10 Tried And Tested Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Leave You

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Updated On: October 7, 2023
Girlfriend Leave You
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When we get into a relationship, it’s all heart-eyes and smiles. The initial phase of every relationship is euphoric but when the euphoria wears off sometimes you realize that you wouldn’t want to be with your partner all your life. You realize this relationship isn’t really for keeps.

While many relationships culminate into marriage, there is no denying the fact that a large number of relationships also end up in breakups. And breakups are difficult for everyone. The prospect can seem even more daunting if your girlfriend is toxic and you are way too nice to call her out on it. What if you could take the road less traveled, or if we rightly put it, the road less advised?

Dumping someone is invariably going to hurt them. But you can do away with the hurt if you get them to dump you. You can turn the tables and let her believe that you are not worth it. How? By shifting your focus from “How to break up with my partner?” to “How to make my partner break up with me?”

How To Make Your Girlfriend Dump You

So if you want to get your girlfriend to break up with you, we’re here to tell you exactly what you need to do. Now you need to be aware of why you are doing this because once you start walking this road, there is no turning back. Wrap your head around your reasons and crystalize your intent because you will be doing things that you normally wouldn’t.

Let us warn you, it is not going to be easy, so make sure that breaking up is what you need and that there is no other way around it. If she is extremely toxic and has made your life a living hell and you are absolutely sure that a healthy breakup is not an option, here are 10 ways that’ll make you the girlfriend-repellent:

As seen in how to let’s look at the foolproof ways to have your girlfriend dump you:

1. Reduce the communication to a bare minimum, especially when alone

Women love to express their feelings, talk about them, and discuss all things of the day. You, on the other hand, can choose not to indulge in any of these when desiring a breakup. A cold shoulder can be quite frustrating for someone who shows narcissistic tendencies. You keep at it and hopefully, your shoulder will turn too cold for her to handle.

Whenever the two of you are alone, talk about subjects that could bore her to death (not literally, of course). Divert the conversation to something less interesting in case she tries to spark some deep conversation. Find ways to avoid conversations, and when you can’t, stick to one-liners. Remember, women never like a man who bores them or seems unwilling to confide in them.

2. Crowd her out

If there is one thing that pisses off a woman more than anything, it is a lack of attention in a relationship. Whether you are alone with her in the apartment or in a group setting, one surefire way to make her angry is by simply crowding her out. You can shift your attention to other people/things while she is talking to you. This is sure to annoy her to no end, especially if her need for attention has risen beyond normal. This is a great way to get rid of your overbearing girlfriend.

Lack of attention makes her angry

Do not talk to her. Talk over her (but don’t mansplain). Initiate conversation with others when she’s trying to talk to you. Walk away while she is still talking and hang out with other people in the same vicinity. Eventually, she’ll take the hint or get angry enough that she dumps you.

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3. Hang out with her friends

Yes, your girlfriend wants you to know her friends and be friendly to them. But, a little too friendly and you’ve got your girl really angry! If she is a little too conscious about herself, this is a brilliant recipe to make a girl hate you. Here’s your way of getting dumped easily. Be nice to her friends and hang out with them, with or without your girlfriend.

Without her, preferably. Talk to her friends, and send them texts and memes. Also, keep telling your girlfriend how much you love her friends and love hanging out with them. Trust us when we tell you, this tactic will propel you miles ahead in your journey to get rid of your girlfriend without hurting her.

4. Embarrass her every chance you get

An easier and probably much more fun method (for you) to get dumped would be being an embarrassment. Usually, people who show narcissistic tendencies are very self-conscious about the way they look, smell, etc. They want those around them to live up to their standards too.

Being sloppy with things like hygiene, grooming, or just the way you present yourself can get the ball rolling. Sloppiness can also include showing up late or last-minute cancellations to plans that involve her friends and family. Imagine her furious red face when you show up late to a fancy dinner party looking homeless in a hooded pullover and ripped jeans.

When the image of the relationship is more important than the relationship itself, this trick of embarrassing yourself could work wonders. She is likely to take the embarrassment personally and figure that you’re making her look bad. Women who are obnoxiously concerned about others’ perception of them simply don’t like a man who makes them look bad and would take no time in parting ways.

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5. Tune out important conversations

A relationship is an important bond. It is nurtured by attention and good communication, which involves listening to your girlfriend when she confides in you. Since you’re looking for the opposite of nurturing your bond, you need to divert from the expected behavior in a healthy relationship.

While we certainly don’t endorse this, a near-to-guaranteed way to end a relationship is by tuning her out when she seems to be baring her heart to you. When after a long day, all she wants is to tell you how her day went and discuss all things that excited her or made her sad, tune her out. Murmur something inattentively like “Hmm”, “Okay”, or “Yeah”.

Give her one-line answers and she will be walking out of the door and calling you emotionless in a jiffy. Deliberately induce communication problems in the relationship, and voila, you have your answer to how to make your girlfriend break up with you.

6. Tell her to change

Telling her to be a better girlfriend

The absolute worst (or best?) way to have your girlfriend dump you or to get rid of a girlfriend who lives with you is by telling her to be a better girlfriend. Blinded by her toxicity, she definitely thinks she is the best there can be, but when you shatter this belief, there is no bouncing back from it, which is great news in this case since that’s exactly what you’re aiming for.

Start by asking her to change her choices and attitude. Question her dressing sense, eating habits, style of walking, way of talking — and anything and everything else about her. If this doesn’t seem to work, go a step ahead and begin comparing her with another girl. Say things like “Why can’t you be a girlfriend like Monica is to Chandler?” Continue praising a female coworker in front of her and compare her to your girlfriend, and you’ll probably have to find yourself another girlfriend soon.

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7. Be stingy

This will only work if you are the financially stronger one in the relationship and have been pampering her with material things. Do a complete 180-degree flip. Start splitting bills, and if she doesn’t have the money for her share, respond with a dry “of course”. This will shake up the false façade of perfection that she thinks is real about herself.

If we have understood her right, she is surely a sucker for expensive gifts. So, replace them with cheap presents that you pick up from gas stations or department stores. Put her through the misery of you being miserly and top it up by buying expensive cool stuff for yourself. Trying to get rid of a girlfriend that won’t leave? Well, this should take care of it.

8. Drink too much

Self-centered women will always want you to act responsibly while they go out and have fun. We are sure that it is usually you who is taking care of her when you guys go out drinking. It is time to switch the narrative. Be the one to gulp down your whiskey and then order more shots.

We know that annoying your girl is the plan but having carefree fun is a great side benefit of this maneuver. Getting sloshed like the good old days while she picks up the slack will surely poke the bear. To seal the deal, throw up in front of her classy friends. Nothing more needs to be said and done!

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9. Develop a newfound obsession

Even though she is self-obsessed, it must have taken her some time to get used to your behavior too. Which is hard for such people anyway. When you introduce a newfound obsession into the equation, getting rid of her would not prove to be so hard. Preferably, an obsession that she would disapprove of. Say, she doesn’t like pets because they litter around in the house. Guess what you do?

Get her a cute little pup that poops and leaves a mark everywhere around her house. You tell her all about being dog parents and how you are obsessed with the little creature. When she is furious, tell her how cute he is and play around with him. The dog hair on her favorite dress and pee on her favorite carpet will likely make her disown you and the puppy.

Pro tip: Make sure you have a backup home for the puppy when the disowning happens. So that you can say that no animals were harmed in the process of this breakup.

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10. Complain, complain, and complain

The best way to break up is to simply sit her down and tell her what is going on. But wrap it up in complaints. Tell her you haven’t been enjoying being in this relationship lately. Complain about all the deep stuff like her narcissistic nature and all the shallow stuff like her dressing sense and eating habits.

You will have to consciously avoid the conversation that is directed toward the solutions though. Nobody likes a continuous nagging voice around them all the time. You can take things up a notch by complaining to her friends too. That will drive her crazier than anything else could. And before you know it, you’d be dumped and you will live happily ever after. Or at least live a better life than you had with her.

Key Pointers

  • How to make your girlfriend break up with you? Do the opposite of what you did to initiate the relationship
  • The decision to have her break up with you can be a smart choice to get rid of your girlfriend without hurting her
  • Make sure that you have considered all the rational options to break up before you go down this path
  • To get rid of a girlfriend that won’t leave, you you can simply think about annoying her at every turn so that she ends up dumping you
  • Just make sure you are prepared to go all the way and are absolutely sure that you’ll be better off without her

A breakup is always tough but sometimes it is the only way out. Fret not; your Miss Right is probably right on her way and will be in your life anytime soon. Keep your eyes peeled and your heart open! We would again like to urge you to consider your position carefully. Because trying to manipulate a situation like this could easily go down south. If you are absolutely sure that a rational mature breakup is out of the question, only then go for the tactics we discussed above. Break a leg (relationship)!

This article was originally published in 2020 and has been updated in Sept 2022

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