Leo Man In Love: Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs

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Leo Man In Love
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Imagine a lion in his natural habitat – regal, fierce and utterly confident. Now imagine those very qualities in a man, and you’ve got a Leo, king of all zodiac signs. A fire element by nature, a Leo man is fiery, passionate and untamed. A Leo man in love has possibly the purest and most charming emotions that one can witness.

With his smoldering passion and the warmth of his personality, the mere presence of a Leo man is enticing. Also, it doesn’t hurt that a Leo man in love is a practiced flirt, and can easily smooth-talk his way into the heart of the one he desires. Sounds like just the man you’ve been looking for all along?

Let’s take you through the Leo man compatibility with other zodiac signs so that you can realistically assess your chances of hitting it off with one. Before we get to Leo man love compatibility, it’s pertinent to mention that for his alluring qualities, he makes for a domineering partner. That’s why truly understanding the behavior patterns of Leo men in relationships is vital before you lose your heart to one.

Leo Men In Relationships – What To Expect

Given their commanding nature and dominating personality, you may get into the relationship expecting him to be the pragmatic, practical kind. Boy, are you in for a surprise! Quite in contrast with his quintessential traits, a Leo man is a romantic at heart, through and through. Being in a relationship with him means bracing yourself for many more such surprises.

That’s it’s important to know how a Leo man behaves when in love. Here is what to expect from Leo men in relationships:

1. He will pamper you

The hopeless romantic that he is, a Leo man will pull all stops to pamper you and make you feel like the most special girl alive. He’s the guy who’d want to flood Instagram stories with pictures of the two of you together and indulge in PDA in real life too. And he’d expect you to do the same. An unabashed display of how much he means to you is what a Leo man looks for in a woman.

2. He plays to the gallery

The Leo man love language is rooted in theatrics. He will take you out on the fanciest dates and indulge you to HIS heart’s content (not necessarily yours). Even though he’s mostly doing it to sweep you off your feet, a part of him is still playing to the gallery.

The couple at the next table, the doorman of your building, your gang of girls, he wants all and sundry to know how lucky you are to have him. Even in your private moments, his displays of affection make for a performance worthy of an Oscar. It’s not as if Leo men in relationships are pretentious. Being aware of the people around him and trying to leave an impression on them is just second nature to him.

3. He is territorial

A Leo man is also extremely territorial about his personal space, both literal and mental. Even if you two are living together, he’d need his cozy nook in the house where he can retreat to process his thoughts or blow off some steam.

Take the example of Barack Obama, the most legendary Leo man alive, for instance. Both he and Michelle Obama have spoken candidly about how badly he’s always needed his den, even when the couple was living in a condo in Chicago. Even if it was a dingy ol’ corner in the house – which Michelle refers to as the ‘hole’ in her book Becoming – he thrived on having the space to lose himself in from time to time.

4. Just like the sun, everything revolves around him

How does a Leo man test a woman? Well, by making everything about him. To be fair to him, he may not be doing it to test his woman. That’s just who he is. Mimicking the sign he is born under, a Leo man goes through life as if he is the center around which the world revolves. To make the relationship work, he’d expect you to be in his orbit. This is what a Leo man looks for in a woman.

5. He is defensive

How a Leo man behaves when in love is closely connected to his core personality traits. Since he is headstrong, dominating and stubborn, he has a hard time accepting that he could be wrong. Try calling him out for his mistakes and flaws, and prepare to be met with an impregnable wall of defensiveness. If he’s caught on the backfoot, then excuses about how he did nothing wrong. That’s why a questioning attitude is not what a Leo man looks for in a woman.

Leo Man: What Are His Personality Traits?

Warmth and physical affection are a Leo man’s love language. Being a fire sign, he quite literally brightens up the lives of the people around him, like a constant burst of sunshine. Leo men are open-handed and deeply generous, and this extends to the bedroom, too!

If you’re into the kinkier side of things, a Leo man in love will indulge your every fantasy with fierce attention, making you feel like the only one who matters. But it’s not enough to know a Leo man’s traits. If you have been stalking, eyeing, or simply crushing on a Leo man, it is important for you to understand his compatibility with other zodiac signs.

A Leo man in love can truly put stars in your eyes and make you feel loved beyond measure, but if he finds a lag in compatibility, he is just as likely to turn a cold shoulder toward you. Wondering if you’re compatible with a certain Leo cutie? Keep reading these Leo man compatibility with other zodiac signs and patterns to find out:

1. Leo and Aries – Intense and passionate

Compatibility: 9/10

Leo is a fire sign, so when a Leo man is in love, he loves with a burning passion. Aries is also a fire sign which means that Leo and Aries can truly light up the world with their intense, passionate love. These two signs share the traits of determination and loyalty and can keep each other’s fire burning for a long time.

The two fire signs can be fatal for one another as well. While they have the potential to light each other up, they also have the potential to burn each other’s houses down with their fiery temperaments. Their ways of showing love are fiery but can be destructive, too. It is because of this passion that Aries may not be the best match for Leo man.

To make their relationship last, one of them will have to keep their cool and be practical when the other is being utterly irrational. A Leo man in love can lose his temper swiftly, and that is when his Aries partner will have to remain calm and not detonate as well. If this aspect is handled well, the compatibility of Leo and Aries truly knows no bounds!

best match for Leo man
Aries and Leo make for a warm, intense love affair

2. Leo and Taurus – Sensual yet difficult

Compatibility: 7/10

Earthy Taureans are advocates of tough love and have their feet planted firmly on the ground. Before showing appreciation or affection, Taureans are prone to clear-eyed criticism, even if it’s people they love dearly. Moreover, both Taurean men and women can be incredibly stubborn and hold their ground in an argument.

Unfortunately, this does not bode well with a Leo man. Even if a Leo man is madly in love with a Taurean, dealing with him/her might prove to be a mammoth task. Whilst Leo and Taurus are both passionate lovers, their values and intensity vary quite a bit.

The Taurean stubbornness and immense practicality may sometimes freeze out the warm, impulsive Leo man. On the other hand, a fiery Leo man in love may fall short of the solid commitment that a Taurus partner seeks. A Leo man love compatibility with Taurus proves to be lukewarm at best.

That being said, if there’s one major pro of a Leo and Taurus match, it is that both of them are incredible in bed. Sensuality is deeply ingrained in every Taurean nature, which perfectly offsets a Leo man’s generous passion in the bedroom. These two are a sexual match made in heaven, so, even if the relationship doesn’t last too long, they’ll have some great memories to cherish.

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3. Leo and Gemini – Adventurous and loving

Compatibility: 10/10

The Leo man perfect zodiac match is the Gemini, hands down. The air that is needed to fuel the fire of a Leo man in love can truly be provided by a Gemini partner. As long as the Leo man’s possessiveness doesn’t become a hindrance to the Gemini need for freedom, their compatibility should not be a cause for concern! Among the Leo man compatibility with other zodiac signs, this partnership truly shines through.

Leo and Gemini are both extremely adventurous in nature. If brought together, both these signs will thoroughly enjoy traveling to different places and bringing new experiences to the table. Both of them are very creative as well, which can open up a million different avenues for them to explore together.

The one major problem a Leo and Gemini may face is that a Leo man in love likes to be in control, and an air sign like Gemini is tough to tame. Differences and bitter arguments may occur if they do not communicate well with each other. At the end of the day, they need to be able to come to terms with each other’s strong personalities and unique traits, without getting on one another’s nerves too much. That’s when their love thrives the best.

Leo man perfect zodiac match
Leo and Gemini will have many romantic adventures together

4. Leo and Cancer – Unstable and painful

Compatibility: 4/10

The Leo man love language doesn’t find resonance with the romantic water sign, Cancer, and vice versa. To put it mildly, a Leo man and his Cancerian partner may never find romantic bliss. The watery Cancerian is deeply sensitive when in love and often lacks firmness and decisiveness. All of this is often irksome to a Leo man in love.

Leo men aren’t known for their tact or sensitivity. And, a seemingly sharp word from a Leo man in love could send his Cancerian lover into their cocoon. The Cancerian cocoon is well-known, and it is difficult to get them out once they retreat.

Another problematic area for the couple is that a Leo man loves adventure and new experiences, whereas Cancerians prefer being home and a set routine. All these differences put together could prove fatal to the compatibility of Leo and Cancer.

However, in the rare instance where these aspects are worked upon, a Cancerian could prove to be a good partner to Leo because Cancerians tend to make their partners the center of the universe, and we all know how much a Leo man in love enjoys that kind of attention.

5. Leo and Leo – Wild and quirky

Compatibility: 9/10

The best and the worst thing about two Leos in love is that they share similar interests, similar expectations and similar life goals. Why is that the worst thing, you ask? Well, firstly, similar expectations also mean similar flaws; and secondly, a jungle cannot have two kings!

At first sight, two Leos will meet and are bound to hit it off right away. Since they have similar interests, they can talk endlessly, enjoy multiple adventures and the finer things in life without much worry. However, Leo men in relationships expect the same things as Leo women do, and given that they’re both equally headstrong, this can leave them at loggerheads. That’s where their compatibility goes out the window.

Besides, if they get into an argument, none of them would be willing to back off and both would be absolutely convinced that they are right. Also, both of them would want the limelight to themselves and be the center of their own universes. These clashes could either strengthen a Leo-Leo romantic connection or destroy it.

For their relationship to work, a Leo man in love will have to give the reins to his Leo partner, and vice versa. If they learn to share their power and their warmth, who knows, their relationship could light up the whole world.

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6. Leo and Virgo – Dominating and laborious

Compatibility: 5/10

The intelligence of a Virgo woman and the charm of a Leo man would instantly have these two attracted to each other. Nonetheless, this might not last for long. Yes, opposites attract, the opposing forces of these two natures are far too strong to remain in harmony, and it is highly possible that one or both of them will end up walking away from the relationship.

A Leo man likes authority, and Virgos have difficulty letting go of their egos and allowing someone else to be in control. Virgos are careful, deliberate folks, and this may stifle the Leo man’s creative, impulsive nature.

A Virgo reality check may prove to be too much for the Leo man. Therefore, these two signs are likely to get on each other’s nerves and a love affair seems rather improbable. Simply put, a Virgo is as far from a Leo man perfect zodiac match as possible.

7. Leo and Libra – Happy and wonderful

Compatibility: 8/10

If there were ever two zodiac signs destined to live happily ever after, it would be the magical bond between Leo and Libra. Their relationship may begin with friendship, but it won’t be long before this friendship blooms into infinite love. Librans come close to being the best match for Leo man.

A social butterfly, Librans loves spending time outside the house, exploring new avenues. This works in perfect alignment with a Leo man’s need to socialize and be adventurous. Moreover, these two can indulge in some real deep conversation that could make them forget the world around them.

The sexual compatibility between these two signs is great as well, since Librans are both passionate and elegant, and a Leo man in love will go out of his way to make his mate feel special. All in all, the Leo-Libra connection is extraordinary and will make for a wonderful love story.

8. Leo and Scorpio – Mysterious and Frustrating

Compatibility: 6/10

The Leo Scorpio fatal attraction is well-known, but their dynamics also prove that strong, fatal attraction doesn’t translate into a lasting relationship. Leo is to Scorpio what light is to darkness. They’re both intense in their feelings, but while Leo is bright, warm and open, the Scorpio is secretive, deep and mysterious.

Naturally, since opposites attract, the physical attraction between these two will probably blow all their socks off. But beyond the bedroom, they might not do so well. A Leo man is not big on mystery (most Leo men tend to think they already know everything). A Scorpio is never easy to figure out, and this is part of their charm, but also deeply frustrating for a lover.

While Scorpio’s sexy, mysterious personality is attractive to a Leo man at the beginning, he will eventually find it extremely irksome when his partner keeps holding back. Scorpios are called the Rubik’s Cube of the zodiac and for good reason. A Leo man in love will enjoy the sexual generosity and passion of his Scorpio partner, but their controlling, secretive nature might just turn him off eventually.

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9. Leo and Sagittarius – Supportive and Generous

Compatibility: 8/10

Sagittarians are giving, supportive and extremely loving, and these traits are happily welcomed by a Leo man in love. A Sagittarius partner has no intention of trying to usurp the Leo man’s position as King of the Jungle, and our Leo man simply loves that ego boost. It is for this reason that the Leo man love compatibility is lit.

The only flaw that a Leo and Sagittarius couple could have is the inability to accept that they’re wrong and back down from a fight. Since both are fire signs, they will focus on winning the argument more than wanting to resolve it. However, this is easily solvable if they understand each other’s uniqueness and accept each other’s flaws. Because in every other way, the Leo man and his Sagittarius partner are simply perfect for each other!

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10. Leo and Capricorn – Creative yet Gruelling

Compatibility: 3/10

We’re not going to give you false hopes. The Leo-Capricorn compatibility isn’t very high and they both will have to put in extra effort to make their relationship work if at all they end up getting into one. The Leo man love language is one that a Capricon will not understand and vice versa.

The earthy practicality of a Capricorn’s love and the fiery passion of a Leo man’s love often do not work in tandem. A Capricorn partner might find it hard to understand the deep emotional connection that a Leo man in love needs. This can leave them feeling out of sync.

What might make their relationship work is their compatibility in terms of creativity, cherishing moments together and enjoying each other’s presence. If the couple realizes the importance of this, then with a certain amount of effort, their relationship could last long.

11. Leo and Aquarius – Conflicting and Fierce

Compatibility: 4/10

Someone who is constantly floating in the air might not be able to merge well with someone who is pure fire. That is exactly the case with a Leo man and an Aquarius partner. A Leo man might be the king of his domain, but Aquarians are not exactly the epitome of obedience and will not bow before the king.

The Leo-Aquarius relationship will be full of conflict. They’re both intelligent and opinionated and like their own way. They will, more often than not, find it difficult to find harmony in the relationship. The free-floating nature of an Aquarius partner might make it difficult for them to settle down, and the fierceness of a Leo man in love might get in the way of this freedom.

Creativity in terms of sexual possibilities is endless with a Leo and an Aquarius, but unfortunately, their compatibility in bed could be the only thing they have in common.

Leo man compatibility with other zodiac signs
Leo and Aquarius will thrive on conflict

12. Leo and Pisces – Emotional and Awkward

Compatibility: 4/10

If a Leo man in love lives in one world, then the elusive, watery Piscean lives in a completely different world. Since both these zodiacs have strong individual emotional demands, they might find it hard to focus on their partner’s emotional needs.

The emotional availability and generosity provided by Pisces will attract a Leo man at first, but Pisceans are high-maintenance souls who do not share their thoughts or desires easily. Unable to break through this wall, our poor Leo man might soon fall out of love.

The only way their relationship can work is if the Leo man makes his Pisces partner the center of his universe. This would be difficult, however, because only the Leo man himself can be the center of his own universe.

In a nutshell, the zodiac signs that are able to challenge a Leo man, while also stroking his ego, can make a good partner for him. Once a Leo man falls in love, he will show his partner off as his most prized possession. A Leo man in love will make his significant other’s life better than a fantasy. Therefore, whilst it may require patience, calmness and immense understanding to be with a Leo man, the end result will be delightful and certainly never boring.


1. What does a Leo man want in a relationship?

A Leo man cannot stand a clingy partner and prefers them to be independent. They should show that they are interested in him but also maintain their individuality. A Leo man likes his partner to be confident and well-dressed. Bonus points if you can keep challenging him by balancing between independence and playing a damsel in distress!

2. What is a Leo man’s weakness?

A major weakness of Leo men is that they are self-absorbed. Their pride can often supersede their love. They are also difficult to read. You can never truly understand what goes on in their head. The fact that they tend to be big-time flirts which could also be unsettling for their admirers.

3. How does a Leo man show his interest in a partner?

A Leo man shows his interest with his eyes. You will often find a Leo man in crowded rooms because he loves socializing, but when a Leo man is in love, his eyes will search for you in that crowd. His charismatic personality draws people to him, but a Leo man in love will prefer to be with his partner more than anybody else.

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