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Is online dating easier for women

Is Online Dating Easier For Women?

It’s pretty well known that women tend to get a lot more matches and messages than the average male on a dating app, but does that make online dating easier for women? Let’s find out.

what makes a woman insecure in a relationship?

5 Things Men Do That Make Women Feel Insecure in Relationships

men continue to make women feel insecure without realizing what they’re doing wrong, they’re essentially brewing a recipe for disaster. To make sure that doesn’t happen, lets talk about the top 5 things men do that may make women insecure.

Real man also cry. It's okay for men to cry

Is It Okay For Men to Cry?

Since the very beginning, it has been said that men are physiologically and emotionally stronger than women and this is a commonly accepted notion. India being a nation boasting of having a predominantly patriarchal society it has been practicing and promoting this belief for a long time. In fact, showing any sign of softness or …

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Couple Back to back

What women want from men

“Men are like a matchstick – they ignite quickly and they douse quickly too. And women are like iron – they take long to warm up and take time to cool off as well,” says sexologist Dr. Paras Shah