10 Signs You Have An Emotional Connection With Someone

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How often have we craved that kind of connection with someone — the kind that makes your heart simultaneously run a million miles per minute and skip a thousand beats in awe? A connection that is unadulterated and pure and is just solely about how you feel about each other. Rom-coms make it look so easy to find someone with whom we can connect emotionally and live happily ever after. But, honestly, how often does that happen in real life? 

As it turns out, finding an emotional connection is not as easy as building a physical or intellectual connection. As simple as it may sound, it is not that easy to connect emotionally with people after all. We often confuse emotional connection with the feeling of being in love. This leads to questions like, “Does emotional connection mean ‘to love’?” Quite simply, the emotional connection is the strength that holds love together. 

It is the element that makes love grow and blossom. The emotional connection in a relationship is the binding factor that holds love together. Without a strong emotional connection, a relationship will eventually fade and lose all meaning. To ensure a healthy relationship, every couple needs to, thus, put serious work into building a strong emotional connection.

There is no, one, single way of being emotionally connected to someone. The emotional connection in a relationship works differently for different couples. The meaning of emotional connection being nuanced, it may vary for each of those couples. But do you sometimes wonder if you are emotionally connecting with your wife or not? Or are you more worried about whether you have an emotional connection with someone you have just started seeing? Well, we may have you covered.

10 Signs You Have An Emotional Connection With Someone

There are always signs that indicate whether you have a deep emotional connection with someone. These signs might help you find out if you are emotionally connected with your wife or girlfriend or are depending on others to fulfill that need for emotional connection. Or they might help you realize the gaps and build upon the emotional connection with your husband or the guy you like. Either way, here are 10 sure fire signs of emotional connection with a woman or a man:

1. Trusting your partner

Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship and, without it, any relationship is likely to fall apart pretty soon. When you have a deep emotional connection with someone, you automatically learn to trust each other. Trust is proof that you feel emotionally safe. Trusting your partner also means you have respect for them. Obstacles are very common in any relationship but, with trust, you know that your partner has your best interests at heart. You will not feel any insecurity when the emotional connection is really strong.

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2. You have the space to disagree on things

Sometimes, arguments are healthy. Disagreements are common in every sphere of life. It is not mandatory to share the same outlook or have the same opinion regarding a lot of things. In a relationship, one must have the freedom to voice their disagreement freely without the fear of getting criticized. It is the effort to understand your partner that counts. When there is space for disagreement, conversations stop turning into a performance and become more meaningful.

3. You stop caring about appearance and connect more deeply

In the initial phases of your relationship, you tend to care how you look and are super conscious about your appearance, but with time, you cease to care about it any more. Now, you don’t check yourself out in the mirror at least 10 times before meeting your partner. You feel confident in your pajamas. The relationship rises above superficial things like appearances and becomes mostly about understanding each other and being there for each other in every possible situation.

4. You feel free to be vulnerable in the presence of your partner

Contrary to popular belief, vulnerability is a sign of strength and not weakness. To express your needs, fears, and embarrassments in an uninhibited manner only shows how comfortable you are with your partner. When your vulnerability is not seen as an emotional burden, but rather it is accepted and paid attention to, that is when you know that you share a strong emotional connection with your partner. When you let your guard down, you connect with your partner on a deeper, more intimate level. Vulnerability brings out the most authentic version of you and being accepted for what you are is a definite sign of emotional connection.

5. Paying attention to the little things in your relationship

At the end of the day we all know that it is the little things that count. When in a relationship with a strong emotional connection, you and your partner pay attention to the details of everyday life. You know how they like to part their hair, how they take their tea and their pet peeves. The range of little things you know about them may be pretty vast, but when you have a strong emotional connection with your partner, such knowledge just comes naturally to you. Attention to such little details helps in building familiarity and strengthens intimacy. You develop a natural interest in the ‘not so very exciting’ daily activities.

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6. You can sense when there is something wrong

Sometimes the tone is enough to understand that something is off. You become very intuitive in determining when anything feels odd between you two. When you have a deep emotional connection with someone, explaining every detail is necessary. You and your partner are very sensitive to each other’s feelings. You do not have to explain your day was bad. Your partner is able to sense it even from a simple text. 

7. Sharing every detail about life with each other

Whenever any new thing happens in your life, good or bad, you cannot wait to share it with your partner. You share the big news as well as the small stuff with the same excitement. When you are unable to tell them, you do not feel whole or satisfied. Though you may lead different lives, a clear, healthy communication between you two would create a kind of synergy that is a definite sign of a strong emotional bond. 

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8. Trying to participate in, or even understand, your partner’s interest 

In an emotionally strong relationship, both you and your partner would usually go the extra mile to have a deeper understanding of each other’s interests. You would take pains to understand the importance of a certain interest and respect it. None of you will take the other for granted, rather you would be encouraging of their hobbies and interests. Even if you have different interests and hobbies, ultimately, you would find ways to strike a balance. 

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9. Accepting each other 

When you are in a deeply emotional relationship, you understand the fact that all of us are humans and we each come with our fair share of flaws. When you learn to accept each other despite the flaws and failings, that is when you know that you connect emotionally with that person. You do not try to change the other person, nor do you want to make them better according to your yardstick. When you have a strong emotional connection, you simply accept the person as they are without complaining about ways in which they could change to be better suited to your tastes. 

10. Sex comes second to emotional connection

When you have a deep emotional connection with someone, the urgency to have sex diminishes. Physical intimacy is definitely important in a relationship, but with emotional intimacy, you connect more deeply with your partner. You often experience nonsexual intimate moments in your relationship. Even holding hands can evoke a sense of deep intimacy sans the sexual connotation.


1. How do you develop an emotional connection?

If you want to develop an emotional connection with your husband or if you feel you are not emotionally connecting with your wife, do not worry! You always can try to develop a certain connection by trying out a few ways. Come out of that shell! Try to communicate your feelings with your partner. In return you need to be a good listener as well, do not just hear things out. Most importantly do not try to fix them or change them. Spending some quality time together might also help you to build a deep emotional connection naturally. 

2. Do guys want an emotional connection?

Yes. If you feel it is difficult to build an emotional connection with a guy then you are wrong. It is a huge misconception that guys loathe emotional connection. Any human needs to feel connected to another human being. 
The stereotype, men are only interested in sex and they have no wish to connect emotionally, has been passed on for generations resulting in a toxic understanding of men’s feelings. Every human craves to feel a connection with someone. Guys love the deep conversations and feeling that they are cared for just as much as women. Like every human, men are no different. 

3. What is an example of an emotional connection?

There is no broad definition for the meaning of emotional connection, you just know when you connect emotionally with someone. Emotional connection transcends the realm of physical attraction and you get to know the person for who he or she really is. There can be so many ways to know that you connect emotionally to a person, but most importantly it is your intuition which informs you when you are emotionally connected to someone. 

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