Oral Sex Moves You Wanted To Know About But Did Not Know Whom To Ask

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Updated On: March 27, 2024
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Around the time I seriously started thinking about sex, I chanced upon a book called The Blue Ribbon. It was a large hardbound book and had the most educative nuggets on the beauty of sex. I had the advantage of a very protective upbringing and therefore was not conditioned to qualify sex as “dirty”. So when I started reading I did so with all the awe and wonder of a young person at the helm of a new turn in life; I was 17.

Even as a child I have always gone into the depths and details of things, I would go into our garden and stare at the blooms, especially the Zenia, and literally take in the flower with all my 5 senses, by the time I examined the calyx I would be in a state of bliss, the curved, fish-scale design and the overall beauty would alter my awareness. They now call this mindful meditation or Gestalt. Not to mention the mogra – the perfume itself is orgasmic. Now replace the flower with a penis or a vagina. There you have it – the beginning of a beautiful experience.

Everything You Need To Know About Oral Sex For A Mind-blowing Experience

Sex is a lot more than just penile-vaginal insertion, especially with the concept of sexuality becoming more fluid than ever before. Irrespective of your preference for a partner, a truly great sexual experience is one that elevates your definition of pleasure. And oral stimulation is an important part of that puzzle. To make sure you get it right, here is a lowdown on everything you need to know to turn oral sex into a mind-blowing experience for yourself and your partner:

Make sure everything is squeaky clean

Taking into account the hygiene factor (must say, nature played a nasty trick by placing the pleasure centers so close to the plumbing), a beginner could initiate oral sex under the shower or in the bath. My best times were in a Jacuzzi.

The lightness of being nude and the pleasant elements of swirling water add to the heightened sensations. Sex is all about “give n take” and for many, the act of giving is more gratifying. There is also the state of acceptance, all penises do not look like the gargantuan ones in porn movies. Accept every bit of your partner as it is, and then proceed to love it in its entirety.

Handle with care

There are some simple rules that one may observe, to be careful not to hurt with your teeth, and to use saliva, lavishly. While the male-junk is right in your face you may need to be more explorative with the female territory. Half the women I know have never seen theirs. So I advise women to look at themselves with a hand mirror, and not get too horrified! It will add to have a fair knowledge of cupping the balls tenderly and finding Ms. Clitoris. Also the male two-day old stubble can hurt her, so communication is a must. Then of course add spice according to taste. The more creative you get, the more fun, not restricted to chocolate syrup, peanut butter, jams and wine.

Practice makes you perfect

For women a blowjob is comparatively easy, a soft suction of the penis using the mouth, mimicking the in-and-out motion of a penis in the vagina during sex. The same must be remembered during coitus, the penis responds joyfully to a gripping squeezing vagina. You can improve by practicing Kegels, useful for both men and women.

For men, it is custom-made. The woman has to help you with what she enjoys most, or else you will end up licking her randomly like an enthusiastic puppy. While it’s great to ask your woman what exactly she enjoys, you need to get at least the basics right. It doesn’t hurt to refer to a free guide on how to eat pussy to make sure you know what you’re doing.

The grand finale

Some people love the natural smell of a clean private part – reminds them of a ripe avocado or aloe vera. Some prefer an exotic organic soap perfume! Each to his own. So what do I do when he is going to orgasm? You might ask. Well if it is someone you love, I suggest you swallow, because his orgasm will be complete. And he will always hold you as someone special. Else spit. Or Avert! I may as well remind you that there are women who ejaculate too!

Personally I feel this is a life skill no one needs to be taught, but with our warped societal repressive shackles, it may do well to include the outlines of good-love making in extra-curricular activities, along with cooking, gardening, and how to change a bicycle tyre.

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