50 Signs A Girl Likes You – You Can’t Go Wrong With These!

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signs she likes you
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So, you like a girl. Well done! But you’re still unsure whether she feels the same way, and you’ve been wondering, “How do you know a girl likes you?” Well, there are some signs you need to look out for. Shy glances, subtle advances, and smiling a little too much are only a few of them. To know whether she is smitten by you or not, we bring you 50 signs a girl likes you. 

Sometimes, there are obvious signs a girl likes you; sometimes there are hints that she likes you. Just in case you’re one of those people who can’t figure it out either way, we’ve got a ready reckoner you can refer to.

50 Signs A Girl Likes You 

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Listen, there will always be signs that a girl likes you. It could be things she talks about on a first date or simply even in the way she conducts herself around you (hello hair flips and lip bites). She may do it deliberately or subconsciously give it away.

There are lots of ways to know a girl is interested in you, but you need to pay attention. She’s not laughing that hard because you’re the funniest man in the world, she’s actually trying to get your attention. When the texts go beyond just sharing memes and move on to discussing vulnerabilities, it’s one of the clear signs a girl likes you over text.

We get it, even though the subtle signs a girl likes you may be staring back at you, it’s easy to look past them, especially since you don’t know what to look for. So if you’re still wondering how you know a girl is interested in you, we’ve got your back. Here are 50 signs a girl likes you.

1. Leaning in 

Ah, the old lean in! It’s not just men who do this, you know. When you and a girl are talking, if you observe her often leaning in close to listen to you, chances are that she likes you a lot. It makes sense, right? Why on earth would she lean close to you if you repelled her? Girls lean in when they are invested in a good conversation and in the person in front of them. It’s one of the body language signs a girl likes you.

This is a way of showing endearment toward you and indicates her rapt attention to what you are saying. Basically, it’s one of the obvious signs she wants you.

2. Smiling a lot 

She’s smiling a lot

Girls might grit their teeth around you a lot, which isn’t a great sign. But if she’s smiling a lot, it could be one of the early signs a girl likes you. It could be a secret little knowing smile as she realizes you’re special. Or a full-fledged beam of light because she’s thrilled to be around you.

Her smile means she’s really happy and the cause of her happiness is you. Congratulations are in order since we women pride ourselves on being hard to please.

3. A brush on the shoulder 

How to know if a girl likes you? One of the obvious signs a girl likes you but which often goes unnoticed, is when she taps your arm or shoulder. Try and take note of whether she’s constantly touching your hand lightly or brushing your shoulder while she talks. This is one of the subtle signs a girl likes you, so don’t ignore it.

Girls do this only when they are comfortable and somewhat intimate with another person. A light brush of her hand on your shoulder means a lot more than you think! 

4. Her eyes light up when you talk 

We don’t mean she shoots lightning out of her eyes like a female Thor (although how cool would that be?) When you are with a girl and her eyes gleam when she hears you speak, ponder no more. The eyes are the window to the soul and if she is flirting with eyes, she probably has a thing for you.

A girl will only express interest with her eyes when that interest comes from deep within her heart. How to know a girl is interested in you? Let her eyes tell you. 

5. She replies to your messages instantly 

One of the signs a girl likes you over text is if she is quick to respond to your messages. This means that she enjoys chatting with you and is eager to read and respond to your messages. She may even engage in double texting to show you that she is invested.

Texting can be its own love language, so takes these as hints she likes you. Responding immediately and eagerly means she wants to talk to you and probably take this further.

6. She calls you often 

It’s a world of texting, so if a girl likes to call you up, she may want to be more than just friends with you. Talking to the same person on call every day and trying to be romantic on phone is only doable when one is really into the other person.

A friend told me how as a student, she would call a boy she liked almost every day just to chat and hear his voice. So, if you’re looking for signs a girl likes you in school, regular phone calls are definitely a good sign. If she likes to call you and hear about your day, she is definitely interested in you. 

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7. She compliments your outfits 

Want signs she secretly likes you? A girl is always extra impressed with a boy who dresses to her taste. If she likes your outfit, she will definitely comment on the same. 

A girl does not go around showering sweet words on every guy she thinks looks good. She may find many of them good-looking, but will only compliment the one who has stolen her heart. So, if she’s telling you how good you look in your Batman t-shirt, rest assured that’s one of the hints she likes you.

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8. She tries out things that you like 

A girl who takes interest in your hobbies is a girl who is ready to become yours. One of the 50 signs a girl likes you is if she is willing to try and understand new things for you. She may indulge in your hobbies as date ideas, like going rock climbing or going to the theatre.

For Eliza and Andrew, it was surfing. No, not surfing the web, actual surfing. Eliza was scared of surfing, but Andrew loves it. So, she plucked up her courage and agreed to accompany him. She even managed to stand upright on the surfboard. For about 30 seconds. But hey, it’s the thought that counts.

It doesn’t need to be surfing; even if you are a guitar player, a girl who likes you may often want to listen to you play or ask more about your musical interests. It’s a way of getting close to you, and one of the psychological signs a girl likes you.

9. She posts about you on her social media 

If a girl likes to show you off on her social media feed and stories, that sign is more obvious than you think. She may try to do things couples do on social media.

Girls can be a tad particular about the guys they share on their feed. They usually only post about guys they care about or are really close to. So, if you’re showing up on her Instagram stories, be flattered. She’s got a thing for you!

10. She wants to invite you over 

This sounds both sexy and ominous. One of the signs a girl likes you but is hiding it is if she keeps calling you over under the pretext of ‘just hanging out’. She clearly wants to spend more time with you and in more intimate ways. And by intimate, we mean, she may just want you to see her in her own space, or she really wants you up close and personal. Don’t assume, though!

Her home is her personal space and if she is inviting you there, chances are she wants to make things more personal with you too. This is totally a sign she secretly likes you, so go for it!

11. You know everything about her family 

If a girl rambles on about her family with you, she is clearly building trust in a relationship with you. Not everyone is so open to sharing about who they are and where they come from. 

If you know the details of her parents, siblings and even distant friends – she definitely likes to share her thoughts and feelings with you. Family secrets aren’t shared with everyone, so if she’s dishing up family gossip, you’re definitely special.

12. She considers your choices 

“Does this dress look okay on me?” or “Should I get Valerie this gift or not?” If a girl asks you questions like these, she likes to know your choice and trusts you enough to often go with it. If she texts you her outfit before every party she goes to or runs every little thing she does by you, she is really into you. Be thoughtful about your opinions, please. She’s asking because you matter, so don’t tell her that blue isn’t really her color.

13. Your opinions are of value to her 

Your opinions may differ on a range of things. You may be a vegetarian, and she might not be. You may also have different political inclinations. 

If these things do not get in the way of how much she respects you, she probably likes you. When a girl likes you enough to overlook the things that are important to her yet different from you, it’s one of the signs she wants to be your girlfriend.

You’ll probably have arguments and that’s healthy, but if she’s appreciating your differences, this is one of the obvious signs she wants you.

14. She looks straight into your eyes 

Eye contact is everything. A girl who is confident in her interest and unafraid to show it will look deeply into your eyes. While talking or even sitting in silence, if a girl stares straight at you without being awkward or conscious, it is one of the obvious signs she likes you. Look back, smile, maybe gently brush the hair away from her face. She’ll be yours.

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15. Your dates are often long 

Girl likes to chill with you

Girls prolong dates and hang out with guys only when they think they are worth the trouble. If someone is not into you, they will never find reasons to waste their time with you. 

If a girl likes to chill with you, your dates with her will always be significantly longer than others. She obviously likes spending time with you and that’s how to know a girl likes you.

16. She may get jealous of your other female friends 

If a girl seems uncomfortable when other girls surround you, she is clearly jealous in this relationship you’ve got brewing. Even when a girl seems positively startled or vexed when you mention another girl to her, her blood is clearly boiling just listening to another girl’s name. Head’s up, my friend, she’s got a thing for you! Jealousy is a psychological sign that a girl likes you.

17. She wants to meet your friends 

When a girl likes to know more about your life and who you really are, she might suggest asking to meet your friends. After all, they’re a big part of your life and she’ll want to see who you are around them.

This girl wants to weave herself into your life and be a part of your routine and get to know all your types of friends. So, go ahead. Set up a meeting with your bro-team.

18. She cooks you a meal

Cooking a meal for someone is a special thing to do and people don’t do this just for anyone. If a girl hosts you and cooks a meal for you, she wants to impress you. That kind of effort is always reserved for people one truly likes. Now, she might not be a gourmet cook, but shut up and eat it anyway. Or then, offer to cook together next time.

19. Licking her lips 

One of the signs a girl likes you and wants to show it is when she licks her lips in front of you. This could mean that she is turned on by you and wants you badly. 

This is one of the sexy things women do that turn guys on. By indirectly conveying her interest, this is her cue for you to return the flirty behavior. Licking the lips is definitely one of the body language signs a girl likes you. Go ahead and return the favor.

20. She likes to tease you 

If a girl likes to get playful with you and pull your leg, she is not just doing this to have fun. It is one of the signs a girl secretly likes you. 

One of the peculiar and indirect ways that girls show affection is when they like to tease another person and annoy boys on purpose. So, if she’s cracking jokes and ruffling your hair and poking fun at you, she’s harboring feelings for you beyond friendship. This is one of the early signs a girl likes you, so take it as it is.

21. She laughs at everything you say 

Disclaimer: A girl laughing at everything you say doesn’t mean you should quit your day job and go do stand-up comedy. You could say the silliest things, and a girl who likes you will cackle away as though you’re the God of comedy.

She will find you funny

It’s her way of letting you know she likes you, and that she will find you funny even if no one else does. Be warned, once you’re actually in a relationship for a while, she might not laugh quite so much. But for now, this is definitely a sign that a girl likes you, so go ahead and tell your very worst jokes.

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22. She remembers the little things 

If she remembers your first dog’s name or your favorite pizza toppings or even what brand of perfume you wear, it is one of the most important 50 signs a girl likes you. 

When a girl cares about another person, she instantly registers the things you tell them. They said God is in the details; we say Cupid is in the details, too.

23. She stands more erect around you 

Not that she’s hunching otherwise, but this is a subtle sign a girl likes you. Her bearing and posturing will suddenly change slightly and she’ll sit or stand straighter. This body language is a way of conveying her seriousness toward your presence. Subconsciously, a girl wants to occupy and monopolize your space when she is around you. 

There are many female body language signs of attraction. To capture your attention and make herself the center of your consciousness, she will change her posture to make herself appear important to you. 

24. Her body is always turned towards you 

This is one of the body language signs a girl likes you. Her whole body will always be slightly angled towards you. When a girl demands you to be attentive to her, her body language will also highlight the same. 

At work, if you guys are discussing an important project, even if she is distracted by little things she will turn herself toward you as though you are the most important entity in the room.

25. She tries to hold your hand 

One sign a girl likes you at school and is trying to flirt with you, is that she will try to hold your hand in a cute and coy manner. This is one of the non-sexual touches to feel intimate.

If she slips her fingers around yours in a subtle manner and then grips them when you hold her hand, that is more than just a friendly gesture. Hand-holding is a great way to get your feelings across, so pay attention.

26. She lets you touch her 

When you touch a girl in a flirty or playful manner, if she returns it by coming closer to you, then she certainly likes you. When a girl doesn’t like being touched she will make it obvious and retreat from the situation. However, if she enjoyed it, she will return the gesture happily. This is important since consent and boundaries are essential to any relationship.  

27. Her cheeks go red

Blushing is underrated, but it is the easiest tell and is the biggest of the 50 signs a girl likes you. When a girl blushes, that means she is totally into you. When this tinge of pink on her face is incited by you, know that she wants you and might be falling in love too fast.

28. Your words are slipping into her vocabulary 

When a girl is getting used to being around you, she may grasp the common terms or phrases you might say. If she mirrors the way you say goodbye or how you react in a funny situation, she is so into you. You might even be able to see these little nuances on texts when she starts using the same emojis as you do. The signs a girl likes you over text can literally be as small as that.

If she didn’t like you, she would never even register these little things. This subconscious sign is a major indicator that she really likes you.

29. She likes and comments on all your photos  

One of the signs she likes you on Facebook is if she religiously comments and likes your pictures and stories online. She is definitely keeping tabs on your posts and your posting habits. This means that she enjoys your online content and wants to see more of you! This doesn’t mean you post regular thirst traps, but acknowledge that she’s interested in you by replying to her comments and liking her posts too. 

30. She touches her neck often 

This might sound a little weird, but yes, the neck is a major erogenous zone. In order to accentuate her physical features, appear sexy and get your attention, a girl who likes you will keep touching her neck when she’s around you.

It could be a deliberate move, but it could also be a reflex action to calm herself because she’s attracted to you. Don’t jump to conclusions every time a girl touches her neck, though. Look for other signs of attraction as well.

31. She worries about her appearance around you 

A girl who likes you always wants to look her best around you. If you see her fidgeting about with her outfit, checking her lipstick, or always re-arranging her hair, it means that she likes you. This means that she likes looking good for you and making an effort to see if you notice. So, make sure you notice the body language of a girl who likes you.

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32. Playing with her hair 

We like to think our hair is one of our best features, and when we like someone, we tend to play with it a lot. In fact, it’s one of the most prominent physical features in a woman that men like. So, if she’s twirling her hair around a finger or tucking it behind her ears or just running her hands through it, there’s a chance she’s a little nervous, a little vulnerable, but hopefully in a good way.

Twirling one’s hair alleviates anxiety and can be a stress buster. If she plays with her hair a lot, she is conscious of being around you and being her best self. 

33. She always wants a reaction out of you 

Anything she does or anything she mentions, a girl who likes you will want you to react positively to the same. She does not do this too obviously because she could be playing hard to get.

If she cracks a joke, mentions an old story or even starts playing with a dog you run into at the park, she will watch curiously for your reaction. It could end up being one of the signs a girl likes you, but is trying not to show it, since she’s not making a huge deal out of it.

34. You’re #1 on her drunk dial list 

For many of us, when we’re a few drinks down, our inhibitions are lowered. So, if she was a little wary of showing her feelings when she was sober, it’s possible she’ll drunk dial you and be far more effusive.

Also, if you’re on her drunk dial list, there’s a certain degree of trust she has in you. When one isn’t entirely sober, they often only think of people they are attracted to and want terribly at that moment. It’s just one of those cute things that drunk girlfriends do.

35. She knows she can be quirky around you 

When a girl starts liking you, she starts showing more and more of her quirky and fun nature around you, because she knows she can be herself around you. At first, girls may be a little reserved and wary of what they show. However, if they quickly get comfortable around you, it is because they like you very much. 

Take note of signs like her being goofier than normal, or her presenting a more carefree side of herself in front of you. It’s one of the obvious signs a girl likes you, all you need to do is make sure you pick up on it.

She knows she can be her fun self around you

36. She never says No 

When you ask her to make plans and she never refuses, it is because she loves being around you and not necessarily because she is a clingy person.  Even if she already has plans and is busy and still makes the effort to make time for you, she’s a keeper. If she likes you, she will rarely ever ditch you. 

It’s one of the more subtle signs a girl likes you, made even more subtle if she doesn’t tell you who she’s blowing off to be able to see you. But if she says something like, “I canceled on my friends to do this,” just know that you’re pretty special to her.

37. She wants reasons to talk to you 

How to know a girl likes you? She’ll forever be looking for reasons to talk to you and have a conversation. Looking for you after class or asking you a ton of questions means that she loves talking to you. 

Even when she texts you randomly trying to spark a conversation, it means that she wants to get to know you better. Now, why would she want to do that unless she’s into you?

38. She is fidgety in your presence 

What does love feel like? It can actually make you feel nervous. If she picks up something and keeps fidgeting with it or cannot sit straight or comfortably, it is because she is anxious around you.

It is nothing to worry about though. When a girl likes you, she’s bound to be a bit nervous around you. It only means that she likes you secretly. Try and make her as comfortable as possible, though, so she knows you’ve got her back.

39. She has a different glow with you 

Girls glow differently when they are happy and in love. Her pupils will dilate and her skin will be more radiant. The release of oxytocin can literally increase one’s blood flow and make one look much healthier. One of the 50 signs a girl likes you is when she literally shines when she is around you. 

40. She is very agreeable

If she’s nodding along with everything you say and tends to agree with most of your opinions, it is because she likes you. Mind you, she’ll probably have an opinion of her own, but she seems to listen agreeably with what you say.

This means she does not want to unnecessarily trigger any relationship arguments when she is getting to know you and wants to let you know that she admires you. 

41. Her friends know of you 

Her girl gang will know of you and has probably stalked you all over the internet in a matter of minutes. In fact, they might know more about you than even you do! Girls love telling their girlfriends about what’s going on in their lives even if it is just a minor crush. Our girlfriends are important to us, so if she has spoken about you with her friends, you definitely mean something to her. 

42. She has mentioned taking you to a future event 

It could be her cousin’s wedding or her best friend’s football-themed house party. If she has mentioned that she wants you to accompany her, this can be a huge sign that she likes you. A girl only wants to take you to such gatherings when she likes you a lot and wants to take things further with you. 

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43. She sends a lot of memes 

If she keeps tagging you in memes or DMs them to you, it might be because she is trying to start a conversation with you. She wants to keep in touch with you even though you two are not actively conversing. It’s no surprise that gen-z uses memes to flirt, and it’s one of the clear signs a girl likes you over text.

44. She is always asking you questions 

When a girl likes you, she wants to know all about you. Your history, your hobbies, and even your dislikes — she will care about it all. Even when chatting online, she will try to ask you funny online dating questions. Do not be confused if she asks you about the tiniest details. It’s only her interest in getting to know you. 

45. She sends you pictures of herself 

Morning selfies, workout selfies and pictures of her lunch. You name it, she sends you a picture of it. This is one great way to step up online dating. The next time she sends you pictures of her outfits that she’s trying on for a particular occasion, take it as one of the signs a girl likes you over text. She could’ve just asked her girlfriends (who would frankly be better able to tell her what looks good and what doesn’t), but she didn’t. She asked you.

If she is always updating you on what she is doing by sending you a snap of it, she likes you for sure. She wants a more personal touch in your conversations and this is her way of doing that. 

46. She hints that she is free at certain times 

“Ugh I have nothing to do this evening” is code for ‘Why haven’t you asked me out tonight?” It’s one of the things that guys are guilty of overlooking since reading between the lines is usually not their forte. While in fact, it’s one of the signs a girl likes you, but is trying not to show it.

If she casually mentions very specific times that she is free, it is a hint or cue for you to ask her out. Take note if she texts you things like, “I’m so bored! I have nothing to do,” a little too often. Though it’s not too obvious, it’s one of the signs a girl likes you over text.  

47. She often jokes about you two dating 

“Imagine if we were a couple,” or “We’d have to be a couple to do this” is a subconscious hint that she wants to be with you. Though it may seem like she’s just kidding around, you know what they say – there’s a grain of truth in every joke.

By joking about the two of you being together, she is encouraging your friendship to transform into something more real like exclusive dating. It’s one of the obvious signs a girl likes you, and you should probably pay more attention to her “jokes.” To do her one better, go ahead and add to the joke. At the very least, it’ll result in a good laugh (or who knows, a conversation about potentially dating).

48. Her feet point at you 

Yes, you read that right. Most people are completely unaware of this sign. If her feet are pointing towards you, it means that she really likes you. 

It’s one of the classic tells in the body language of a girl who likes you. Her entire body is focused on you in this way. After all, usually, feet point towards the direction we want to go and what we want. So if her feet are pointed towards you, it’s a sign that she wants you.

49. Peripheral physical contact 

This is a passive contact that girls do, hoping that the other person will not notice. This type of contact is when some part of your body is touching but you are focused on doing something else. 

This type of touching appears accidental, but one is, in fact, very aware of it. She might do this to make you feel closer to each other. So, if you’re sitting together and her shoulder bumps yours or her feet brush yours under the table, you can safely assume that you’re witnessing the body language of a girl who likes you.

50. She sometimes forgets what she’s saying 

This might happen when she is shy or conscious around you. She may forget what she was saying or is unable to completely articulate her thoughts with ease because of social anxiety. This is not because she is under-confident. She is just conscious when your gaze is upon her and maybe her thoughts and words get a little jumbled. 

When a girl likes you, it’s possible she may just forget what she was talking about when you start talking. Doesn’t the same happen with you, when you can’t help but get lost in her gorgeous eyes?

Now that you know the exact 50 signs that a girl likes you, if you even spot half of these in the girl you like then be sure things are warming up. You could be getting exclusive soon, then dating might be on the cards and who knows, maybe you are all set for something long term. Fingers crossed! 

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