8 Signs of Covert Narcissist Hoovering And How You Should Respond

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Covert Narcissist Hoovering

The dictionary meaning of hoover is: suck something up with or as if with a vacuum cleaner. In this case it means sucking the dirt and grime into the vacuum cleaner but if we are talking of a covert narcissist hoovering then it means a person’s capacity to suck you off all kinds of emotions, self esteem and self confidence leaving you drained and empty and in doubt of yourself.

Covert narcissist is a person who is essentially an introvert– someone who does not advertise his inflated ego but can use his victim as an object to meet his physical and psychological needs. In other words he could be as dangerous as an overt narcissist but it takes a longer time to understand that since he is not the chest thumping, shouting from the rooftops kind.

Psychologists look at hoovering as an abusive tactic by which a person returns to your life after a long period with the intention of throwing it off track over and over again.

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So when you have a covert narcissist hoovering it could be a lethal concoction.

What Is Covert Narcissist Abuse?

Let’s talk about a scenario where Rahul fell madly in love with Rohini on their very first date. Smart but not arrogant, sweet but not sugary, Rohini had a simplicity and normalcy that attracted Rahul like a magnet. Within months they had moved in together but then Rohini changed.

Overnight she became a control freak who would go through Rahul’s phone, check his messages, his emails, keep a track of where he was going all the time and would get extremely upset if he decided to hang out with the guys from work at the bar. Gradually Rahul became so paranoid of Rohini’s temper tantrums that he started cutting off himself from all social contact. He had no idea how to deal with his control freak partner. Before he even knew he was completely in Rohini’s control and she always said, “This is the love I always wanted.”

Covert narcissists have a great capacity to put up an act of a totally different personality till you are within their control. Then they want the entire relationship on their terms and they hate it if you are trying to create boundaries. Healthy relationship boundaries are not their thing. They would use different techniques at different times to keep their victims under control and this has a terrible impact on the victim. And by the way, a covert narcissist can be your partner, your sibling, your best friend or even a parent.

Coming back to Rahul. He started developing sleep disorders, would have panic attacks and his extrovert, happy personality underwent a complete change. That’s when he decided to take things in his own hands. He took a transfer and moved out of the city cutting off all contacts with Rohini.
Rahul finally realised that he was being abused by a covert narcissist. So he mustered the courage to call it quits.

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Covert Narcissist Hoovering Tactics

Now we come to the real thing. For most people involved in a relationship with a covert narcissist it does not really end. There is always a possibility of the narcissist coming back to their life because they cannot let go off that control in the relationship. And as time passes the memories of the abuse could fade to some extent and that’s when victims get caught in a narcissist’s hoovering hellhole.

Just as it happened with Rahul. The hoovering tactics involve dropping texts to exes, apologizing profusely and wanting to build new bridges. Rohini took her covert narcissist hoovering tactics to a new level. She dropped Rahul an email saying she was suffering from cancer, had only a few days to live and her last wish was to see him.

Rahul should have known he has just been the victim of a dangerously abusive manipulative technique called hoovering. But victims have a tendency to fall prey to this emotional blackmailing called hoovering tactics and Rahul, without checking if there was any semblance of truth in Rohini’s claims, took the next flight out to her. She did have false medical reports ready, had cut her hair short to show effects of chemo and it worked. Rahul was back in her life, taking care of her, feeling terribly guilty for leaving in the first place. Rohini must have been smiling in the mirror thinking of how her hoovering tactics worked wonders.

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8 Signs of Covert Narcissist Hoovering

If a victim gets out of bounds narcissists also move on to the next victim. That’s how they end up having many exs and hence a list of people to prey on. They have a tendency to come back and their greatest pleasure is they end up getting what they want. The most important thing is getting a reaction out of you and then derailing your life. Here are 8 signs of covert narcissist hoovering you should be careful of.

1. They always get back in touch

Many exes try to get back in touch, siblings you have fallen out with also do, but when it’s a narcissist how is it different? Just check the timing. It could be inevitably flowers arriving on Valentine’s Day so that the narcissist could go out with you and not feel lonely. It could be a text just before a birthday. They miss the expensive gifts and could be hoping to get back in terms just in time for another gift. And they would make the excuse of an occasion to weaken you emotionally and try to get back in touch.

Reese was not in touch with her narcissist sister for 4 long years and then she texted her just before her birthday. Reese knew her sister too well since she had always thrown her sister’s extravagant birthday parties. The text came just a week before her birthday. Reese just deleted it.

2. They keep apologizing

But if you accept that apology you are dead meat. Apologising is a lethal hoovering tactic and a narcissist would go to any extent to convince their victim that they have changed. But if you look back at your relationship you would see that when you were together you were the one who was always apologizing so if you are falling for the “sorry” trap then God help you.

They keep apologising

They keep apologising Image Source

If we look at Rajkummar Rao’s character in the film Queen it’s a great example of hoovering with an apology. When he felt he called off the wedding and didn’t bother about the plight of his fiancée played by Kangana Ranaut, and then when he felt like it he wanted her back and went apologizing to her. The way Kangana handled him is the best way to handle this kind of hoovering we guess. She just said no.

3. Being vulnerable

A great hoovering technique is to talk about ill health, mental health issues they started facing after you left or talking about a job loss and how they have been down in the dumps. Covert narcissists hoovering techniques include everything that would show them to be completely vulnerable and you would react to their situation.

This was the technique Rohini used so successfully with Rahul.

4. Sending gifts

The gifts would be thoughtful so that it would bring back your memories. It could be a box of chocolates from the choco place you used to frequent or a table napkin from the restaurant that was your favourite haunt. Don’t be surprised if you are bombarded with these gifts, sometimes left at your doorstep and sometimes sent in the courier.

Sushmita had bought a red Banarasi saree that she had planned to wear when she married Arnab. But she couldn’t deal with his control and left him, months before their wedding. A year later Arnab was back at her doorstep with that saree and Sushmita was crying on his shoulders. So there you go.

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5. Being manipulative

Covert narcissists know how to hoover with manipulation. They are master manipulators, and there is no way out. You wouldn’t even know how much they know you inside out and how much they could manipulate you to get you back in their control. Narcissists often recruit flying monkeys, a psychological term used for people whom them meet after a breakup and convince them that how horrible their ex was and then they could manipulate and use them to hoover for them. These new people will be compassionate towards the narcissist and will try to help him in every way.

Sophia was always the golden goose for her mother. From the day she had started working she was buying her everything she wanted. At 30 Sophia finally realised what her mother was doing and she moved out. But her mother knew Sophia too well and she kept using her manipulative techniques on her till she was back in the same house. An oft repeated phrase used by her mother was, “How could a girl like you not do her duties towards her parents and stay away from home?” Her mom had a flying monkey who would call up Sophia everyday and urge her to return. It was her mom’s new neighbour.

6. Creating drama

If there is something narcissists are good at that is drama. They could cut their veins and stand in the storm and write on the wall or sink into a pool of tears to prove a point.

Vishal stood in front of Zinia’s house for two days in the rain till she asked him to come inside. Now it’s Zinia who often gets kicked out of the house by Vishal in the rain, when he is in a rage.

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7. Showing fake emotions

Showing fake emotions is a great hoovering tactic. Covert narcissists can convince you how much they love you, how much they missed you and how miserable they were without you.

A regular text that Tina receives is: “I am standing where we met for the first time. There isn’t a day I don’t come here.”

They are experts at showing fake emotions

They are experts at showing fake emotions Image Source

8. Building stories with lies

This is something they are brilliant at because their whole existence is around lies. They do not use lies to defend themselves but they use it to create an illusion to the victim about a self that has changed and healed.

Sonal was told by her boyfriend that he went to an Ashram in the Himalayas and meditated and healed after she left him. He convinced her that he was a changed man. Six months later she found out he was actually in Goa during that period doing Ecstasy.

How To Respond To A Narcissist’s Hoovering

The first thing that a person should do is reject all hoovering attempt. It’s important to stay strong and never relent.

These are the things you should do to deal with hovering:

  1. Block the narcissist on phone, email, social media. Taking a new number is a good idea
  2. Remove oneself physically from the narcissist. If he ends up at the office cafeteria or at your doorstep take measures so that you don’t get to meet him again. Take help of office security or the police if need be
  3. Sever all sentimental ties with the hoovering narcissist. This is the most important thing to do otherwise you would be caught off guard
  4. Keep the signs of hovering in mind always. That would keep you safe
  5. Read on narcissists, their behavior patterns and if need be take help from psychologists

Trust us it is not worth it giving in to hoovering. You have to hold your own. If you had enough self control and self esteem to move away once, you needn’t fall into the trap again.

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