Thoughts every girl has when she checks her guy’s phone

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Updated On: July 20, 2022
Wife checking husband phone

Snooping through your man’s phone is a classic relationship mistake. Yet most of us (the mortal, messed up, desperate, wary women) have done it. It’s wrong on many levels, but sometimes it’s better to be embarrassed than being sorry later.

Why do we do it?

Checking the man’s phone gives us a peep show of his world that he might or might not be hiding from us. Should we be doing it? Definitely no. But is it necessary? It’s a morally grey area, so if you are secured in the relationship, then you don’t need to do it at all. Because nothing good ever comes from it.
Yet, we are the imperfect lot, and whenever we get itchy hands and check our partner’s phone, these are the thoughts that cloud our mind.

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So I’m not important enough to be his password, huh?

Not my birthday, not even our anniversary, but his password is his birthday! How can he be so insensitive? Didn’t he know I will be heartbroken to see this when I will snoop?

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Should I start with WhatsApp?

It’s open now, and I have the khajana on my hands! There are so many chat options, but where should I start? WhatsApp seems like the right place. Let’s scroll down!

OMG, so many notifications! Should I check one or two? Will he know?

How come he has so many notifications pending? Doesn’t he check his phone? That email subject looks fishy. Should I check? Why does his ex like his picture on Facebook? Should I check which image? Could I be caught? Oh, that will be embarrassing as hell!

Why am I doing this?

My embarrassment is getting heavier. Why am I behaving this desperate? What do I want to find out? Urgh!

Woman waiting for husband's phoned
Why I am doing this

Who is this chick sending him ‘Good Morning’ messages?

Who is this chick sending him ‘Good Morning’ messages
Who is this chick sending him ‘Good Morning’ messages

Let’s focus. Why does this hot girl wish him every day? Did he delete the risky chats because he knew I would snoop? Why am I acting so paranoid, BTW?


He is probably old school and flirting over texts. Scroll, scroll, scroll…nothing! What next, then?

Holy Christ! Who keeps so many b**bs pics in his gallery?

Is he fantasizing about them when doing it with me? Does he take pleasure looking at these hot women with naked b**bs while masturbating? Shouldn’t he just think about me and keep only my nude pictures in his gallery? Okay, now you are losing it, girl!

Whoa! He still hasn’t uninstalled Tinder!

Whoa! He still hasn’t uninstalled Tinder!
Whoa! He still hasn’t uninstalled Tinder!

But wait, he still has Tinder installed. I deserve some explanation on this. This is something serious. Or is it?

Why isn’t he as active on his Family group?

He has time for his ‘all guys’ groups but not for the jokes his uncle sends him? But girl, it’s not your business!


So many apps, so many messages and so little time and I’m also losing my focus because there is nothing!

Where’s the dirt?

Where’s the dirt
Where’s the dirt

Come on, dude, where do you keep your dirt? Does he delete the risky messages? There should be a trash bin on phones too. Urgh!

Is he going to figure out?

Am I leaving any trace? Will he know that I snooped through his phone? What will be my excuse? Oh, that sight wouldn’t be pretty at all!

I wouldn’t like it if he’d snoop through my cell.

It will be like he doesn’t trust me at all. It will be an invasion of my privacy. It would mean he is going behind my back to keep a tab on my life. I would be so mad at him if he checked my phone behind my back. But wait! What am I doing with his phone?

How can he be so clean?

He is the most loyal guy ever! How can a man like this still exist?

I should be

Woman peeking on phone
ashamed of prying


I’m so embarrassed to do it. I’m better than this.

I’m just going to keep it back where it was and pretend like this never happened. Zip!

All traces deleted, phone locked and I’m just going to pretend I never did this. Checked your phone? What phone? I have never seen your phone in my entire life!
Did you ever snoop through your partner’s phone? Did you find anything hilarious? Share your experience in the comments below.

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  1. Now a days social media into pictures we can see this partners checking each others phones. Possessiveness is always there when your in relationship.Some or the other we think if our partner is cheating on us. We checks our partners phone which we should stop checking their phone! It’s a recipe for disaster! It will break you down some reasons why people are possessive.

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