Affair and Cheating

5 signs that your partner may be cheating on you – warning signs we all ignore

Can you spot if your partner is cheating on you by watching their behaviour? Here are five possible signs
Cheating partner on phone

Richard Dawkins, one of the founding philosophers and evolutionary biologists of modern times, debating the evolution of humanity over the existence of an intelligent ‘God’ said humans are genetically polygamous. That, however much we may try to drill ideas of loyalty, fidelity or the moral superiority of being a monogamous person, human beings by virtue of their genetic makeup will remain polygamous in their heads. Or rather, in their blood and guts. But clearly, that’s not what we want and that’s not what we would like to believe in when it comes to trusting our partners. In our eyes and hearts, their love is an equivalent function of their sexual loyalties to us.

How can you prevent your mind from wondering? Is there somehow you can check your partner’s behaviour to discover if they’re cheating on you?

Here are six strong indications:

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  1. This topic should be discussed by couples. I mean both should be open about how they feel about each other. This way, they will have a chance to improve their actions to become better wifes and husbands.

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