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18 complications of having an affair with a married man

Having an affair with a married man has it's own share of complications and pains.
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Dating a married man can seem like a thrilling and an exciting option, given the maturity and attraction most married men possess. But in reality, it is not so. It brings about a lot of complications and presents a lot of challenges from the start.

Married men are considered to be the epitome of maturity and attractiveness by women because they are more sorted and experienced than single men. But ladies, this should not tempt you into having an affair with a married man. Married men have their own wife, family, commitments – why should you complicate your life by becoming involved with one? If you are looking for a serious, long-lasting relationship then do not fall for a married man.

Why do married men have affairs?

Married men get drawn into an affair because of some deficiency in their current relationship. After marriage, both partners get involved in creating a successful career trajectory, due to which they fail to give each other time. The communication gap between the partners increases, which has an adverse impact on the marriage. Less priority is given to physical intimacy because of increased responsibilities. In short, it can be said that married men use the affair as a medium to fulfil their unfulfilled desires and wishes.

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Why do women get attracted to married men?

Women find married men a complete package of maturity and experience, and feel drawn to them. And men, of course, look for the attention of women. When they get some response to their flirtatious behaviour, the affair begins. So, the affair happens due to the consent of both the parties involved. Women who lack emotional support in their life and need continuous attention are generally attracted to married men. Having an affair with someone who seems more desirable and capable than a single man has an inexplicable thrill.

Some women might also get involved with married men because there is no need to be completely committed and accountable to the relationship. While for some other women, the affair might boost their confidence because they are able to attract a man who was already in a committed relationship.

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18 complications of dating a married man

Being in a relationship with a married man may seem rosy and adventurous. However, in the long run problems will arise in such a relationship, as it is based on betrayal of someone’s trust and destruction of someone’s family. Let us go through 18 complications of having an affair with a married man so that you can save yourself from such issues. Here are the complications that women face by having an affair with a married man.

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1. He will never be available for you

As a man who has a wife and a family, he will surely spend most of the time with them. You will not be his first priority. On holidays and vacations, he will have to give attention to his family. So, he will never be available for you. He will only make time when he wants to meet you and not the other way round.

2. You cannot make him meet your family and friends

Even if you are in a relationship with a married man, you will not be able to make him meet your family and friends. He will avoid it because he is married. You will not force him because you know what you both are doing is wrong and you will not want your family or friends’ disapproval.

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3. Even he will not introduce you to his friends or relatives

Since you are the ‘other woman’ in his life, he will never be able to introduce you proudly to his friends or relatives. He will prefer to keep your relationship under wraps and not date you in public places where he has a chance of bumping into known people. He has a fine reputation that he would not tarnish at any cost.
You will get the feeling that he is actually ashamed to be with you because of this.

4. You will never be introduced as his girlfriend or lover

If you both are seen together by some acquaintance then he will never introduce you as his girlfriend. Anyway, you are not his fiancé or wife. You will be introduced as his friend, colleague, cousin or someone else, and this can be really disheartening for you.
You may feel miserable after such an incident.

5. You will have to share him with another woman

He may tell you that he loves you and really wants to be with you, but the fact will remain the same – that he has a wife. The wife will always be his first priority and he will have to be available to her whenever she wants. You will have to share him with her.
No matter how painful it is, you will have to accept and make peace with this situation.

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6. He will never seriously commit to the relationship

Rarely will you find a married man giving up his married life just to be with his affair partner. So even if he makes promises to you, remember that he can never seriously commit to the relationship. There are a lot of factors at stake for him to leave his current family and be with you.
He has broken the trust of another woman, so he can do that to you as well.

7. Hiding your relationship will become exhausting

The idea of keeping the relationship a secret for some time may seem fine with you. The fact that you are always meeting at your house or hotel rooms may be thrilling at first. But eventually, you will get frustrated, because even you want to walk hand-in-hand freely and fearlessly with the man of your dreams.
You will start to question your place in his life.

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8. You will become an accomplice in destroying his home

The society will always hold you responsible for breaking his home, even if he made the first move. You both will be at fault for destroying his married and family life. You will be equally responsible, because he is betraying his wife and disappointing his children just to stay with you.

9. You will have to be ready to face the world

As and when people get to know about your affair with the married man, you will have to be ready to face the world. A lot of stigma is attached to such a relationship and you might feel embarrassed and guilt-ridden as well when the truth is revealed. People will call you a ‘home-breaker’ and you will always have them talking behind your back.
Many women in such relationships choose to move cities to start afresh.

10. You will feel lonely and depressed most of the time

A relationship with a married man means that most of the time, you will feel lonely and depressed. He will never be by your side, whether for your good times or bad times. You will be making a lot of sacrifices for the relationship to survive, but might not get happiness in return.

11. You will keep having guilt trips

Though you both mutually build a relationship with each other, you will be the one who will keep having guilt trips. Why? – Simply because you are with a man who is already in a committed relationship and you will keep thinking about how you are hurting his wife. As a woman, you will keep going through major mood swings and feel bad for her, and sometimes for yourself.

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12. You will have major trust issues with him

As an affair partner of a married man, you will never be happy in your relationship, because you will remain suspicious of his intentions. If he had the audacity to break the trust of his wife then he can break your trust quite easily. This will keep haunting you.

13. You will miss your opportunity to meet the right man

Just because you are stuck with a married man who is not willing to accept you completely and bravely, you will miss the opportunity to meet the right man. You will spend some crucial years of your life waiting for the man to make you his priority and this might never happen.

14. Your relationship will be criticised by all

No one will approve of your relationship with a married man. They will criticise your relationship and talk behind your back. All this will just make your life miserable.

15. He will not support you when there is any problem

One of the core characteristics of a man who cheats on his wife is that he is unable to tackle difficult situations. This means that whenever there is any issue with you and the relationship, he is likely to run for the hills.

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16. He will obviously be better off than you

He has a family life that he is living prosperously by keeping the affair hidden. Plus he has you to get his needs satisfied. So, he will obviously be better off than you. You might never get a chance to have a family life with him or any other man because of this relationship.

17. You will never be able to put forth your opinions

The power in such a relationship rests with the married man. If you mistreat him or disrespect his wishes, then he will threaten to leave you. He knows that you have no one except him in your life. So he will continue to use that against you.

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18. You will constantly feel like a caretaker

Any issue he faces in his married life, he will share it with you. At the beginning, you might feel happy that he is sharing things with you. But ultimately, it will become exhausting and you will feel like you are just a caretaker and nothing more for him.
We hope these complications help you come to your senses and you avoid getting involved with a married man, as it brings nothing but pain and loneliness in the long run.

Consequences of sleeping with a married man

When you are involved with a married man, the consequences can be really heart breaking. You will be a temporary person in his life and you will eventually end up being alone, neglected and used. Emotional dramas, the married man blaming you for the affair, his wife threatening to teach you a lesson, your family and friends feeling ashamed of you – all these are certain consequences that you will have to face when you sleep with a married man.

Thus, think about this carefully and avoid falling into the trap of such a relationship which will suck the life out of you. You have to be strong emotionally to let go and escape the hardships that an affair with a married man generally entails. Just for a few days of pleasure, do not give up your right to a happy and healthy relationship.

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