6 Clear Signs He Wants To Marry You

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Updated On: February 28, 2024
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They say women are mysterious, but reading a man’s mind is no walk in the park either. If you’re in a long-term relationship with a man who doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve, you may have found yourself wishing for 1, 2 or 6 clear signs he wants to marry you. After all, not having clarity on where the relationship is headed can leave you extremely unsure and restless.

If are tired of waiting for him to say it in as many words, looking for the signs he wants to marry you in the future is your next best bet. And trust us, there are plenty of little signs and indicators that can put your mind at ease.

Before we delve deeper into signs he wants to marry you psychology, let’s see how long does it take a man to know he wants to marry you.

How Long Does It Take A Man To Know He Wants To Marry You

Every man handles his relationships differently, and so, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly how long does it take a man to know he wants to marry you. First and foremost, he must believe in the institution of marriage and be ready to take that plunge. If you have been in a committed long-term relationship and a discussion about marriage just hasn’t cropped up, the reason could well that your man isn’t ready for marriage yet.

From love at first sight to being together for years before deciding to walk down the aisle, every couple’s journey to knowing they have found ‘the one’ is different. But if we’re talking about the average time taken to decide whether one wants to marry someone or not, a study pegs it at 172 days or roughly six months.

According to this research, the honeymoon period in a relationship starts wearing off after three months. That’s when romantic partners begin to see each other’s flaws and quirks. These flaws and quirks often become the deciding factor about whether a person sees their current romantic partner as a potential life partner – or in other words, ‘the one’.

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6 Clear Signs He Wants To Marry You

If you have been together long beyond the honeymoon period, you can rest assured that your unique flaws and shortcomings aren’t a deal-breaker for your man. This in itself is one of the biggest signs he sees himself marrying you at some point.

Even so, the agonizing wait for him to pop the question can make you nervous about the future of your relationship. Put your mind at ease with these 6 clear signs he wants to marry you someday:

He talks about future plans with you

1. He talks about a future with you

One of the tell-tale signs he wants you in his future is when he imagines and talks about a future with you. He may not have gotten down on one knee yet, but you can be sure that there is no doubt in his mind about spending his life with you if all his future plans involve you. Some of the indicators that your man sees a future with include:

a. Talks about being married to you

Even if in hypotheticals, your man throws around the M word and does so often. Be it to tease you about how you’d be the one making breakfast every morning after you two get married or fanaticizing about what your married life will look like. The fact that he brings up this possibility in conversations is among the signs he sees himself marrying you.

b. Discusses raising children with you

Any conversations around children is also a manifestation of him seeing a future with you. Do your pillow talks entail discussions about how many children you would like to have? Or how you’d like to raise them? Have you gone as far as thinking of names for your future children? If yes, you have nothing to worry about as these are obvious signs a guy wants to marry you and sees himself spending the rest of his life with you.

c. Dreams about growing old together

Another one of the clear signs he wants to marry you in the future is that he talks to you about the distant future. The kind of home he’d like to grow old in with you by his side. Or the kind of retired life you’d spend as a couple. If he sees you in his life 20 or 30 years from now, there is no doubt that he will pop the question sooner or later.

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2. You’re an integral part of his life

When a man falls in love truly, he opens up his heart and his life for his SO. One of the 6 clear signs he wants to marry you is that you have become an integral part of every aspect of his life.

Your relationship isn’t just about him and you anymore. All the people that he holds dear are a part of your life too and vice-versa.

When your man makes you an integral part of his life and if he wants to marry you , he shows it in the following ways:

a. He makes you a part of his family

A man who wants to marry you has not only introduced you to his family but essentially treats you like you’re already a part of it. Be it a Thanksgiving dinner at his parents’ or a nephew’s birthday, he considers it a given that you’re going to be a part of all the family activities and get-togethers.

Over time, you too have established an independent relationship with members of his family. You take his mom shopping or share a cold beer with his dad without even getting him involved. This level of intimacy is among the sure-fire signs he will propose in the future.

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b. He wants you to accompany him to social events

A Christmas party at work. His boss’ anniversary. A concert. A group hike on a Sunday morning. He wants and expects you to be a part of all his social interactions. This speaks volumes about how much he values having you around.

He has started seeing you as the other half of his being, who complements him in ways more than one.

c. He involves you in plans with friends

Sure, everyone likes some alone time with their friends to blow off some steam every now and then. But by and large, if he involves you in his plans with friends, you can put to rest worries about where the relationship is headed. From a weekend drinking session to birthday celebrations and vacations, if you have been a part of your partner’s outings with his friends often enough to establish a rapport with them, he is definitely in it for the long haul.

He may even secretly love the fact that you and his friends get along. To him, it means that you can all co-exist like one happy gang once you two get married.

3. He is madly in love with you

Of course, you and your partner must be in love. That’s why you’re together. Right? Except, it isn’t always the case. It is not unusual for people to drag along loveless, insincere relationships until something better comes along.

It doesn’t take Sherlock to figure this one out. If your relationship has truly progressed to a point where you both feel safe and content, there is a good chance you two are going to decide to be life partners soon. Andy was very secure in life. He was happy at his job, loved living close to his parents and with his new love interest Connie in the mix, life just could not get better for him. Having everything settled and going perfectly, Connie made him an even better person and brought out the best in him, every single day.

So, an enduring love that lasts long after the initial high of having found each other fade is one of the signs he sees himself marrying you. When Andy realized he could do no better than a woman like Connie, he did not need time to contemplate. He drove right to her house and asked her to marry him. So how do you identify this enduring love that could lead to signs he is preparing to marry you? Look out for these indicators:

He is madly in love with you
He is madly in love with you

a. He doesn’t stare at other ‘hotties’

Whether he is alone or with you, he just doesn’t stare at other ‘hotties’ passing by or keeps an eye out for potential prospects should things not work out with you. And you notice that he doesn’t even need to make an effort to not look. He’s just so smitten with you that the thought of checking others out doesn’t even cross his mind.

b. He is affectionate

Another one of the signs he wants to marry you in the future is that his displays of affection for you continue unabated long after the novelty of the relationship has worn off. He kisses you often, says ‘I love you’, holds your hand just because, and shows his appreciation with loving touches.

c. He keeps the romance alive

Yet another one of the tell-tale signs he wants you in his future is that you’re not the only one making efforts to keep the romance alive in your relationship. Your partner too plans dates and surprises, bring you flowers, flirts with you, and goes above beyond to make your heart skip a beat now and then.

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4. You already share a life

A man’s readiness to share a life with you is also among the 6 clear signs he wants to marry you. In essence, he has already taken that decision. The only thing left to do is putting a ring on it.

When Nick had just turned 29 and returned from serving in Afghanistan, his long-distance relationship with Chloe had survived a good four years. Now that he was back home and back in Chloe’s arms, he was ready to start incorporating her into his life, as a life partner. This meant everything from doing the dishes together to adopting a dog to finally living together!

You know you’re both sharing a life when he does the following:

a. He has moved in with you

Once you were both sure about being in a committed relationship, he has shown no reservations in taking things to the next level. When does a man know he wants to marry you? Perhaps when he wants to try out living with you to gauge how you two are as a serious couple. He moved in with you without hesitation. Or perhaps was the one to suggest it too. If that’s the case, he may be just waiting for the right moment to pop the question to you.

b. You’re his emergency contact

If you’re listed as his emergency contact, he leans on you for support and knows that you will always have his back. Not only does he trust you to be by his side during his tough times but is also not scared of sharing his vulnerable moments with you.

How to know if he wants to marry me? Yes, sometimes it can be as simple as being his primary contact if he ever lands up in the ER. God forbid he has to but this means that he considers you the first person to take care of him. These are the very hallmarks of a healthy relationship built on a solid foundation. If you’ve found that with your partner, marriage should be the least of your concerns. It’s a matter of when more than if.

c. You can be yourself around each other

Brushing your teeth together before bedtime. Him holding your hair back while you hurl after a night of binge drinking. Cutting a loud fart without a care in the world. If you can unabashedly be yourself around each other, there is no reason to doubt that you’ll end up together as life partners.

5. He and you share finances

Money is often a tricky subject for couples. Even more so among unmarried couples. If you and your partner have been treading on a shared financial journey, you can count it among the signs he sees himself marrying you.

This shared financial journey may include one or all of the following:

infographic - 6 clear signs he wants to marry you
You both shares finances

a. He discusses saving plans with you

He discusses any plans for savings or investments with you before making a decision. This means he values your advice and considers you a sounding board and could translate to signs he wants to marry you soon as well. It also means that it’s important to him that you’re on board with these decisions because they will impact you both once you’re married.

b. He shares expenses with you

This doesn’t just mean pitching in with household expenses not that you’re living together. But a person who sees their SO as a future life partner is also forthcoming about details of their other expenditures and spending habits. If you see that in your relationship, it means that your man has made up their mind about marrying you. He is already working toward building a healthy foundation toward sound financial planning in the future.

c. He shares bank accounts and credits cards with you

Looking for signs he is preparing to marry you? Well, it does not get more obvious than this one. Has your partner opened a joint bank account with you? Or added you as an add-on cardholder on their credit card account? These are all signs of how serious he is about the relationship and will take it to the next level when the timing seems right to him.

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6. He’s dropping hints

The most obvious of the 6 clear signs he wants to marry you is when he starts dropping hints to that effect. And we mean some heavy stuff. The signs he wants to marry you someday can be terribly obvious in the following ways. So, pay attention to his words, actions and mannerisms. And you may well find veiled innuendos that suggest that he is preparing a mind-blowing romantic proposal for you.

Carla had been dating Joey for a couple years and the two had been considering moving in together as well. But Joey was planning to jump the gun and ask her to marry him right away! Being the spontaneous guy he is, he kept suggesting and hinting that the two take a short trip to Vegas together and we all know what Vegas chapels are all about. Cut to next week, the two were happily married overnight and Carla had no idea that their weekend getaway was going to bring this surprise!

So if you’re trying to pick up on signs he wants to marry you soon, pay close attention to what kind of hints he might be dropping your way. Not sure what to look for exactly? Well, here are a few tell-tale signs to keep an eye out for:

a. He asks you about your dream wedding

If he is ready to get married and is about to propose, the conversation around marriage will move from hypothetical like ‘when’ and ‘if’ to more specific and pointed questions about wedding plans. These are all signs he will propose in the future – and we mean the very near future.

He may ask you what your idea of a dream wedding is. Or ask you to pick between a church or destination wedding, intimate or large wedding. Or, if you hear or notice him planning some kind of a crazy rendezvous or trip for your birthday, it could even be one of the signs he is going to propose on your birthday!

b. He seems to be planning something secretively

Have you noticed your partner hobnobbing with your friends more than usual? Does he spend a lot of time holed up in the room alone and forbids you to walk in unannounced? Has he been out shopping by himself? Because these little details could be signs he wants to marry you soon and is preparing well for the same.

Well, we suggest, you also start prepping, for a big proposal is coming your way. Get your wardrobe, shoes, accessories in order, so that you can be ready to dazzle him even at a moment’s notice.

Stories about love and romance

c. He is asking you about your ring size

How to know if he wants to marry me? Well if this has happened with you, there is no question or doubt that a proposal is oncoming. Has your SO casually asked you about your ring size? Has he been quizzing you about your preferred diamond cut? Because if he has then he’s definitely going ring shopping for you – and soon!

If you can spot these 6 clear signs he wants to marry you in your relationship, we hear wedding bells in your future. Brace yourself for an adventure of a lifetime!


1. How do I know he wants to marry me in the future?

If he talks about a future with you and his distant life plans include you, you can be sure he wants to marry you. It’s only a matter of time before he pops the question.

2. How do you know if he is serious about you?

If your man has welcomed you into every part of his life – his home, social life, friend, family, work – he is not only serious about you but also views you as a potential life partner.

3. How do you know if he wants a future with you?

Well, if he talks about a future with you, discussing what it’d be like to be married, have children, grow old together, you can be sure he wants a future with you.

4. How long should it take a man to propose?

Every man behaves differently in a relationship, so it’s hard to specify how long it should take a man to propose. Having a direct conversation with your partner about his plans to get married can give you more clarity on the matter.

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