Affair and Cheating

My husband had an affair, but it’s me who can’t forget

Woman sad because of husband's affair

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How long has this been going on? You told me it was just casual friendship and I believed you. I am a fool!

How many times did you f*** her? Five, ten…more? I need to know the exact number!

Is she very good in bed?

Where did the two of you even meet? A random hotel? At Vivek’s place? Did you ever bring her here? Did you use our bed?

Do you love her? Is she prettier than me?

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  1. This is the case of cheating but in my case even the affair was before marriage and it was found and confronted later, the feeling of betryal doesnt subside. The ghost of her intimate past still haunts and make me curious to dig in deep by asking situational questions again and again.

    1. i know it hurts like hell but i think you should investigate what is the situation now? Is your spouse emotionally involved still? The thing is we take our time to get over past relationships and as mature partner’s maybe we should allow that time ti our partners. I know it hurts…yet maybe this is the wiser thing to do!

  2. I feel digging information should not just for transgression and pinpointing the moment such thought got conceived, it is important to take guilt out of the system during the retrospecting process, from the betrayed spouse. Its definitely a difficult situation and leaves a crack in relation which is never filled.

  3. I can empathise and relate to each and every word of this article. It’s a torture yet it has to be done by the wronged party. But howsoever information one gleans from the spouse, there is always that feeling of something has not been shared. And it adds to bitterness for the rest of the life. Not an easy situation to come to terms with!

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