17 Signs And Feelings That Indicate She Is In Love With You

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Signs She is Madly in Love with You
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In the movie Titanic, when Rose (played by Kate Winslet) jumps out from a lifeboat to be with Jack Dawson (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) in the sinking Titanic, it is the ultimate sign she is in true love. This scene is epic because it shows what happens when a girl is in love. Well, IRL a girl may not jump off a ship no matter how strong her feelings are, but you will be able to see some clear signs she loves you deeply.

Going back to romantic fiction, how a woman behaves when she is in love with you also shines through in the film Notebook. Allie (Rachel McAdams) falls for Noah (Ryan Gosling), who is far below her social status and sparks fly. But they are separated by her parents and years later when they meet again he is back from the war and she is engaged to another man. This is a classic film that shows what a girl deep in love can do. She breaks her engagement and goes back to Noah.

How do you tell when a girl is in love? Actress Jennifer Lawrence said in an interview you can tell a girl is in love when she wants to go the extra mile with her man. “When I met Cooke Maroney I was not even ready for a relationship. And just after we met I wanted to marry him and have a future with him. And so we did just that and I am happiest I took the step.” If you have been wrestling with questions like, “What does she really feel inside her heart?” or “How to tell if a woman is in love with you?”, know that when a girl is madly in love it shows. Let’s take a look at the common signs you need to keep an eye out for.

17 Signs She Is Madly In Love With You

When women fall madly in love, they want commitment, exclusivity, and intimacy, among other things. A woman in love is also prepared to do whatever it takes not just to win over the man she is besotted with but also to build with him a relationship that is built on intimacy, trust, unwavering commitment, respect, and of course, love. So, if there is a special woman in your life and you’re still unclear about how she feels about you, pay attention to these fool-proof signs she is in love with you:

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1. She wants complete commitment

In romantic relationships, the intense desire to be someone’s only one is quite natural. Women are strong and independent, and they aren’t willing to open their hearts and lives to just about anyone. If she is ready to let you in, it is one of the signs she loves you. When a woman is in love, she will want a man to be committed to her emotionally and physically unless they are both seeking an open relationship.

A readiness to commit and expecting you to reciprocate is her way of telling you that she is prepared to go all in and stand by your side through the journey of life. If you meet her halfway and commit without hesitation or reservations, she will make good on her promise, come what may.

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2. She wants intimacy

Any relationship expert will tell you that intimacy among couples is a dynamic and ever-evolving phenomenon. Every couple attains different stages of intimacy, graduating from one level to the next as they get to know each other better and the connection between them becomes deeper. How to know that she loves you truly? If she does, she will work to establish the highest level of intimacy with you. She sends out that message through subtle non-verbal cues such as,

  • Willingness to be physically close to you in public
  • Holding your hand when walking down the street
  • Choosing to sit next to you
  • Leaning toward you
  • Giving you a soft peck on the cheek
  • Greeting you or saying goodbye with lingering hugs

This is her way of showing that she shares a certain comfort level with you. If she does this, you can count it among the signs she is madly in love with you.

3. She believes in the concept of ‘us’

Well, this one is a given when she is crazy in love with you. When a woman truly falls for you, she inevitably starts imagining what it’d be like to build and share a life with you. All her plans and actions are formulated factoring you in, and you should be ready to handle it like a grownup.

This is a very important step to creating a stronghold for your relationship, which also clearly exhibits her seriousness in terms of commitment, and for her, the concept of ‘us’ becomes more and more real as her feelings for you grow strong. This focus on ‘us’ comes along with the space to explore each other’s individualities, allowing each to become the best version of themselves.

how to know that a girl loves you truly
She desires commitment

4. She believes in actions more than words

Actions speak louder than words and a woman in love practices it in true earnest. She knows how to say “I love” you without saying it. One of the signs a girl loves you is that she will stand with you and by you no matter what. Even if it’s you against the world, you know you can count on her to be on your team.

If you already know that special woman in your life to be your biggest support system and cheerleader, there is no room for doubt that she loves you deeply. This is also her feisty way of telling you that it’s a two-way street and you have to meet her halfway. Fulfilling primary promises can be one of the firsts, followed by more serious fidelity.

5. She will love you for your quirks

Your quirks and idiosyncrasies don’t bother her. In fact, she finds them endearing for she knows that these are what make you the person she fell in love with. She will end up loving you and your conspicuous eccentricities alike — Well, love is a strange thing! That’s why, when a woman is in love with you, she will,

  • Put away the judgments and accept you wholeheartedly
  • Look past your past mistakes and help you build yourself up from scratch, every time you fall.
  • Never make a mockery of how you choose to exhibit yourself in public

These are signs a girl loves you. Even when everyone else leaves your side, she will be the one who stays back for you and with you.

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6. She will go the extra mile for you

Among the signs she loves you deeply is her readiness to put in extra effort in the relationship to make you feel at ease, accepted, and appreciated in her many different ways. She will silently learn about all your needs and habits — the way you like your coffee, the pattern of your sleep, the space you need to work — and do whatever she can to accommodate your needs. This understanding and her will to make more and more room in her life for you will grow as your connection deepens. Her desire to become a part of your life is just one of the many signs she loves you deeply.

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7. She shows you her other side

Unleashing her inner child in front of you is the epitome of her being comfortable with you. If she seems perfectly confident in her skin around you and does not hesitate to bring out her immature side or confides in you with the little things that bug her, know that she loves you deeply.

This might take some time and will manifest only when your bond rests on a solid foundation of trust and respect. But once she gets there, her love will only grow stronger. One of the proven signs she loves you madly is that she will let her guard down completely, and let you see her vulnerabilities, flaws, weaknesses, quirks.

signs she cares about you
Her need for an emotional connection stems from her love for you

8. She wants an emotional connection

Once she goes all-in with the commitment, it is only fair that she expects certain things in return. It need not be the extravagance of fancy new things or lavishing her with gifts, but a more complementary emotional intimacy built on honest and open conversations about wants, desires, and needs. When a girl is crazy in love with you or has strong feelings for you, it’s only natural that she wants a deeply intimate emotional connection with you. She seeks transparency and honesty more than anything else.

9. She will be the best version of herself for you

One of the surefire signs she is madly in love with you is that try to be the best version of herself for you, in every conceivable way by making an effort to,

  • Work on the flaws that irk you
  • Eliminate things that trigger conflict or friction
  • Be meticulous about how she looks, feels, and expresses herself
  • Looking her best for you

This is her way of making you feel loved. It’s her way of telling you that she chooses to enthusiastically dedicate a considerable amount of time, energy, and resources to be the woman of your dreams because you matter.

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10. She will long for you

Even if being expressive about her emotions does not come easily to her, she won’t be able to hide how much your absence irks her. If she longs for you and misses you when you’re away, it is among the telltale signs she is madly in love with you. If she says, “I miss you” and “I wish you were here”, you are in the most momentous realm where she does not care about her vulnerability. You have become such an intimate part of her life that she builds up the courage to freely confess her emotional turmoil and longing to you.

11. She shows respect and admiration

Wondering how to know that a girl loves you truly? See if she respects your opinion, choices, and individuality. Respect and admiration in a loving relationship often entail honoring each other’s individuality, decisions, and boundaries. Admiration for one’s accomplishments is an important thing in a relationship and an obvious sign she loves you.

A woman deeply in love shows genuine admiration for her partner’s qualities and character traits. She acknowledges his strengths and uniqueness, actively listens to his thoughts, and values his opinions, creating an environment where mutual respect forms the cornerstone of their connection. If you notice this about her in your relationship, you can rest assured she genuinely loves you.

How to know if a girl likes you?

12. She listens to you

Want to have trust in the feelings of a girl in love? See if she listens to you. By being a good listener, a woman exhibits a deep concern for her significant other and her love and commitment to him. Many men take this sign for granted since they are usually used to being listened to. But this attentive listening behavior reflects her care and concern, reflecting her deep investment in the relationship’s well-being. This is one of the signs she likes you without saying it — quite literally — and can make a potential partner feel special.

13. Her body language says so

When a woman loves you, her body language can express her deep love. Through gestures and body language, you can read signs she likes you without saying it. If the woman in your life exhibits the following signs, you can rest assured that she loves you:

  • Eye contact: A woman in love will maintain eye contact while talking to you to show that her full attention is on you
  • Touch: She will frequently initiate touch or maintain physical closeness. She will hold hands, lean toward you, or lightly touch on the arm or shoulder
  • Gestures of engagement: Actively participating in conversations, showing interest, nodding, and responding attentively reflect her desire to understand and connect with her man
  • Positive facial expressions: Genuine smiles, radiant facial expressions, and a happy demeanor in her man’s presence indicate her joy at being with him. At the same time, her expressions change according to the mood of the communication
feelings of a girl in love
Expressing love through physical gestures is one of the most important ways a woman shows she is in love

14. She takes out time for you

A woman who loves you will find ways to spend quality time with you. You will be at the No. 1 spot on her priority list. This is not because she’s too clingy or needy but because she wants to spend time getting to know all of you and be a prime support in every emotional roller coaster you face.

She will also start staking her claim on your time, pushing for doing more and more stuff together. That is because she is equally interested in sharing her life with you. She wants you to be the first person she shares the little concerns of her life with.

15. She wants to learn everything about you

How do you know if a woman really loves you? Take a moment to reflect on the following questions:

  • Does she want to truly get to know you?
  • Does she ask questions and follow up on your responses?
  • Does she show interest in getting to know your family?
  • Has she already met all your friends?
  • Does she hear you talk about your job?
  • Does she pay attention to every little detail of your life like your favorite meal or the names of your coworkers?

If your answer to all or most of these questions is ‘yes’, there is no doubt she has deep feelings for you. Her actions are a reflection of these feelings. She makes an effort to really get to know every little thing about you because she hopes to build a relationship and a life with you and knowing who you are serves as the foundation of that bond. It is little details such as this that differentiate a woman who is gauging her interest in you and the woman who truly loves you.

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16. She is jealous — sometimes

The love of your life may be a bit jealous at times of the attention you may be getting from other girls. If you see subtle signs of concern or possessiveness when other women show interest, it means she likes you a lot and that she’s interested in you, maybe for a long-term relationship.

Emphasis on ‘subtle signs’. Healthy levels of jealousy are often conveyed playfully, like mild teasing or seeking reassurance, showcasing one’s investment in the relationship and a desire to maintain the connection. This phase of jealousy should bring all her attention to you, but only positive attention. Keep a close watch on the thin line between healthy jealousy and distrust. These are small things that help distinguish a healthy relationship from a toxic one.

17. She is with you through the difficult times

A woman standing by you during bad times signifies profound love and is a huge sign of her commitment to you. Her unwavering support amid adversity reveals a deep emotional connection. Her willingness to share burdens, offer solace, and stay devoted to you when times are tough displays a genuine affection beyond words. In a long-term relationship, such a sign translates to a willingness to work on the relationship, be it talking to you, or going through relationship coaching if needed.

This reflects her strong emotional investment in the relationship, demonstrating the depth of her love and care for the well-being of the relationship. If this woman in your life is with you not only through thick but also through thin, you should see this as one of the signs she loves you deeply.

For her, there is no going back from here. She loves you madly and has chosen you as the one for her. That is all that matters for her. If you feel the same way, what are you waiting for? You are a lucky man!

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