10 Things A Woman Does That Annoy Men

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Updated On: October 17, 2023
things women do that annoy men

There is enough proof on the internet about men being extremely annoying. That charade just never stops. Their habits are thoroughly scrutinized and their behavior is criticized under the lens of a microscope. However, annoying as they might be, men are not the only ones capable of getting on all your nerves. Yup, it’s true — women too have the potential to drive you crazy. And not in a good way.

We all know that woman who eats with her mouth open or the one who always leaves her hair in the hairbrush that she’d borrowed from a friend. These are habits that may appear silly, but can actually be very annoying for everyone. Some women in your life who do the above? We have prepared a list of 10 things that women do that particularly annoy men.

10 Things A Woman Does That Annoy Men

As you read the following article, don’t take offense. We are not trying to mock women here, at all. Instead, treat this information as counsel on how to be better. Ask yourself, would you put up with yourself if you were your own husband, fiancé, or boyfriend? Let’s fight the stereotypes and make a few changes to improve our relationships and ourselves.

There’s enough data out there on turn-offs for women but today, let’s finally talk about things women do that turn men off. Here’s a list of things to avoid doing so that you don’t mess up your relationship or your date by annoying your guy.

1. Being fussy about boys’ night

This is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, one of the most annoying things women do. There is a sanctity to fraternities that your man wants to uphold and that is an unsaid but clearly demarcated territory. So he’s already planned his chill-out time and you suddenly have a night off that you’d like to spend with your man, but please do not attempt to unleash hell by asking him to cancel with his homies at the last moment.

He would hate you for doing that and he could sulk for daaayyys after. Don’t give him that kind of emotional crap lest he stops making you his priority anymore.  Romance has its own place and buddy night has its own, and both are important to him. Romance would be the last thing on his mind if his night with the guys is canceled. Yes, we know you have done that before. Don’t do it anymore if you don’t want to annoy him.  

2. Hair everywhere

If you are in a live-in relationship, then this one, particular, nasty, albeit natural thing, might just keep ticking him off without you consciously realizing it. Hair all over the room, the floors, and especially the bathroom is not a pretty sight to deal with, no matter how much he loves you. It is one of the many things women do that annoy man.

Keep your hair brushed and tied, and ensure that the long strands that come off naturally in your comb are disposed of in the right place. If it’s sticking to the comb on the dresser or to the bathroom wall he will definitely have an ‘EWWW attack’!

3. Stalking his exes

Yes, we know you want to find out everything there is to know about your man to unveil that aura of mystery, but going off-track to contact his ex(s) and chatting them up is not the way to do it. This is one of those annoying things women do without realizing how much it could hamper their relationship. If there is something that your partner feels you should know, he will make the extra effort to hand it to you personally, come what may. But ladies, if you don’t want your man having serious trust issues where you’re concerned, then this is a strict no-no.

And please don’t ask him if he tried the same positions in bed with his ex, or if they hit the same romantic restaurants. It’s really annoying and a complete put-off. Just remember an ex is an ex and you don’t need to keep bringing her up every now and then. It’s a real nightmare and if you are doing this, STOP immediately if you don’t want your relationship to go down the drain!

4. Nagging them about certain habits

annoying things women do

Maybe your man smokes a little too much or gets his awkward on after just a few drinks, or maybe he’s the gym freak who remembers the calorie count more than he remembers important dates, but that doesn’t mean you go all Major General on him and order him to change overnight. Not only is that not going to happen, but it will also annoy the brains out of your man. Give him space in the relationship to adjust and grow with you and mend his ways to become a better version of himself.

All good things take time. Jake, a college student said, “One of the things that annoy guys is when women treat us like a project. You don’t need to work on us or improve us. Change takes time and only ask us to change if there is something gravely wrong and not because it does not fit your definition of ideal.”

5. The privacy element

He had a life before you and he is most definitely not giving up on that. Privacy territories need to be maintained at any cost. His phone, his laptop, his emails and his schedules are his to deal with, and it is the mature thing to leave it that way. Do not try to go to Sherlock Holmes on the part of his life that he wishes to keep for himself. It is one of those annoying things women do which they should immediately stop doing.

The overlapping grey areas will take time to merge into one and you need to be patient for that to happen. Or it might not merge at all, accept it that way. At the end of the day, you are two “individuals” in a relationship. You can’t be joined at the hip with no privacy. That simply does not happen and it wouldn’t make for a healthy relationship either.

6. Interrupting his watch time

Okay, so most guys love their sports and can be quite zealous about it. It would be the biggest compliment to him if you wanted to share this love of his and make it yours by showing interest in game night. But whatever you do, do your homework before you unite with that couch. Do not bombard him with questions of whats, hows, and whys in the middle of the game.

And maybe keep the conversations of how annoying your boss is on hold for a few hours? How would you feel if someone kept interrupting constantly in the middle of the new episode of Riverdale? Similarly, bombarding him with questions in the middle of the game is an annoying thing women do which must be stopped immediately.

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7. Not being respectful of his interests

If he can sit through hours of SITC and Gossip Girl and Pitch Perfect to follow up on your likes and dislikes, you can manage to squeeze in some time for Star Wars or Lord of The Rings. It won’t kill you to nerd out with him once in a while and make him feel loved, especially after everything that he does for you.

It is important to not keep on forcing your choice down his throat during TV time. Share the TV; let him decide too what he wants to watch. He could get really annoyed if you snatch away the remote when he is watching Avengers. Actually, he might never forgive you for that. Try some movies a couple should watch together to find that middle ground. That’s right, go on, share the remote now…

8. Saying “I’m fine” is never fine and he knows it

Things women do that annoy guys: being passive aggressive. Come on ladies, be rational. No matter how charming he is, he is not a mind reader. When you are upset about something, that may or may not be related to something he may or may not have done, and he shows concern about your well-being, TELL HIM what is bothering you.

Try to not go cold turkey and start stonewalling your partner after repeated chants of “I’m fine” or “I’m okay”. He is there for you and with you. Let him in and tell him what is troubling you, instead of getting annoyed because he cannot figure it out on his own!


9. The withholding of sex

If you ever think of withholding sex because something happened or didn’t happen, DO NOT. It’s not only annoying, but almost borderline crazy, and even more so when you don’t actually let him know what’s going on. Physical intimacy is not a bait that should be used to deal with situations.

Instead, do some adulting and talk it out, no matter how exhausting it might be. This is one of the most annoying things women do which is definitely going to hamper your relationship with your man.

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10. Trying to be his mom

You are his partner, his better half, the love of his life, but not his mother. Stop mommying him around by telling him what he should or should not do, what he should wear or should not wear, his eating habits, the kind of people he chooses to hang out with, or even his shopping habits. When it comes to things that annoys guys so much, this is a big one.

He needs you to be there with him shoulder-to-shoulder to face the world with him, no matter how tough it gets. Bossing him around like his mother, is not only uncalled for, it also won’t get you anywhere. This mommying habit is one of the things women do which annoy guys. After all, he’ll end up doing what he wants anyway, and it will be a big blow to your relationship.

And with that, I hope you’ve now gotten an understanding of the things you might be doing subconsciously that are driving your man up the wall. It’s okay, there’s no need to feel bad about yourself. As long as you try to change willfully, your relationship will certainly flourish!


1, What’s the most annoying thing in a relationship?

There are many things that are annoying in a relationship. However the most annoying is when you don’t feel heard or respected in a relationship. If your partner blatantly ignores your likes and dislikes, it can be very annoying.

2. How do you make a guy mad over text?

You could leave him on seen or give a one-word answer to all his messages. Worse still, responding to all his messages with a single ‘thumbs up’ sign.

3. What are turn-offs for guys?

Apart from physical turn-offs, men do not find a woman who constantly nags attractive at all. The same goes for those who ‘mommy’ their men.

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