5 Things Men Do To Make Women Feel Insecure

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For most women, it is the little things that matter; it’s not really about the big gestures or anything materialistic like gifting her Swarovski or a high-end car. It’s the everyday simple gestures, like appreciating her, understanding her needs, spending time with her, holding her hand: she wants these simple things so that things keep going smoothly.

Men, at times, do things that upset women unintentionally. And, yes, men do have the utter ability to drive women to the edge of insanity, especially when it comes to relationship insecurity. There are many things men end up doing that make women feel insecure in their relationship. And no, they do not really get it.

When a man makes a woman feel insecure, it can wreck their relationship. So guys, check these 5 things that men do to make their ladies insecure and avoid doing them.

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5 Things Men Do To Make Women Feel Insecure

No matter how secure a woman is, there are some things that men do to that can shake the confidence of even the strongest women. At times, men seem to make statements that are enough for a woman to doubt herself and her credibility. Here are the top 5.

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1.  Telling obvious lies

You headed straight to your friend’s place and told her that she had a meeting. You could have told her whatever the truth was. Nothing would be harmed. Such lies may seem small and like a saviour at that time but these simple lies do more harm in the future. Being honest and trustworthy are the two important ingredients in any relationship. Telling lies is one of the things women hate and later can build insecurities in the relationship.

2. Not valuing her texts

She is not asking you to reply just after she sends a text. But you should value her by checking your phone throughout the day, when you are not busy and especially when you are out of town. A simple text is enough for her. If you value your girl, you won’t keep her waiting. However, if she is texting you every five minutes even if she knows you are busy, then that’s a completely different story. Don’t bother about that (: P)

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3. Ignoring her during parties

First, you invite her to your friend’s party. She is actually too excited to have a good time with you and your friends. However, as you arrive at the party, you become so busy and caught up with your friends that you take a really long time to realise that your girl has just been sitting in the corner. Not if she has other friends in the party or she has the bubbliest personality. Sometimes, it’s your rude behaviour that makes her feel insecure!

4. Not considering her opinion

Insecurity in a relationship also crops up when partners make their individual decisions. Don’t make any important decisions like moving to the other city or changing your job without counting her in. After all, you are building a relationship together and it will only make her feel less important if you do not consult her.

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5. Hiding about your past

For you, your past might not matter anymore but it is always good to be open about your past. Hiding unpleasant things about your past will only make her feel insecure if she finds out about them someday. So, it’s better to be clear from the beginning. So, get out those skeletons and clear all unwanted things.

Dealing with insecurity is possible only when both the partners are willing to clear things between each other. Guys, if you are reading this, stop doing the above things to the person you love the most. It might be unintentional, but as you are aware of it now, please stop. Tell her, show her how much you love her and enjoy a relationship free from any insecurity.

And ladies, please do not keep any unreasonable doubts in your head. Be precise and clear!

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