her out. Murmur something unattentively like “Hmm”, “Okay”, “Yeah”.

Give her one-liners as answers, and she will be walking out of the door and calling you emotionless in a jiffy.

6. Tell her to change

The absolute worst (or best?) way to have your girlfriend dump you, is by telling her to be a better girlfriend.

When talking to her, continue asking her to change her choices and attitude for you. Question her dressing sense, eating habits, style of walking, way of talking — you name it.

If this doesn’t seem to work, go a step ahead and begin comparing her with another girl. Say things like “Why can’t you be a girlfriend, like Samantha is to John?”.

Continue praising Samantha once or twice more, and you’ll probably have to find yourself another girlfriend.

A breakup is always tough, but sometimes it is the only way to handle the situation before everything goes sour.

Fret not; your Miss Right is probably right on her way and will be in your life anytime soon.

Keep your eyes peeled, and your heart open! Who knows, maybe one relationship can transform your life.

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