Men want to do these things secretly to the woman they love

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Men and women show love in very different ways. Although it’s an ancient fact, women often miss the subtlety of male expression of love. We misconstrue it as a lack of attention. But ladies, it takes a lot of effort for men to express their vulnerability and go all the way to make big romantic gestures. Instead they leave clues like these.

What do men do to express their love for us?

Like we all know, most men are quite introverted when it comes to expressions of love. We know that they love us but they pretty much suck at showing us so with elaborate gestures. But that doesn’t mean that these men don’t think the world of us or that they are not hopelessly and irrevocably in love with us. In your every day life, there are lots of moments when the love of your guy is your only driving force. Their expressions are more subtle than the fairy tales made us believe. Let us learn these men’s secret ways of showing love to their women.

1.  He listens to you

I mean really listens to you. His eyes don’t drift to the TV remote, he doesn’t pretend to absorb, because when he loves his woman, he listens to her. That is, unless he is too tired to concentrate and participate in the conversation.

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2. He fights with you

This may seem strange, but when a man really loves a woman he talks about the things that are not working in favour of the relationship. He argues with you to make it better, he tries to fix what is broken instead of walking out on you.

3. He fights for you

Men don’t fight for a fling. When he truly loves you he will stick up for you to the entire world. He will fight on your behalf as it will come only as a natural reflex to him.

4. He is proud of you

Men bring their defence down and let go off their ego for love. When you achieve something – little things or something extraordinary – a man in love expresses his pride for you.

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5.  He changes his mind for you

This is a big deal for men as they are usually more stubborn than women. If a man loves and respects you he can change his mind and his plans for you. But it’s important not to take this for granted and push him too much. Acknowledge his love for you and return him the same gesture.
Let us know how your man shows his love for you. Write to us in the comments below.

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